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Located on the northwest coast of the island, Havana is by extension one of the sixteen Cuban provinces, often associated with the province of Mayabeque. On the program: history, culture, gastronomy, music and much more! Havana has everything to please! When you leave the city, you can also easily refresh yourself on one of the many beaches east of the capital.

Things To Do In La Habana CubaPin
Things To Do In La Habana Cuba

Visit Havana : The Travel FAQ

Where to eat in Havana?

Restaurant Van Van: for small budgets, this is an establishment that doesn’t look like much, but offers delicious local cuisine in a decor that is very popular with consumers.
– Restaurant La Guarida:
a famous and rather expensive gastronomic restaurant.
You won’t be disappointed by the quality of the service or the ingenuity of the dishes.
-La Mina in La Habana Vieja: with its nice terrace, this restaurant invites you to a delicious shady break on the Plaza de Armas.
– And more generally, head to the cafeterias frequented by locals, scattered by dozens throughout the city. If you’re not looking for great food but rather an authentic atmosphere at (very) low prices, this is definitely the right choice.

Best time to visit Havana

Havana welcomes tourists all year round, as its tropical climate gives it temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C. The lowest temperature is 18°C, so you will never feel cold in this city. Of course, the dry season is the best time to visit Havana, which is between December and May.
If you want to enjoy all that the Cuban capital has to offer, avoid the months of June to October as much as possible, as hurricanes can make their appearance. However, during the rainy season, hotels are cheaper and you will find more tours and organized trips.

What to Pack for Havana ?

Due to the predominant tropical climate, you should include in your luggage:
– Swimming suit and sandals
– Light clothing, especially in the summer
– Light colored clothes and cotton fabrics, flannels, shorts
– If you travel in the winter season, a Lightweight jackets or a wool sweater can be sufficient, mainly, for the nights; and closed shoes, but comfortable.
– Accessories such as sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.
– If you have indicated some medicine or specific health treatment, you should take it with you during the trip.

When are the Holidays in Havana ?

– 1 January Commemoration of the Triumph of the Revolution.
– May 1st Workers’ Day.
– 26 July: National Day of Rebellion.
– October 10 Commemoration of the beginning of the Wars of Independence
– November 16 Anniversary of the Foundation of San Cristóbal de la Habana
– For other holidays, please refer to our complete guide : Best Time to Visit Cuba

What is the time Difference in Havana ?

Standard time: UTC/GMT -5 hours.
Cuba adopts a summer timetable between the months of March and October with one hour in advance.

What is the Voltage in Havana ?

Note that it is 110/220 and 60 Hz frequency. Generally, plugs are flat-pinned, so you may need an adapter for certain electrical devices.

Is Havana Worth Visiting ?

Havana is a synthesis of all Cuba, capital of the island and one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America.
The charm of the “Pearl of the Caribbean” continues to act, whoever knows it returns enriched and conquered.
Renewed, it offers everything imaginable in terms of colonial architecture.
Its most important neighborhoods, Old Havana, Vedado, Miramar, Centro Havana and the Malecón will make you enjoy the memories of the old architecture.
Havana is the tropical splendor, which gathers the best of Spain, the best of Africa and the best of the Antilles. Havana, with its old American cars, its hustle and bustle, its bare buildings, its history, its people and its rhythms leaves no one indifferent.

How is Everyday Life in Havana ?

In this country there are two very different ways of life, that of the Cuban and that of the tourist. For the tourist everything is possible, everything is easy, but for the Cuban who lives very special moments, life is hard. However, the difficulties don’t end with the cheerful character of the Cuban and his hedonistic sense of life, always ready to enjoy the good times.

Can I pay with Credit Card in Habana Cuba ?

Some establishments accept credit cards, but ideally you should always carry money in cash to make any payments.
Keep in mind that American Express cards, credit cards and traveler’s checks issued by U.S. banks or their branches are not accepted.

Where Can I buy Rum or Cigars in Havana ?

If you want to buy traditional products such as rum, coffee, tobacco and music, choose the specialized or authorized shops and establishments for their sale. That is the only way you can be sure of acquiring authentic quality merchandise. Never make this type of purchase in the street or from unknown people

Can I Drink Tap Water in Havana ?

Although tap water can be drunk, it is recommended that you buy bottled water.

Is Tipping Compulsory in Havana ?

Most services in Cuba do not include tipping. This is more than welcomed if you wish to offer it.

How is the Weather in Havana ?

On average, the hottest months in Havana are April, May, June, July, August, September and October.
The rainiest months in this city are May, June, July, August and September.
The most favorable months for swimming in Havana are April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November

How Many days should I stay in Havana ?

We can only advise you to take the time to discover this city of crazy charm. 3 days would be a minimum.

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