Baracoa is one of the best cities for eating in Cuba, so take the time to taste the different specialties.

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La Punta Restaurant

The fort of La Punta, at the western end of the city, is a great place to have lunch, with a magnificent view of the bay.

Cuban and international food. Specialty of the house: fish in coconut milk.

Small concerts are often organized there on Saturday evening.

  • Price: 5 – 12 Cuc (No credit cards)
  • Address: Av. Los Mártires and the Malecón
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Telephone: 21 64 14 80
  • Opening hours : 10h-23h Open every day

El Buen Sabor

One of the best restaurants in the city and Baracoan cuisine

Swordfish with coconut sauce, bacán (raw green plantain melted with crab meat and wrapped in a banana leaf) and chocolate desserts.

Pleasant and friendly service.

  • Tel : 21 64 14 00
  • Address: Calixto García No 134 Altos
  • Price : 6 – 15 Cuc
  • Schedule: 12:00 am – 12:00 am

Dorado Café

Small private cafe in the center of Baracoa that sells pizzas, sandwiches and more.

  • Tel: 5 238 53 16
  • Address: Martí No 171
  • Price : 3 Cuc aprox
  • Opening hours : 10am – 2pm & 6pm – 10pm


One of the few vegetarian restaurants in Cuba, excellent organic cuisine featuring local products

The concept is very original and really worth seeing.

The Restaurant was ravaged by the hurricane in 2012, but completely rebuilt with items collected from what nature brought after the storm.

A must to put on your list of things to see in Baracoa.

Las Terrazas

Above his house, on a spectacular two-level terrace decorated in an original Afro-Caribbean style, owner Nilson serves some of the best authentic dishes of Baracoa, and therefore of Cuba.

You can’t miss the wonderfully rich pescado con leche de coco (fish fillet with coconut milk) or the melt-in-your-mouth octopus in basil ink with patacon guisado, a homemade plantain dish.


Reserve in advance to ensure a table.

  • Telephone: 21 64 31 23
  • Address: Flor Crombet No 143, between Ciro Frías & Pelayo Cuervo
  • Price : 10 – 15 Cuc
  • Opening hours : 12h-15h & 18h30-23h

El Parque Cafeteria

A favorite meeting place for almost everyone in town, you’re bound to end up on this open terrace, if only to drink a Bucanero beer and use the wi-fi.

  • Tel : 21 64 12 06
  • Address: Antonio Maceo n° 142
  • Price : 1 -3 Cuc
  • 24h / 24

La Colonial

Two small dining rooms and an interior patio

The menu varies according to availability.

A reliable paladar.

  • Address: Calle Martí, 123
  • Tel: 21 645 391

El Poeta

Good local cuisine, especially spicy soups and fish prepared in coconut milk sauce.

  • Address: Calle Antonio Maceo, e/ Ciro Frías and Céspedes
  • Opening hours : Every day for lunch and dinner

Porto Santo

Hotel restaurant with international menu and barbecue, just outside Baracoa

  • Address: Carretera del Aeropuerto
  • Tel: 21 645 105
  • Opening hours : Open every day for lunch and dinner.


Nice place perched on a hillside on an upstairs terrace with a beautiful view of the bay.

Excellent food prepared on the barbecue, especially lobster and shrimp.

  • Address: Calixto García 158A e/. Céspedes y Galano
  • Tel: 21 642 658

La Cacha Pizzería

Pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven or pasta.

You can eat inside or outside with the added benefit of Wi-Fi.

  • Address: Martí #176 Altos e/ Céspedes y Ciro Frías
  • Tel : 53 39 59 00

Rancho Farm

Cuban and Creole food. A canoe trip on the Toa River is included as an option. Traditional music group.

  • Address: Toa, Carretera Baracoa, Moa, km 5.
  • Opening hours : Every day from 8am to 7pm. Diners on Reservation
  • Tel: 21 645 224
  • Email : [email protected]

La Habanera Restaurant

Good Cuban and international cuisine, located in the heart of Baracoa

  • Tel: 21 645274
  • Address: Calle Maceo n° 126, esq. a Frank País

Restaurant Finca Duaba

Carretera de Moa km 3. You can enjoy the cocoa route, unique in Cuba.

Santa Maria Restaurant

Cuban and international food.

  • Speciality of the house: veal in wine.
  • Address: Hotel Porto Santo Calle 5 e/ 8 y 9, Rpto Santa Maria
  • Tel: 21 645106

Restaurant 1511

State restaurant. in national peso for Cuban workers

  • Address: Martí Street, between Ciro Frías and Céspedes.
  • Price : 2 – 3 Cuc
  • Tel: 21 643146

Los Pinos Cafeteria

Drinks and snacks.

  • Tel: 21 645291
  • Address: Calle Marti

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