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Travel Agencies in Viñales

Cubanacan Travel Agency
  • City of Pinar del Río, Ciprián Valdés N.7 e/Máximo Gómez y Martí, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 75 0178/ 77 3015
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Transfer of clients throughout the country, sale of all national hotels, sale of telephone cards, rental of private houses, sale of excursions to the country’s beaches and other tourist destinations such as Soroa, Las Terrazas and Viñales.

  • Plaza Viñales Tel: (53) 48 79 6393
  • Hotel Los Jazmines Tel: (53) 48 79 6360
  • Hotel La Ermita Tel: (53) 48 79 6452
  • Hotel Rancho San Vicente Tel: (53) 48 796451
Travel Agency Havanatour

Pinar del Río City, Ormani Arenado Street No.

  • 2 between Martí and Máximo Gómez.
  • Tel: (53) 48 77 8494 Email: [email protected], [email protected] Viñales Calle Salvador Cisneros , Viñales, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 79 6262 Email: [email protected]
  • Sale of accommodation in hotels and private homes throughout the country, excursions, transfers, customized programs, and sale of national and international air tickets.
Ecotour travel agency
  • Ecotur ,Nature Tourism Road to Viñales Km.25 Casa del Veguero, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 79 6120
  • Email: [email protected]

Agency specialized in nature tourism.

Programs of 6 and 7 nights riding in a natural environment.

Cubatour Travel Agency
  • 51 Martí Street, corner of Rosario, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 77 8405
  • Email: cubatu[email protected]

Sale of hotels, tourist programs and excursions throughout Cuba.

Paradiso Travel Agency
  • Paradiso, Cultural Tourism Promoter Pinar del Río City
  • 28 Martí Street between Gerardo Medina and Isabel Rubio, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 79 6258/ 72 8660
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Salvador Cisneros Street No. 65, Viñales, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 79 62583

Excursions and Tours in Viñales

Walk in the heart of the valley

Enjoy the local flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes and get to know the way of life of the peasant in the Viñales Valley.

The tour also includes a visit to the plantations of the season, and you can see the cork palm, an endemic species of this province considered a living fossil of geological times.

  • Départ : 9:00 am and 2:30 pm.
  • Durée : from 3:30 to 4 hours Distance: from 6 to 8 km
  • Maximum load capacity: 12 persons.
  • Level of difficulty: Medium

Walk from the viewpoint to the valley

You leave from the viewpoint of the hotel Los Jazmines descending through the pine forests (typical vegetation of the area) and crossing the Viñales Valley until you reach a traditional country house.

  • Includes: Specialized guide Frequency: every day
  • Departure time: 9:00 am and 3:00 pm
  • Distance to be covered: 1.5 km Maximum
  • load capacity: 20 people.
  • Low complexity

Coconut-Palmarito Only Trail

In this interesting tour you will have the chance to learn about the attributes and values that give Viñales Valley the worldwide recognition of Cultural Landscape of Humanity.

Its socio-cultural environment, local traditions, the fauna and vegetation of the area, will also make you spend an unforgettable moment, accompanied by the delicious seasonal fruits and the good Creole coffee.

  • Distance: 8 Km
  • Route: 3 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: Low Maximum
  • Load capacity: 20 people.
  • Needs: Light clothing and comfortable shoes

Path from paradise to silence

Three very interesting places of private owners in sites that are an example of rational use of their farms are visited.

One is related to traditional crops, another to tobacco and another to the propagation of agro-ecological techniques and the rational use of crops in a small area.

All of this in a welcoming environment, where brown and gray colors prevail

(ploughed and worked land) and the green (developing crops and trees that limit property), between small water ponds.

The songs of birds and butterflies accompany the visitors.

  • Extension: 6.5 Km Duration: 3 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: Low
  • Needs: Light clothing, sturdy shoes.

Path between valleys and mountains

This walk allows you to get to know the different structures that make up Viñales.

We visit limestone type mountain landscapes, metamorphic type and small valleys.

You can see the different economic activities of the local population and other aspects of interest, in addition to visiting viewpoints to observe beautiful visuals.

  • Extension: 12Km
  • Durée : 5-6 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: Low-Medium Needs Light clothing, sturdy shoes
  • Maximum load capacity: 20 persons

Path from hell to paradise

Very interesting tour where you can observe beautiful visuals of the landscape.

The views change in tones and angles according to the height, paradise for the singular

of the landscape, the native vegetation and fauna, you can see on one side the impressive walls of the mogotes and on the other the pine and oak forests.

At the end you can see rare views of the Valleys of Viñales and Palmarito.

  • Extension: 7 Km
  • Durée : 6 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: High needs: Light clothing, sturdy shoes

Tour of rural traditions

A tour that includes visits to farmers and to the República de Chile cooperative.

