The Cuban capital is the ideal place to stock up on souvenirs before returning home.
Cigars, rum, handicrafts… You should find what you are looking for without any problem!

shopping in havana craftsBroche
shopping in havana crafts

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Buying cigars in Havana

To buy cigars in La Havane, there are several options available to you.

We recommend 3 in particular, both located in the Centro Habana neighborhood:

  • Real Fábrica de Tabacos Partagás: calle Industria e. Barcelona y Dragones, one of the most prestigious in the country.
  • Real Factories Factory Shop. Industria No 520. Tel: 7 826 0086. The oldest cigar factory in Havana.
  • The cigar store of the Hotel Sevilla.

You can pay in every stores by credit card.

Buying rum in Havana

As with cigars, there is no shortage of stores selling rum.

You will find it in the capital’s major hotels.

In Old Havana, the Casa del Ron offers the best and most select types of rum on the island.

Adresse : Obispo No. 2 e/ Bernaza y, Avenida de Bélgica, La Habana, Cuba.

Havana Club. San Pedro No 262. Tel: 7 624 108.

You will also find some at the duty free shops at Havana airport.

@havana clubBroche
@havana club

Be careful though: if your flight is not direct, your bottles may be confiscated during your stopover.

Beware, there are limitations on the amount of rum, cigars and cigarettes.

Buy jewelry and handicrafts in Havana

To shop for jewelry and local handicrafts, we recommend the small market located on Calle Obispo.

Jewelry, handbags, wooden objects…: you should find what you are looking for.

Main Shopping Areas in Havana

From Havana it is essential to bring the world famous Havana cigars and the excellent rum, but you can also buy popular crafts, musical instruments -maracas, bongoes, güiros, tumbadora-, paintings and Santeria objects.

In the Crafts Palace (Cuba 64, corner of Tacón) the building was the old Pedroso Palace. Nearby, between the Cathedral and the Port, there is a popular handicraft market.

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Cuba sur Instagram Hecho en Cuba . . @cubamaxtravel Síguenos @cubaislabella . . cuba cubatravel explorecuba cubalove visitcuba cubaphoto…

In La Travesía (O’Reilly corner Monserrat) there is an Afro-Cuban handicraft market. In the Manzana de Gómez (San Rafael corner Agramonte) there is a group of European-style shops to buy souvenirs.

In the Maison in the Miramar neighborhood you can find antiques, fashion and jewelry. A curious visit is to the Botica de Santa Catalina (Obispo corner Mercaderes) to buy herbs and medicinal plants from the world famous Cuban pharmacopoeia.

The Area of Self-employed Women (Máximo Gómez corner Suárez) is a flea market where among many other things you can find music and woodwork.

And, in the Partagas Factory (Industria 520 corner Barcelona and Dragones) is the right place to know the process of manufacturing the famous cigars… and of course a good place to buy them.

In all the hotels of the city there are shops and, several commercial centers offer all type of stores in their facilities

Antiques, fashion, jewelry and gifts In La Maison, Avda. 7ª y 16. Miramar.

Handicrafts, paintings and silk screen printing. In La Casona, c/Muralla, 107 esq. San Ignacio. Old Havana.

Experimental Graphics Workshop. Callejón del Chorro No 6 Old Havana. Tel: 7 862 0979. Art Gallery. Brabados and painting.

Tourist souvenirs In Manzana de Gómez, a group of shops where you can also buy everyday objects.

Afro-Cuban Art and Craftsmanship In La Travesía, O’Reilly Street, Montserrat. There are very interesting exhibitions.

Silver and coral jewelry, Cuban music records and memories In the Palace of Crafts, Palacio Pedroso. 64 Cuba Street. Old Havana.

And, also: Area of Own Account Sellers. Máximo Gómez No 259 at Suárez. Permanent Market. Old books, leather belts, Santeria articles, etc.

shopping in havana crafts @Broche
shopping in havana crafts @

Handicraft Fair (Old Havana). Open-air craft market. Old Havana Heel. Paintings, guayaberas, wood carvings, Che Guevara souvenirs, a little bit of everything.

Handicrafts Fair (Vedado). Vedado boardwalk. Practically the same as in the Old Havana Market. Here, also stamps, coins, bank notes, etc.

Cuban Fund for Cultural Goods. Wall 107 corner of San Ignacio Habano Vieja
Tel: 7 862 2633. Government Store. Handicrafts. For every purchase they give a receipt to avoid problems at the exit customs.

shopping in havana crafts @skarletoharaBroche
shopping in havana crafts @skarletohara

Galleries of Paseo. Street 1 & Paseo. Commercial gallery with “brand” shops.

ICAIC promotions. 23rd & L Vedado Streets. Tel: 7 832 9430. Fabulous sale of Cuban film posters.


In Intur stores the price is fixed. Bargaining is allowed in the flea markets.

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