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4 best neighborhoods to stay in Medellin

  • Poblado: it is the historical tourist and safe neighborhood of Medellin
  • Laureles: the new trendy, residential and safe neighborhood
  • The Center: the Botero plaza is a safe place, but the surroundings are less safe, it is advisable not to show signs of wealth (put away phones and cameras)
  • Comuna 13: the tourist part of comuna 13 is now safe during the day, you can walk alone without problems

Best Hotels in El Poblado

As said earlier, Poblado is one of the best areas to stay in Medellin: Safest, with tons of options for eating and having a drink.

Where to sleep in Laureles

Another area where you can sleep, less expat and more local but also safe is the Laurel area.

The apartment costs 27 euros/night and you can book it here.

Where to sleep in Envigado

Finally, the other increasingly fashionable area where you can stay overnight is the neighborhood where Escobar was born: Envigado.

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