Villa de Leyva Colombia : The Complete Travel Guide

In this article, you will learn everything about Villa de Leyva. You will discover all the best places to stay in Villa de Leyva, things to do, where to eat, how to get around and more. So if you plan to travel to Colombia, you will love this new guide. Let’s dive in
villa de leyva plaza mayor colombia

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What to see in Villa de Leyva are ?


Historic centre of Villa de Leyva

Although very traditional, Villa de Leyva has developed its offer of boutique hotels, art galleries, gastronomic restaurants and local craft shops to satisfy the growing number of visitors.

Take advantage of the famous Plaza Mayor, where the cathedral, a small 17th century building, and the house of Juan Castellanos are located, then continue on to the Plazoleta del Carmen, the Antonio Ricaurte Park and the Plazoleta Antonio Nariño.


Monquira Archaeological Park, El infiernito

This ancient astronomical center allows to understand the knowledge and rituals of the Muiscas civilization.


Convent Santo Ecce Homo

This Dominican monastery offers a resourcing setting thanks to a flowered patio and beautiful columned arcades.

Inside, a small museum retraces the colonial history and the process of evangelization of the Indians by the Spaniards.

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

In the colonial village of Zipaquira, there is a quite extraordinary cathedral: it is dug in a salt mine! This architectural feat attracts ecotourists, Catholics and geology enthusiasts.

Among the important elements of this site are:

The Way of the Cross, a gallery leading to the dome in which various altars are carved.

The Dome, with its huge cross carved in bas-relief.

From here one can descend to the balconies over the rooms, the choir and the stairs of the Narthex labyrinth.

The Cathedral’s naves, decorated with sculptures and flanked by imposing columns.

Namely: the church that is currently being visited is a replica of the original cathedral.


Pottery village of Raquira

At 30 minutes from Villa de Leyva, the village of Raquira with its colourful walls thrives.

The traditions of pre-Columbian civilizations have crossed the centuries to present you the most beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, including beautiful pottery.

Note: A colourful market is held in the centre of the village every Sunday.

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