Accommodation is an integral part of the trip, so it’s important to find your way around and choose the type of accommodation that suits you best

Panama has a wide range of establishments, from low budget to high-end whether in the city or in the mountains, on the beach or in a national park, offers its typical accommodation

From a lodge to a luxury hotel or a night in a tent, you will find what you are looking for.
Due to the increasing number of tourists in Panama, hotels sometimes show their limits and are not numerous enough to absorb the attendance during Holy Week or Carnival.
Panama has long remained a popular destination for business people

It is only recently that it has also seen a significant increase in the number of tourists who come to discover the country for its culture, activities and beaches

So it will take a little time to adapt, equip and organize itself in order to welcome the tourists of the 21st century in the best possible way.
Like its neighbour Costa Rica, Panama has opted for a policy of environmental protection

These accommodations are integrated in the heart of the national parks, on the seaside or in the heart of the cities and respect a very precise ecological charter.
The busy period is from December to April during which it is preferable to book in advance.

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There is a good supply in Panama, but you can’t expect very cheap rates

You can find classic dormitories but also rather comfortable double rooms.


Bed & Breakfast has multiplied in recent years in Panama with the rise of tourism

They can be simple and unpretentious as charming, comfortable and much more expensive.


These can be simple as well as luxurious and comfortable

Special attention is often paid to the decor and the welcome

They can correspond to a small, very simple house like a Lodge located in an exceptional site with optimal comfort.

Category 3* local – standard

This is the category we recommend with the best value for money

Single room, clean and with private bathroom, fan or air conditioning

They can be devoid of charm in modern buildings or on the contrary have a lot of character in a very authentic style

They usually offer TV, telephone, Wifi and English speaking staff.

Local 4* categories

Prices are starting to get higher, but this can still be affordable for those with a larger budget

This often involves accommodation in boutique hotels or all-inclusive hotels with larger capacities but with very good service and often a swimming pool.

Category 5*

In this category, we generally find environmentally friendly Ecolodges, as well as large hotel complexes, generally located on the coast, which offer their guests a wide range of services and activities

Most of them are located in a privileged setting on exceptional sites.

Apartments and villas

They are increasingly developed in Panama

More or less large, from one to several rooms, equipped with a kitchen and a swimming pool for the most luxurious, they allow families or groups of friends to gather in this place and to radiate in the area

Rates vary according to the size, the period and the geographical area chosen.

You also have more “local” possibilities:

Night at a local’s house

this is a good opportunity to see how the locals live

This formula tends to become more and more democratic and a few good addresses are emerging

According to the sites, the comfort can be more or less summary but the goal is to share the life of the families (participation in the daily tasks, work in the fields, preparation of the meals…).


it is an uncommon practice but wild camping is tolerated.

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