Panamá Vaccination : The Complete Guide

panama vaccination requirements

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Vaccinations required for travel to Panama

If you are thinking of traveling to Panama and you are thinking of visiting areas like San Blas or Darien, one thing you should not forget is the vaccinations you will need to get.

We always make the required visit to the International Vaccination Center one month before traveling.

And it is in this centre (there are in all the provinces of Spain) where we are told, and vaccinated against the different diseases that can be contracted depending on the destination we are going to.


If your destination is Panama, there are several vaccinations that are recommended.

At this point, I have to say that everyone is free to get vaccinated or not.

We always do, since we think that prevention is better than cure.

I also have to say, that what is exposed here are the recommended vaccinations, and that to get vaccinated, you will need to go to a medical center.

Vaccination booklet

This is the booklet that we all have since we were children and that indicates the vaccines that have been given to us throughout our lives.

It is very important to have this information and take it to the International Vaccination Center in case there are any vaccination reminders to be given.

If you are a regular traveler, you will know that some vaccines need to be retaken after two or three years.

With the booklet you will have all this information updated.

Yellow Fever

The only vaccine that is mandatory is the yellow fever vaccine, but only if you arrive in Panama from a country where this disease is considered endemic.

Anyway if you are going to visit the following areas of Panama, you should also get it; Panama Canal, Colon Province, Darien Province, Guna Yala (we visit this area, San Blas Islands, a paradise.) or Balboa Islands.

This vaccine must be given at least ten times before your trip to the country.

Since this is the time that is considered necessary to make our organism immune to this disease.

It should not be given to children under one year of age.

And it is obligatory to take with you the certificate where it is indicated that you are vaccinated against yellow fever.

Recommended vaccinations

In addition to the yellow fever vaccine, you should be vaccinated for the triple virus, hepatitis A and B, and tetanus-diphtheria.

It is also recommended to be vaccinated against malaria if you are going to travel to the borders with Costa Rica and Colombia.

Another vaccine that is recommended is typhoid fever, especially if you are traveling in more rural areas.

In any case, when you go to the International Vaccination Center, depending on the route you are going to take, they will tell you which vaccines you need to get.

As for the Zika virus, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid, especially the area of the San Blas islands.


In tropical countries, mosquitoes often carry diseases such as Dengue or Malaria.

In the case of Panama there is no epidemic of either disease.

But you do have to be careful with mosquitoes.

Carry an extra strong repellent against mosquitoes.

If you can, bring your own mosquito net, it takes up almost nothing and it’s cheap too.

Although in many lodgings in Panama there are mosquito nets, in others not, and the bites are very annoying, I tell you this from experience.

The mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn.

So I recommend you wear long pants and long sleeves.

Finally, it never hurts to bring your own basic first aid kit, you can check out this link, where we tell you which is the basic first aid kit we usually carry on our trips.

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