Here the dishes you can’t miss when you travel to Bogota

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Ajiaco santafereño

It is an extremely delicious soup with chicken, potatoes of different varieties, corn and guasca (a spice).

In many restaurants cream of milk and capers are added, but the client can order it without these ingredients.

Then this dish is accompanied by avocado.

typical colobian dishes sancocho

ajiaco santafereño gastronomy colombia @yosoychefencasaBroche
ajiaco santafereño gastronomy colombia @yosoychefencasa


It is a soup of broth elaborated with chicken, potato, yucca (type of tuber), banana. It is a quite rich soup and very typical in all Colombia.

sancocho colombia gastronomy @cocinandoconpascualBroche
sancocho colombia gastronomy @cocinandoconpascual

Colombian Tamale

This typical Colombian dish is usually eaten for breakfast on festive Sundays with chocolate a la taza, however, travelers who are not used to eating so much for breakfast can order it for lunch.

This dish is actually typical of Tolima, but in Bogotá you can find restaurants that make very good tamales.

The tamale is made with a paste of rice with meat or chicken, chickpeas, carrots and condiments and everything is put to cook the steam wrapped in some banana leaves.

This is really a delicious dish.

tamal colombia gastronomy @tamalesdeligiaBroche
tamal colombia gastronomy @tamalesdeligia


It is another typical dish of the Tolima region, but one that is very easy to find throughout Bogota.

It consists of a suckling pig (small pork), empty and filled with pork, rice and beef or chicken.

It is a pretty good dish and impressive to watch.

lechona colombiana gastronomy @la.delicisaBroche
lechona colombiana gastronomy @la.delicisa

Bandeja Paisa

This is a dish for those who like to eat a lot. This tray contains: beans, eggs, all kinds of meat (chorizo, chicharrón, cow…), rice and banana.

bandeja paisa gastronomy colombia @panaderialatinagBroche
bandeja paisa gastronomy colombia @panaderialatinag


In all of Bogotá it is easy to find people selling empanadas of all types that are quite rich most are made with rice, meat and vegetables.

empanadas colombia gastronomy @panaderialatinagBroche
empanadas colombia gastronomy @panaderialatinag

Pastel de pollo

ball-shaped chicken fritters

pastel de pollo colombia @vinniebpresentsBroche
pastel de pollo colombia @vinniebpresents


This product is typically Colombian, but according to the region they do it in one way or another. The arepas are like a paste of corn flour cooked to the frying pan that they serve as accompaniment of the plates (it would be like our bread). You can find it also made with cheese and of different sizes.

arepa con huevo colombia gastronomy @panaderialatinagBroche
arepa con huevo colombia gastronomy @panaderialatinag

Chocolate cup with cheese

In Bogota it is typical to eat chocolate cup but it is much clearer than what is eaten in Europe and it is usually made with water and not milk.

But it is important to know that within the cup it is usual to put cheese, if you want it without cheese it is always better to warn.

Chocolate con queso @unacolombianaencaliforniaBroche
Chocolate con queso @unacolombianaencalifornia


Colombia is a country with a great variety of fruits so it has become very typical to drink juices both on the street and in bars and during meals. 

You can find delicious juices made with water or milk as well as fruit salads with ice cream. 

In Bogota you will see that in the fruit salads they mix them cream of milk and cheese, if the traveler likes this mixture they have to warn the waiters that they want it without cheese or milk.


  • Chincha : sweet guava flaky pastry
  • Banana vegetable : fried banana, sweet or salted
  • Salpicon : fruit salad

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