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Medellin Wiki

  • Medellin is the capital of Antioquia.
  • Modern, cultural, it is also the second-largest city in the country.
  • Medellin is known for its festive atmosphere and its flower fair.
  • Elevation of Medellin : 1494 m

Map of Medellin

Number of Inhabitants

The city of Medellin has a population of approximately 2,569,000 (2020 estimate).

Second largest city after Bogotá.


Located in the northwest of Colombia, the city of Medellin is part of the Aburra Valley.

Crossed by the river Medellin, it has an area of 380.64 square kilometers.

It is located in an area of high relief and has an altitude of 1538 meters (5045 feet)

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