Considered as the most beautiful beach of the south of Cuba, Playa Ancon extends its 4 kilometers of white sand at a few steps from Trinidad.

Transport, activities, lodging: we tell you all!

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Playa Ancon in a few words

Playa Ancon looks quite small next to its competitors, Varadero at the top of the list! But it has an advantage, and not the least: its location!

Playa Ancon is located just a few kilometers from Trinidad, a beautiful colonial city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

playa ancon cuba @Michael KuhnPin
playa ancon cuba @Michael_Kuhn

The Valle de los Ingenios and the Sierra del Escambray are also within easy reach!

Getting to Playa Ancon

To get to Playa Ancon, head 12 km south of Trinidad, in the province of Sancti Spíritus.

Buses run for 2 CUC from Trinidad four times a day.

You can also take a cab to Playa Ancon for 6 CUC.

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playa ancon cuba @annie_domco

Alternatively, bicycles can be rented.

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playa ancon cuba @clemi1064

It takes about 40 minutes to get to Playa Ancon, taking your time.

Activities at Playa Ancon

The coral reef is easily accessible and shipwrecks and galleons litter the seabed.

Playa Ancon is a great place for snorkeling and diving!

Go to the beach marina to rent your equipment and organize your excursions.

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playa ancon cuba @johnykeiter

The marina also organizes catamaran trips to nearby coral islands.

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playa ancon cuba @hannahrheaume

You can also try deep-sea fishing (280 CUC per boat for 4 hours, up to 6 people) or fly-fishingin the mangroves (250 CUC for 2 people for 6 hours).

And for the more romantic, why not embark on a sunset cruise (from 20 CUC)?

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playa ancon cuba @adrianna_marialoaces

Where to stay in Playa Ancon: hotels & casas particulares

Most tourists choose to stay in the beautiful colonial city of Trinidad.

However, if you prefer to stay on site, there are three hotel clubs in Playa Ancon:

  • Club Amigo Ancon
  • Club Amigo Costa Sur
  • Hotel Memories Trinidad del Mar.

But be warned, the quality of these hotels leaves a little to be desired and their only strong point is their location…

If your budget does not allow you to stay in Playa Ancon itself, you will also find casas particulares in the seaside villages of La Boca, 7 km from Playa Ancon, or Casilda, 5 km south of Trinidad.

In Casilda, we recommend two casas particulares:

  • The Villa Dona Babara
  • The Casa Novoa In La Boca, the establishment we recommend is the Casa Estrada.

Beware of beach fleas!

Beware, as in many places in the Caribbean, beach fleas are rampant in Playa Ancon at sunrise and sunset! It is therefore preferable to avoid the beach at these times and to bring insecticide!

playa ancon cuba @niflheimPin
playa ancon cuba @niflheim

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