Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? There are several types of electrical outlets in Cuba.

Cuban electrical outlets have different formats, voltages and frequencies. Therefore, you will need not only an adapter, but also a small transformer.
Don’t panic, we explain everything about electrical outlets in Cuba!

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The format of Cuban electrical outlets

In Cuba, you will find two types of electrical outlets: flat plugs, American type, and round plugs, as in France. You will need to bring with you an adapter compatible with flat plugs (type A) like this one.

The voltage of Cuban electrical outlets

In Cuba, you will find electrical outlets with two types of voltage: 110V and 220V.
The voltage is normally indicated directly on the socket.
A reminder: French plugs correspond to a voltage of 230V.
Before leaving, check that your appliances are compatible with Cuban voltages.
If this is not the case, you will have to buy a transformer, capable of converting 110V to 220V.
However, most casas particulares are equipped with 220V.
Also, the vast majority of chargers for electronic devices (cell phones, cameras, computers…) are compatible with a current ranging from 100V to 240V.
To be sure, look at what is written on your chargers: the voltage should be indicated.

In summary: Do you need an adapter?

Yes, you need to bring an adapter that is compatible with type A plugs (with flat plugs, as in the United States)

Do you need a transformer?

This depends on your electronic devices. Check your chargers to see if they are compatible with 110V.

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