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01. Paseo de la Marina

Constituted by the urban beaches and its articulation with the Tourist Pier and the Camellón on the coastal strip of Avenida La Marina, it was designed to walk enjoying the landscape of the Caribbean Sea. It has twelve interpretive columns of the landscape and culture of La Guajira. The PIT (Tourist Information Point) is located there.

02. Tourist Pier

Built in 1937, it is approximately 700 meters long. Entering the pier allows you to appreciate a great panoramic view of downtown Riohacha.

The pilgrimage of the Virgen de los Remedios – La Vieja Mello – is held at the pier every May 14, a ceremony known as El Día del Milagro (Miracle Day).

03. Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios

It is located in front of Almirante Padilla Park. In addition to the careful architecture of this temple of the XVI century, it is necessary to know the image and the history of the Virgin taken to Riohacha from Cabo de la Vela, when the port was assaulted by the English who were looking for pearls.

The cathedral is part of Colombia’s national heritage because the remains of the famous Guajira hero, Admiral José Prudencio Padilla, lie in it.

4. Riito Bridge

To the northeast and on 1st Street is the Riito Bridge over the mouth of the Ranchería River. It is interesting to observe the artisanal and indigenous fishermen preparing their nets and other gear for their daily work. It is a very appropriate place to appreciate the sunset. It takes its name from the large number of crabs that can be observed. A little further north, a short distance away is a popular beach resort known as Valle de los Cangrejos (Valley of the Crabs).

05. Padilla Square

The Plaza de Padilla is considered the center of the city and the meeting place and gathering place of the riohacheros. It is adorned by the statue of Admiral José Prudencio Padilla. It is very well preserved and framed by a beautiful architecture – Municipal Palace, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Remedies and modern buildings.

06. Salt Lagoon

It is the largest body of water in the capital of the department. It is home to a large number of migratory and native birds.

07. Nicolás de Federmán Park

It is located at the end of La Marina Street or First Avenue. It is surrounded by cannons that recall the defense of the city. The monument to the conqueror Nicolás de Federmán stands out.

08. Monument to Francisco el Hombre

Notable point at the traffic circle at Calle 15 and Carrera 7.

09. Return of the fishermen

It is very interesting to appreciate the return to the city of the artisanal fishermen, between three and five o’clock in the afternoon, with their fish caught at sea.

10. Departmental Cultural Center and Public Library Casa de la Cultura

This important building is considered one of the most valuable architectural heritages in Riohacha. Its round structure, elevated from ground level, stands at the end of Avenida de La Marina. It hosts economic forums, cultural events and offers workshops and courses.

Bordering the structure, at street level, a true work of urban art can be detailed. An impressive mural painted by several local artists represents many elements of La Guajira, such as the Wayúu handicrafts, the vallenato, the deserts and the embarradores (a group of people who are dedicated by tradition, on Carnival Sunday, to embarradores the attendees).

11. Beaches

Riohacha’s main attraction is its six beaches (Marbella, Del Guapo, Del Muelle, Gimaura La Boca, De los Cangrejos and La Raya), all with white sands lined with coconut palms and the Tourist Pier since 1937.

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