Panama Itineraries in 8, 10, 14 or 17 days

A good itinerary can make the success or fail of a trip right ? 

In this article, you will learn the best possible itineraries for a trip in Panama.

So if you plan to travel to Panamá, you will love this new guide.

Let’s dive in

panama itinerary

Table of Contents

Travel Itinerary to Panama in 17 days
Day 1: Arrival in Panama City
Day 2: Panama City
Day 3: Panama City – Soná – Santa Catalina
Day 4: Santa Catalina
Day 5: Santa Catalina – Coiba – Santa Catalina
Day 6: Santa Catalina – Boquete
Day 7: Boquete – Route of the Quetzals
Day 8: Boquete – Bocas del Toro (Columbus – Bastimentos)
Day 9: Bastimentos – Zapatilla Cay
Day 10: Bastimentos
Day 11: Bastimentos – Colón – Almirante – Panama City (night bus)
Day 12: Panama City
Day 13: Panama City – San Blas (Chichimé)
Day 14: San Blas (Chichimé)
Day 15: San Blas (Chichimé)
Day 16: San Blas (Chichimé) – Panama City
Day 17: Panama City and back

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