Along the way, not only do we exchange

experiences with the farmers and their families, but also visit the different farms in those places and the high slate hills between the farms, taking breaks in the excellent viewpoints of the area.

It is common to see butterflies, as well as birds during the tour.

  • Extension: 8.5 km
  • Durée : 7 heures
  • Degree of difficulty: Low-Medium Needs Light clothing, sturdy shoes

Wonders of Viñales

(Bird watching)

Interesting route that crosses a unique area of karst in

ruins, where various geological phenomena typical of this type of relief are evident.

You can observe the wonders of a forest with its spectacular living fossil, the microcycas calocoma (cork palm), as well as other endemic species of the local flora and fauna where charismatic species such as the macromiscasp, brightly colored ant, the zachrysia guanensis, the largest land mollusk in Cuba, as well as beautifully colored bird species such as the national bird (tocororo) and the cartacuba stand out.

  • Extension: 5 km (3 miles).
  • Durée : 3 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: low
  • Needs: Light clothing and comfortable shoes

Birding areas at Finca San Vicente

This trail is located in the surroundings of the San Vicente Farm, with a length of approximately 1800 meters and a medium/low degree of difficulty where the main attractions are: ornithological, floristic and landscape diversity and high levels of endemism, including local ones.

There are 5 stops along the trail, its area of influence is from 3 to 5 meters.

Among the ornithological potentials of this area is the existence of 7 endemic bird species and 9 endemic subspecies.

The excursion includes a specialized guide.

  • Heures d'ouverture : Early morning and from 3:00 pm.
  • Duration of the tour: 2 hours.
  • Length of trail: 1.8 km.
  • Maximum load capacity: 12 PAX.
  • Complexity: medium-low
  • Km 33 1/2 road to Puerto Esperanza, Viñales.
  • Tel: (53) 48 796110

Peasant guateque on San Vicente farm

In a typical local environment, guests will enjoy a country club where traditional dances are included, as well as tonadas montunas and other rhythms.

It also has an exquisite Creole food.

Back to the Jurassic

You can get there by walking to the community of San Juan de Sagua, crossing a local road with a distance of 200 meters to the entrance of the trail, in this journey you can see the buildings of the peasant houses, the coffee pylon, the stone mill and a view of the Pan de Guajaibón, then cross the San Marcos River and inside a semi-deciduous forest, The river is bordered, until arriving at the point where the cork palms (microcycas calocoma) are found, being able to observe them very well conserved as well as a great group of species of mollusks, endemic plants of the province, a great diversity of species of birds and numerous species of interesting orchids.

You can also see the remains of melted stone pellets from the stage of emergence of this place, embedded in the limestone of the oldest geological formation in the country “San Cayetano”.

  • Length: 1800 meters
  • Durée : 1 h
  • Degree of difficulty: medium

The bird’s paradise

It starts at Hacienda Cortina.

From a natural viewpoint you can see part of the southern plains of the province and the mountainous Sierra de la Güira.

This is a place par excellence for birdwatching, with more than 50 species, among which the cartacuba (todus multicolor), the tocororo (priotelus tennurus), the tomeguín de la tierra (tiaris olivacea) and the pinewood (tiaris canora), the aparecido de San Diego (cyanerpes cyaneus) and the nightingale (myadestes elisabeth) stand out.

More than 25 species of mollusks can be seen, among them the sacricia guanensis.

You also have the opportunity to visit the Cave of

the Portals.

Length:10 Km

Duration: 4 hours

Degree of difficulty: Medium Canopy

Seven km away from the town of Viñales on the road to Moncada, in the place known as Loma del Fortín, there is a new adventure product within a natural environment of fascinating landscape values.

Starting from a first platform and going through about 1100 meters of route divided into four stages, you will be able to enjoy an unparalleled experience.

9:00 am/6:00 pm.

Every day

Horse riding

Horseback riding on mountain trails to enjoy nature and appreciate the traditions of the farmer.

You will cross almost the entire Viñales valley and contemplate the mogotes,

as well as the process of cultivation, harvesting, drying and processing of tobacco.

9:00 am.-6:00 pm.

Every day

Horseback riding wonders of the West

The visitor can enjoy a warm welcome to the La Guabina farm where he will stay for 6 nights for an unforgettable horseback riding program consisting of horseback riding to Cerro de Cabras, with picnic included; horseback riding to the Hole of Guamá with enjoyment of swimming in the river, transfer to the community El Moncada that has high speleological values, like the Great Cavern of Santo Tomás, National Natural Monument, horseback riding to the valley of Isabel María one of the most outstanding exponents of the karst valleys and the horseback riding to the shepherding and Guamá dam, zone of high landscape values, where you can also appreciate everything related to the extensive breeding of big and small cattle in the agricultural farm “Rancho la Guabina”.

Requirement: Suitable clothing and footwear for horseback riding.

