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Safety in Panama

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s dangerous, or what dangers Panama is hiding.

Well, good news, I consider Panama to be a safe country, but you have to take certain precautions, just like anywhere else.

Panama City is a pretty safe place, but there are areas you should avoid at any time of day, and others, where you have to be a little careful at night.

In Panama City there are two especially dangerous areas.

The first one is so far away from any visitable area that for you, as a tourist, you won’t even know it.

But there is one area that you should keep in mind and be careful, this area is called El Chorrillo.

It is located next to Casco Viejo, so if at any time you notice that the atmosphere changes from one street to another in Casco Viejo, it means that you are not very far from El Chorrillo.

Start once you cross 12th Street West, don’t go in there.

At night the same thing happens, we walked at night in the areas of El Cangrejo and Marbella, as that is where our accommodation was.

The Casco Viejo is also an area of accommodation for tourists, but at night you have to be careful, despite being an area with a lot of surveillance.

Over the rest of the country, the feeling of tranquility and security is absolute.

So you know, enjoy.

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