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History of Guatapé

Guatapé Colombia @marcezirandaPin
Guatapé Colombia @marceziranda

This water is from an artificial reservoir and its construction meant the disappearance of an entire village.

Yes, as you read it.

At the beginning of the 20th century, other ways of supplying energy to the country began to be appreciated.

And of course, this space turned out to be strategic in the industrial boom of the region, since it had a very desirable river for a hydroelectric power station.

What happened then?

Well, in 1961, the construction of the reservoir became official and ten years later, in 1971, something inevitable became part of the construction: its flooding.

The vast majority of the people of Peñol opposed the project (of course, it was their house they wanted to flood) and demonstrated to make their position clear.

However, other voices were heard louder (for example, those of the EPM – Empresas Públicas de Medellín), the population was relocated to another town that was built nearby with the same name – El Peñol – and the flood took place in 1978.

In the meantime, a replica of the old town of Peñol was built near the current Peñol and can be visited.

Today it powers 30% of Colombia!

Piedra Del Peñol Guatapé ColombiaPin
Piedra Del Peñol Guatapé Colombia – Photo Credit @TristanQuevilly

The town of Guatapé (which also underwent some changes with the construction of the new reservoir) faces this “inland sea”, as it is called.

The people of Peñol, on the other hand, don’t.

Not looking at it, they say, was the way to heal this very resistant people.

History of La Piedra del Peñol

Its history is also curious, geologists do not know exactly how La Piedra del Peñol was formed.

It’s thought that it was due to a great collision of tectonic plates, giving rise to this magnificent rock.

There are other, crazier theories that say it was aliens who put it there to land UFOs, or even those who believe there is a secret military base inside it, really?

piedra del peñol stairs @seankerrartPin
piedra del peñol stairs Photo @seankerrart

The first person who climbed this rock was Luis Eduardo Villegas (don’t forget this last name).

He did it on July 16, 1954, and since then, there have been and are thousands of people who climb its 649 steps every year to reach its two hundred meters of height.

Before, I told you not to forget the surname Villegas, because when you go to pay for the entrance (20000 Cop), you will see that the company that manages the Peñón de Guatape is Inversiones Villegas Hincapie y Otros, S.A.S.

Well, although it seems a lie, it is this family that has been getting gold for years by a large rock that belongs to them, since it sits on their land.

History of the Zocalos

It is said that the plinths in Guatapé began in 1919 with José María Parra Jiménez who began to portray daily scenes in cement reliefs in the hallway of his house.

From there the art went to the street, from the street to the plaza and grew until it became a pride of Paisa

guatapé colombia @luciecmpPin
Calle De Los Recuerdos – Guatapé Colombia – Photo Credit @luciecmp

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