The city is host to numerous cultural events that please just about every taste. Musical concer ts come in various styles, including Colombian and Caribbean music, as well as classical music, champeta, vallenato and jazz.

Other lively and thrilling celebrations include Independence day festivities and the gastronomic festivals that feature desserts and fritters competitions.

Visitors and natives alike enjoy films under the stars and the heated literary debates during the Mapfre Hay Festival.

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Cartagena Events

In a typical year, the following events are celebrated in Cartagena de Indias:

  • January : International Music Festival. Mapfre Hay Festival.
  • February: Our Lady of La Candelaria Celebrations
  • March: International Film Festival.
  • Août: Festival de la Hamaca Grande. International Kite Festival. Afroamerican Champeta Music Festival
  • September: IXEL Fashion Congress
  • October: Book Fair.
  • November: Independence Day Festivities and National Beauty Pageant.
  • December: Caribbean Cultural Market, Jazz Festival, New Year’s Party and Caribbean Gastronomic Festival and Market.

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