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Our Lady of Los Remedios Patron Saint’s Festivities

The Virgen de los Remedios, intimately known as La Vieja Mello, represents one of the oldest religious traditions of the riohacheros. It is equated to the Virgen de La Candelaria because it coincides in the date of its celebration

(the same is very common in other parts of the Colombian Caribbean). Within the framework of her festivity, among other activities, there are novenaries, masses and the procession that goes through the center of the city and the edge of the bay, very solemn acts, dawn and musical retretas in honor of the Virgin; payment of promises or “mandas”; celebration of baptisms, marriages, first communions, fireworks, and kiosks of typical food and handicrafts.

Wayúu Culture Festival

It is held in the municipality of Uribia, known as the indigenous capital of Colombia, in order to highlight and preserve the Wayúu customs. Craft exhibitions, conferences and horseback rides are held and a beautiful and authentic representative of the Wayúu culture (Majayura) is chosen.

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A week before Lent, the carnival festivities are held. During these days, the people have fun in booths to the sound of drums, throwing cornstarch and taking out every Friday of pre-Carnival the authentic “pilón guajiro”. The festivities end with the parade of the embarradores throughout the city of Riohacha and their bath in the sea at dawn.

Los Laureles Festival

The Festival de Los Laureles is a cultural, folkloric, recreational and civic event for the dissemination, promotion, recovery and preservation of Vallenato folklore and culture in all its splendor. The name was given in honor of the trees that adorn the main square, known as fig trees although it is also known as Indian laurel, that is why the Festival de Los Laureles is named after them.

Return Festival

The return of the raizales of Fonseca turns this return towards the nostalgia and the memory of the old times and their customs. In the feast of St. Augustine can not miss the Eucharistic celebrations and sacraments, the procession and the payment of promises, accordion competitions, unpublished song of great quality, piquería or kiosks of typical food and crafts, so the slogan “Fonseca, to return to you is to repeat the joy of being born again” was institutionalized.

Flower and Calaguala Festival

Cultural and sports competition with the participation of schools. The name is due to the flowers and the calaguala fern, very common in the region. There are folkloric dances, exhibition of floral arrangements and calaguala, accordion competitions in the amateur and children’s categories and unpublished pieces in vallenato rhythms.

Cuna de Acordeones Festival

Santo Tomas Festival. Gathering of the great accordionists of La Guajira and Cesar. Contests of unpublished pieces (son, puya, paseo and merengue), best accordion players in the categories of children, amateur and professional, best singer and the piqueria of adults and children in the modalities of free theme and forced foot. Forum on Vallenato folklore. Parade of folkloric dances: mapalé, cumbia, vallenato, pilón. In addition, Eucharistic celebration, procession and fireworks.

National Coal Festival

The celebration includes mass, retreta and pyrotechnics. In the National Reign, the candidates represent those departments that produce coal. There is also an amateur accordion contest, pyrotechnics, unpublished songs in the rhythms of puya, paseo, merengue and son, a parade of floats with the candidates and regional folklore groups, a regional dance exhibition, a gathering of Wayúu Indians and an exhibition of paintings and handicrafts.

Singer’s Festival

Religious-cultural event in the prosperous town of El Molino.

Festival Cuna de Compositores

This festival highlights the folklore and customs of the people of San Juan. In the event the unpublished songs are chosen in the different categories and the composer of the year is chosen.

National and International Dividivi Festival

It is the most important festival celebrated in La Guajira. Riohacha is adorned with a great feast. Numerous walks accompany step by step to their candidate, and in the popular dances end the revelry and joy of the people of La Guajira.

Dividivi is a tree that grows wild in La Guajira, whose fruit is an S-shaped curled pod, rich in tannin, which serves as raw material to produce tonic extracts used in tanneries.

Frito and Almojábana Festival

Event dedicated to fried foods, which are consumed in large quantities in the area. The almojábana is the edible product par excellence and has become the basis of the economy of the village of Cuestecita in the municipality of Albania. Contest to award the best fried and the most exquisite almojábanas.

Corn Festival and Corn Reign

It is held in the picturesque village of Villa Martin (Machobayo), municipality of Riohacha, the first weekend of December. It is a folkloric and cultural event that integrates all the towns of La Guajira, among its events are highlighted: Unpublished song contests, piqueria, children’s accordion, calbalgata, rooster fights and beauty pageant.


  • Riohacha. Francisco el Hombre Festival in January.
  • Riohacha. Fiestas patronales de Nuestra Señora
    de los Remedios in early February.
  • Riohacha. Carnivals are held from January to March.
  • Uribia. Feast of the Wayúu Culture in May.
  • Cuestesitas. Festival of the Frito and the Almojábana in May.
  • Distraction. Festival of Los Laureles in May.
  • La Junta. Festival y Reinado del Fique in July.
  • Fonseca. Festival del Retorno in August.
  • Riohacha. Bolero Festival in September.
  • Villanueva. Festival Cuna de Acordeones in September
  • El Molino
  • Singer’s Festival in October.
  • San Juan del Cesar. Festival Cuna de Compositores in December.
  • Monguí. Dulce de Leche Festival and Contest in December.

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