Budget to Travel to Colombia

It all depends on how you want your trip to Colombia to be, it can go from very cheap to very expensive.

It will depend if you go on a luxury trip with luxury hotels and luxury restaurants, or if you go quietly traveling knowing and sleeping in hostels.

Colombia is a country that is prepared for tourism and for this reason you will find all kinds of places to stay and restaurants to eat.

Although if you are in Europe it will be quite cheap, if you are in Latin America it is a country that is on average in costs in Latin America.

You will be able to find a good room with air conditioning, TV, private bathroom for about 70 thousand Colombian pesos, which would be about 20 euros.

If you go to luxury hotels and can afford it you can find them for 1000 Euros or whatever you plan to spend, they usually come with tourist plans in which there are guides to show you the city.

The most important thing, the meals will be the cheapest in Colombia and if you are the one who cooks then much cheaper.

In Colombia there is something that Colombians call “corrientazos” which in other words are menus of the day that bring soup and a second course or “seco” with meat, rice, ripe banana and salad (for about 3 euros).

A meal in the best restaurants may be costing 20 to 30 euros per person.

Note: The prices shown here are just to give you an idea, prices may vary in each city and depend on what you want to get.

Although it must be said that it will not vary much either, since we are talking about the same country.

As for transport, taxis charge the minimum fare at 5,500 COP (approximately 1.5 euros), public transport is approximately 2,300 COP and it depends on the city (less than 1 euro).

Taxes and Gratuities

Taxes and Gratuities are generally included, except in tourist restaurants where 10 to 15% of the bill must be added.

Des hamacs aux hôtels 5 étoiles, en passant par les pensions de famille et les auberges de jeunesse, la Colombie offre de multiples possibilités de logement.

Les réservations sont obligatoires pendant la haute saison touristique ou pour une célébration spéciale.

Le coût moyen par personne :

  • $25-50,000 : Lit-dortoir
  • $50-80000 : Chambre à coucher de base
  • $80-200,000 : chambre double confortable avec salle de bain privée,
  • $250 000 et plus pour une chambre plus luxueuse

Pour beaucoup, il peut être intéressant et original de louer une finca (propriété rurale), avec du personnel facultatif.

There are also many todo incluido (all-inclusive) formulas that are very appreciated by Colombians: tourist offer including plane, accommodation, meals and drinks at will.

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