Baracoa may still seem to be an isolated city and difficult to reach.

But don’t panic, because there are several ways to get there.

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Get to Baracoa by plane

If you want to reach Baracoa from the east of the island, the city has a small airport, the Gustavo Rizo airport.

The Gustavo Rizo Airport (code BCA) is located 4 km northwest of the city, just behind the Porto Santo Hotel.

Flights are not very frequent, but the Cubana de Aviacion airline company serves the airport from Havana or Santiago de Cuba.

Otherwise, it is also possible to go through the airports of Guantánamo or Santiago de Cuba.

Book your flights to Havana through one of the travel agencies, or directly with Cubana de Aviación

If your budget allows it, the plane will allow you to avoid the fateful 16h of bus.

  • Address: Gustavo Rizo Airport. Highway Jaitecico km. 1 1/2, Turey.
  • Tel : 21 64 53 75 | 21 64 53 76

Airline ticket reservation office

  • Address: Martí n° 181.
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am – 4 pm
  • Tel : 21 64 53 74

From there, you will have to take a cab at the airport to go to Baracoa.

It takes about 3h30 from Guantánamo or 4h from Santiago.

Get to Baracoa by Bus

A Víazul bus connects Baracoa to Santiago de Cuba every day in each direction.

Tickets sell out quickly, especially on weekends, so book your tickets a day in advance (more in high season).

The trip takes about five hours. (Local buses are much slower.)

The national bus station is served by Víazul to Guantánamo and Santiago de Cuba.

Baracoa – GuantanamoBaracoa – SantiagoBaracoa – HavanaBaracoa – Camaguey
Price10 Cuc15 Cuc66 Cuc33 Cuc
  • Telephone: 21 64 38 80 | 21 64 36 70 | 21 64 30 93
  • Address: Av Los Mártires & José Martí
  • Reservations: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

However, you should know that the west of the island is much less touristic than the east, so it is more difficult to find collective cabs there.

Get to Baracoa with a Private Cab

If you cannot find any other solution, you will easily find private cabs ready to make long trips.

The easiest way is to ask for information in your casa particular.

The bill may be quite high.


Offers different types of cabs, excursions or other types of optional services, in the surroundings of Baracoa or throughout the territory

  • Tel : 21 64 37 37 | 21 64 36 87

Get to Baracoa by Car Rental

The road is beautiful, and if you have the possibility of renting a car, you can take advantage of it to make stops where you want, especially the beaches and the mountainous part before Baracoa.

  • Transtur rental point
  • Martí 202, between Céspedes and Coronel Gallant.
  • Tel: 21 645225

Car Rental Jaitecico Highway Airport km. 1 1/2, Turey, Baracoa. Tel: 21 641665

Get to Baracoa by Truck

Trucks bound for Moa (departures from 6am) leave from the national bus station, taking the very bumpy northwest road.

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