Providencia Island : The Complete Guide

In this article, I will show you ALL the tips to travel to Providencia Island.We will cover all the best things to do, places to stay, where to eat, and more.So if you plan to travel to Providencia, you will love this new guide.Let’s dive in
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What to see in Providencia Island ?

Providencia Island.

Beyond its paradisiacal beaches, Providencia offers a rich nature with its cultivated valleys.

Thanks to buildings limited to 2 floors, the island is not distorted and exudes a certain charm.

Just a few hundred meters away, Santa Catalina provides a feeling of well being due to its peaceful atmosphere.

Of volcanic origin, these two islands offer a spectacular setting, conducive to rejuvenation.

Also, their translucent waters allow divers (snorkel or bottle) to observe a multitude of colourful fish and beautiful coral massifs.



Less charming than its neighbour (Providencia), San Andrés is a tourist island.

It is much more dynamic with its shops and lively nightlife.

For a reggae and festive atmosphere, go by lancha (local boat) on Johnny Cay where cheerful Rastas offer you to dance and taste delicious fresh fruit juices.

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