How to Get to Trinidad by Bus ?

The best way is to get to Trinidad with a night bus from Viazul, the bus company for tourists (we can’t use the same ones as the Cubans).
These buses are more expensive than those used by Cubans, but these buses are also used by Cubans.
– From La Havane, there are daily buses to Trinidad. Count approximately between 6h to 6h30 of road and approximately 25 CUC/p.
– From Cienfuegos, count 1h30 of journey for approximately 6 CUC/p.
Beware as everywhere in Cuba, buses are often late and leave when they decide… if they are not full, they can wait!

Getting to Trinidad from Havana

If you want to go to Trinidad from Havana, the best option is to take the Viazul buses, depending on the number of people travelling.
If you are going with three or four people, it will be cheaper, more comfortable and faster to negotiate with a taxi driver.

Get to Trinidad From Camagüey

From Camagüey you can take a night bus from the company Viazul, since it is the only one that allows tourists to travel.
It was very comfortable, so much so, that I was asleep the whole way, and I woke up when we were entering Trinidad.

Going to Havana from Trinidad

The price to go to Havana from Trinidad is the same in both collective taxi and Viazul, so you may find it more convenient to go by taxi.
This is due to the high demand of travelers going from Trinidad to Havana.
The price is 25 CUCs.
Viazul Bus Station in Trinindad : Calle Gloria, Trinidad 62600, Cuba

Get to Trinidad By Taxi

Many collective taxis also make the trip. Ask about sharing the cost.

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