Mompox Travel Guide : The Essentials

  • What to see in Mompox : Historic Center, Cienaga de Pijiño
  • Best time to visit Mompox : All the year
  • Where to Stay in Mompox : Casa Amarilla
  • Where to Ear in Mompox : Plaza Concepcion
  • How to Get to Mompox : From Cartagena, From Santa Marta, speed boats from Barrancabermeja
  • Souvenirs from Mompox : Silver, Palm Wine

What to see in Mompox ?

Historic center of Mompox.

Port of call to Cartagena and commercial crossroads, Mompox, or “Mompos”, built its fortune very quickly.

It still has today a rich colonial architecture that attracted the aristocracy of Cartagena at the time.

A rebellious city, it was the first to emancipate itself from Spain and for a time welcomed the “Libertador” Simon Bolivar.

Because of its isolation, Mompox has escaped the heavy transformations of modernism and has kept intact its atmosphere of yesteryear.

Visit its historical center (UNESCO), its colorful baroque churches (Santo Domingo, San Juan de Dios, San Agustin and Santa Barbara), its prestigious colonial houses (Casa 1734, Portales de la Marquesa…) and its amazing cemetery (el Cimenterio Municipal).

As if frozen in time, Mompox exudes an undeniable charm.

Its craft workshops (goldsmith’s, ceramics, cabinet making…) are part of the city’s unmissable visits.

Stroll along the wall on the banks of the Magdalena river, in the Bolivar and Santander parks and in the botanical garden.

Discover also the cultural museum where various pieces of complex religious art are exhibited; this colonial house converted into a museum welcomed Simon Bolivar.

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mompox colombia
Mompox Historic Center – Photo © Tristan Quevilly

Cienaga de Pijiño swamp

Along the water, enjoy the picturesque landscapes of this marsh.

Aboard a traditional boat, observe the fauna (egrets, herons, iguanas, howler monkeys…) and the abundant flora (mangroves).

mompox cienaga pijiño colombia
Mompox Travel guide – Cienaga de Pijiño – Photo © Tristan Quevilly

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