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      Is Santiago de Cuba Worth Visiting ?

      Bordered by the sea and the mountains of the Sierra Maestra, as soon as you set foot in Santiago de Cuba, you will notice that you arrive in a city that has its own rhythm, imbued with a natural and human warmth that distinguishes it from other places in the country.

      It is the most Caribbean of Cuban cities, not only because of its geographical location but also because of its mixed origins, a mixture of Spanish, African and French, With Haitian, Jamaican, Guadeloupean and Martiniquan touches far more important than elsewhere on the island.

      Coming to Santiago de Cuba is not just about coming to see the best musicians from the island, but probably from all over the world. Cradle of Cuban music, Afro-Cuban traditions remain strong and are reflected in the carnival as well as in the 100 daily concerts.

      Walk in any street the musical notes emanate from everywhere.

      You can feel here an air of Salvador de Bahia or New Orleans, one of those rare cities where an incredible magic reigns.

      It is for these reasons that music and dance lovers often prefer Cuba’s second largest city to the capital…

      So don’t let the Jineteros, the exhaust fumes from old Chevrolet cars or the heat get you down, and let the rhythm of the city carry you away. And Santiago de Cuba,… will certainly stir a revolution in you.

      Best time to go to Santiago de Cuba

      July is the key month in the cultural calendar of Santiago de Cuba, where the city is caliente (warm) in more ways than one and the streets are full of festivities.

      The festivities begin with the vibrant Festival del Caribe and end with the famous Carnival, and rightly so.

      The Festival Internacional de Trova, in March, offers another excellent musical event, when the city rediscovers its musical roots.

      From March to June, the city is renowned for its clear waters, which provide excellent conditions for wreck diving off the south coast.

      Book well in advance during these peak periods.

      During the spring and fall off-season, prices are as much as 25% lower in some areas, but hotels may offer fewer services (some may even close completely).

      Best Beaches in Santiago de Cuba

      • Guaycabon
      • Sierra Mar

      Swimming Pool Day in the Americas

      Hotel las Amercias is one of the most renowned hotels in Santiago, and has a large swimming pool with a bar and good internet connection.

      Ideal if you want to get away from the urban madness.

      The 10 Cuc entrance gives you a 10 Cuc ticket to spend at the restaurant or bar.

      Santiago de Cuba on Social Networks

      Here are the best social networks to find out more about Santiago de

      • Cuba news
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      • El Chago Santiago
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