The possibilities of courses abound in Santiago de Cuba, from architecture to music, official or not.

You can register in advance or take the train on your arrival.

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Ballet Folklórico Cutumba

Santiago’s folklore groups are very open and can organize dance and percussion classes in groups or individually.

Start with the Cutumba, who often perform at the Hotel las Américas. The Conjunto Folklórico deOriente is also very useful.

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santiago de cuba

Casa del Caribe

Portal of Santería and Folklórico, this cultural institution can organize conga, son and salsa dance classes for 8 cuc per hour.

Resident staff member Juan Eduardo Castillo can also organize percussion classes.

Real amateurs can inquire about in-depth courses on Afro-Cuban religions and culture. They are experts and very flexible.

Private Lessons

If you wanna take private lessons when you arrive in Santiago, head to Artex, Casa del Queso, La Trova. The best recommendation would be la Claqueta where there are tons of amazing dancers ready to propose private lessons at affordable prices.

A vous de jouer

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Quoi qu'il en soit, faites-moi signe dans les commentaires ci-dessous.

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2 Commentaires

  1. Cindy Alexander dit :

    Hi I am interested in dance lessons for 7-10 days in 2021. I have a few girls that would like to come as well. Interested in the months January and February and then again in March or April. Can you give me a cost? I live in canada and really excited about coming to your country to learn to dance.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thanks a lot for reaching out !

      Santiago is indeed one of the best place in Cuba for learning Salsa, but please let us know : would you prefer lessons with a professional school, or private lessons ? And approximately how many of you would comme ?

      From this I will contact our friends in Santiago and inform you as soon as possible

      Best regards

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