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At the mouth of the Yumurí River, in the Yumurí Canyon, the small community of Boca de Yumurí is located about 30 kilometers southeast of Baracoa.

To get there, you can take a cab from the center of town: 25 CUC for the round trip (the cab will wait for you to take you back to Baracoa).

boca de yumuri canyon @dom gabanaBroche
boca de yumuri canyon @dom gabana

When you arrive at Boca de Yumurí, you will have to pay an admission fee to the visitors’ center: from 2 to 13 CUC depending on the option you choose: boat tour, short or long hike… A guide will accompany you during your visit to Boca de Yumurí.

Things to do in Boca de Yumurí

In addition to the magnificent view from the mirador of Boca de Yumurí, it is also the incredible diversity of flora and fauna that tourists come to admire.

You will find plants, some of which are medicinal, birds and butterflies in profusion.

The Yumurí Canyon is also famous for its polimitas, an endemic species of snails.

polimitas yumuri @maxploringBroche
polimitas yumuri @maxploring

Beware, some street vendors may offer to buy them, but polimitas are an endangered species: to protect them, you must resist the temptation!

boca de yumuri canyon @manuela rr dreamerBroche
boca de yumuri canyon @manuela_rr_dreamer

On site, you can take a boat ride, cool off in the crystal clear waters of the Yumurí River and follow the various hiking trails to discover the canyon.

boca de yumuri canyon @meynegBroche
boca de yumuri canyon @meyneg

Remember to bring your mask and snorkel because you can even snorkel to discover rock fish and crayfish.

On your way to Boca de Yumurí, don’t miss a stop at the Túnel de los Alemanes, a natural tunnel made of trees.

tunel de los alemanes @pamela pchanBroche
tunel de los alemanes @pamela pchan

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