Difficulty level: light

You can see: mountain landscapes, typical vegetation, birds, rivers and caves.

Motorcycle adventures

The tour starts from the rental point located in the restaurant Casa Don Tomás, crosses the village of Viñales towards Valle del Silencio with a stop at a viewpoint near the farm El Paraíso.

From there you continue

the route to the natural viewpoint from where you can see the Valley of Silence.

We visit the Capon where we can see the country meadows.

Also included is a visit to the area of Las Maravillas where the landscape of the place can be seen.

This service includes motorcycle and specialized guide.

Departure time: 9:00am

Bus tour

The Tourist Bus allows you to visit all the centres of interest in Viñales in one day.

The tour starts in the village and includes the

visit the Prehistoric Mural, despalillo Viñales, Palenque de los Cimarrones, Cueva del Indio, the hotels La Ermita, Los Jazmines, and Rancho San Vicente.

The bus returns to the same stop every 1 hour and the price does not include entrance fees to the sites.

9:00 am./6:00 pm.

Every day

Bike tour

A visit to Viñales is not complete without a bike tour through its valleys.

This tour will show you those

places that will leave you breathless in a tour in full contact with nature, living the incomparable experience of enjoying a unique landscape, where all your senses interact.

Attractions: Intramontane valleys, rural communities, mogotes, community history, water reservoirs, various crops, typical flora and fauna of the place, bird watching.

Includes: Bicycle, guide service, entrance to the visited sites, bottle of water at the beginning of the excursion, box lunch with a liquid at the end of the tour.

Duration: 4 hours.

Departure time: 09:00 hrs.

Distance of the route: 16 km.

Bike tour + canopy

Complete your visit to Viñales with a bicycle tour through its valleys: places that will leave you breathless, in a tour in full contact with nature, in a unique landscape and to finish the unparalleled experience of adventure in the canopy tour in Viñales, located in the place known as “Loma del Fortín” only 5 km from the town of Viñales.

It is an adventure tourism excursion that invites you to fly through the forest with harnesses and pulleys sliding from one platform to another, being able to contemplate amazing landscapes that would be impossible to appreciate from the plain.

In a circuit of 1100 meters long divided into 4 stages.

The activity does not require any skill or previous experience.

The attentive and constant supervision of the instructors added to the

Approved equipment that is used, make this a 100% safe and fun excursion at the same time.

Attractions: Intramontane valleys, rural communities, mogotes, community history, water reservoirs, various crops, typical flora and fauna of the place, bird watching.

Includes: bicycle, guide service, entrance to the sites that are visited, bottle of water at the beginning of the tour, canopy tour, box lunch with a liquid at the end of the tour.

Duration: 4 hours.

Departure time: 09:00 hrs.

Distance of the tour: 16 km

Vineyard Tour

We visit the most attractive places in Viñales starting with the Mirador de los Jazmines where you can see one of the most wonderful views of the Viñales Valley, we visit the Prehistoric Mural, a peasant house in a tobacco plantation, the despalillo de tabaco, a panoramic tour of the town of Viñales, the Palenque de los Cimarrones, the Cueva del Indio for a boat ride on its underground river.

Lunch is also included in a country estate.

9:00 am.-12:00 m Every day

Pine forest + Viñales

The Pinar-Viñales excursion includes a visit to the Tobacco Factory and the Pine Tree Guayabita Factory, a trip to Viñales with a stop at the Mirador de los Jazmines (Jasmine’s Viewpoint) from where the most impressive panoramic view of the valley and its mogotes can be observed.

We will also visit the Prehistoric Mural,

a country house, the Palenque de los Cimarrones and the Cueva del Indio, where a boat ride on its underground river takes place.

The excursion ends with a local lunch in the area.

9:00 am-12:00 m.

Every day

Country and city tour

This excursion leaves from the hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle with bilingual guide service.

We visit the Tobacco Factory, the historical centre of the city, and walk along Martí Street, stopping at the various murals and centres of cultural interest.

It includes the guided visit to the Guayabita del Pinar Liquor Factory, where the liquor is tasted.

Visit to the La Guabina farm, with time to enjoy the options of agritourism, horseback riding or driving.

Lunch is included with a drink at Finca La Guabina.

Finally we return to the Hotel

9:00 am.-12:00 m Every day

Jeep safari along the Guerrilla route

The tour includes pick up from the hotel, jeep and bilingual guide service.

The tour crosses the Sierra del Rosario, a biosphere reserve, where there are several stops for photos.

In the direction of the Mil Cumbres region, a brief stop is made in the town of San Diego de los Baños where the San Diego medicinal mineral water spa is located.

We visit La Cueva de los Portales, where Che’s Command was based during the October crisis.

We arrive at the protected area of Mil Cumbres where we reserve some time for bathing in a natural waterfall.

