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Health in Viñales


International and Rehabilitation Clinic

Policlínico Fermín Valdés Domínguez, Salvador Cisneros interior, Viñales, Pinar del Río Tel: (53) 48793345

International and Rehabilitation Clinic

Abel Santamaría Cuadrado Provincial Surgical Clinic Hospital, Carretera Central km 3 1/2, Hermanos Cruz, Pinar del Río


Spa in San Diego de Los Baños

Calle 23 esquina 40, Los Palacios, Pinar del Río.

It offers 24h services, Thermalism with mineral-medicinal waters (2.05-2.20g/ L.

sulphured, sulphated, calcium, magnesian, fluorinated 30-40 degrees Celsius), Rehabilitation, Therapeutic massages and Medical consultation.

Tel: 53 48 548880 / 548881

Spa hotel Rancho San Vicente

  • Tel:(53) 48 796201 ext.412

Therapeutic massages, mud therapy, medicinal mineral water bath locations

International pharmacies

Hotel Pinar del Río

  • Marti final.
  • Tel: (53) 48 750117

Miramar Optics

  • Martí e/Isabel Rubio y Colón, Pinar del Río
  • Tel: (53) 48 77 8413.

Hotel Los Jazmines

Road to Viñales Km.

23 Viñales, Tel: (53) 48 796123


  • Salvador Cisneros No.89, Viñales, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 79 6251

María la Gorda International Diving Center

  • Sandino , Guanahacabibes Peninsula Tel: (53) 48 441135 / 750123.



International Finance Bank

Banco Financiero Internacional BFI Gerardo Medina No 46, Pinar del Río (53) 48778213

Banco Credito y Comercio

Cash machine

Martí 11, Pinar del Río (53) 48753798

Banco Popular de Ahorro

Cash machine

Martí 113, Pinar del Río (53) 48752253

Banco de Crédito y Comercio Viñales

Cash machine

Salvador Cisneros No.

58, Viñales, Pinar del Río (53) 48793130

Banco Credito y Comercio

Cash machine

Martí No 12, Pinar del Río (53) 48755670

Banco Popular De Ahorro

Cash machine

Alameda No 66, e/Méndez Capote y Oeste, Pinar del Río (53) 48754220

Banco Credito y Comercio

Cash machine

11 corner E, Sandino, Pinar del Río

Banco Popular de Ahorro

12 floors

Cash machine

Maceo corner of Rafael Ferro, Pinar del Río

Cards of


Financial transactions are conducted in euros, Canadian dollars, pounds sterling and Swiss francs.

Traveler’s checks are accepted and VISA, MASTERCARD, TRANSCARD, CABAL and AMIGO TRAVEL credit cards are accepted, provided they are not issued by U.S.

banks or their subsidiaries established in any other country


To call from Pinar del Rio:

119 + 53 (Cuban code) + city code + desired phone number.

When you arrive in the country you can hire Cubacel’s services; you can rent a phone or bring your own and activate it.

To call Pinar del Río from outside:

– To a landline phone: Country code (00 (international exit code)) + 53 (Cuba code) + Pinar del Río code (48) + desired phone number

– To a mobile number: Country code (00 (international exit code)) + 53 (Cuban code) + desired mobile number.

Internet access and nauta:

Public Internet service in Cuba is offered through Nauta access accounts, in the navigation rooms and in the wireless connection spaces (Wi-Fi) set up in different points throughout the province.

To connect it is necessary to buy a permanent or temporary access account, available in ETECSA’s commercial units.

Internet services are mostly found in hotels and major tourist facilities.

Wifi connection can be found in highly frequented public places.




Pinar del Río Telepoint

Gerardo Medina esq Juan Gualberto Goméz no.

137 bajos Tel: (53) 48 75 4051 / 75 1350.

Mini-point Alameda

Alameda e/n between March 13th and 6th.

Hermanos Cruz Multi-Service Center

5th B Rpt.

Cruz Brothers

Multi-Service Center Viñales

Ceferino Fernández no.

3 Viñales

For more information call 118.


INTERNATIONAL Cubanacan Express

Martí is on the corner of Rosario, Pinar del Río.

Tel: (53) 48 77 4747, pager (18857) – ext.

(11947) DHL Express

Tele Mail

Martí No.

49 esq.

to Recreo, Pinar del Río.

Tel: (53 48) 75 5916


ETECSA also provides you with easy dialing phones for use in emergencies:

Medical services

Tel: (53) 48 75 7606

Medical Emergency

Tel: (53) 48 76 2317 Firemen: 105 PNR (Police): 106

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