The optional also

includes lunch with a liquid included in a country restaurant and transportation back to the hotel.

Las Perlas Cave

Cavern located near the town of La Bajada in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula It is characterized by its wide interior galleries illuminated by natural light, great diversity of stone structures and evidence of the life of the natives.

The interior of the cave presents a wide biological diversity with interesting species of reptiles and amphibians.

It has a high degree of conservation.

Its current use is as a natural attraction included in an eco-tourist trail.

From the forest to the sea

Tour to interact with great biological diversity.

Of the flora, 716 species are recognized and within the fauna, 16 species of amphibians, 35 of reptiles, 192 of birds, 18 of mammals and 86 of diurnal butterflies, to mention some of the most relevant groups.

It is the model locality for 67 species of marine mollusks, of which 27 are considered endemic exclusively to Guanahacabibes as a biosphere reserve.

All the aquatic and marine birds are found in the mangroves, interior lagoons and on the sea.

All these areas are very healthy, which makes the Peninsula an excellent area for knowledge and enjoyment.

Excursion to Cabo San Antonio

Guanahacabibes is located in the most western point of the Cuban territory.

This excursion surrounded by legends opens the doors to visitors interested in interacting with such a surprising geography: geology, landscapes, flora, fauna and socio-cultural elements.

Among its main resources are the sea beds, its remote beaches and the largest forest reserve in the country.

Excursion to La Güira Park and San Diego de los Baños

Old recreational farm; today park that offers services such as: 9 air-conditioned rooms, with hot and cold water, minibar and TV; 2 restaurants of Creole cuisine, 3 cafeterias, night bar, grill, 2 reserved with special dish (ram meat), games room, recreational options with specialized guide service; 2 swimming pools, games room, boats for boat trips.

Tel: (53) 48 75 04 86/ 75 7497 Email: [email protected]

Every day from 9:00am to 9:00pm

Tobacco Route

The process of cultivating tobacco until its final completion is part of one of the most genuine Pinar del Rio traditions, which has been maintained from generation to generation and which is admired by Cuban cigar lovers all over the world.

The visitor can discover this world of aromas and

sensations through this excursion (in air-conditioned vehicle and with service

bilingual guide) that begins with a visit to the vegas of well-known producers in Vueltabajo where, depending on the season, you can see the covered or sunny tobacco plantations.

The excursion also includes a visit to a destalillo, and selected tobacco in which the leaf is subjected to different processes of fermentation, and selection, among others, to culminate in the Tobacco Factory, with the elaboration of the cigar in the hands of experts.

The excursion also includes a visit to the Tobacco House and a country lunch with a liquid included.

Schedule: 9:00 am (pick up at the Hotel or collection points).

-3:00 pm Frequency: Monday to Friday.

Follow the history of the best cultural tradition.

The Tobacco Route offers you a world of sensations and aromas that will guide your steps through the cradle of the best Habanos.

-Vega agroturismo Hoyo de Mena, located in Crucero de Morejón, San Juan y Martínez, Pinar del Río, Tel: (53) 48798116

Quemado del Rubí agro-tourist farm, located in Carretera de Obeso, San Juan y Martínez, Pinar del Río

Beach Excursions

Cayo Levisa

Surrounded by palm trees, with transparent waters, excellent coral barriers and more than 3Km.

of beach to enjoy, Cayo Levisa proposes unforgettable moments.

The excursion includes a bilingual guide service, transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle and transfer by boat, as well as a welcome cocktail, snack or lunch.

Départ :

-7:30 a.m. from Pinar del Río

-8:30 a.m. from Viñales (1 hour by bus, 1/2 hour by boat)

Return:5:00 p.m. from Cayo Levisa

Every day

Other services: enjoy in both cays (not included in the excursion): visit to nearby cays, snorkeling and diving practice, water bike and kayak rental and other nautical equipment.

Facilities: Accommodation in Villa Cayo Levisa, North Coast of Pinar del Río, Los Colorados Archipelago, Palma Rubia, La Palma, Pinar del Río.

Tel: (53) 48 75 6501 Email: [email protected]

Maria La Gorda

Maria la Gorda beach is located in one of the most beautiful places in the region and is part of the Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve.

The excursion includes bilingual guide service, transportation to and from the beach in an air-conditioned vehicle, plus a snack or lunch.

Départ :

-7:00 a.m.

(3 hours by bus) from Viñales

-7:30 a.m.

from Pinar del Río Retorno

5:00 p.m.

from María la Gorda Other optionals: Fishing, snorkeling and contemplative diving

Facilities: Accommodation in Villa Gaviota María La Gorda, La Bajada, Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, Sandino, Pinar del Río.

Tel: (53) 48 77 8131 / 77 3067 Fax: (53) 48 77 8077

Email: [email protected]

Cayo Jutías

Key connected to the Island by road, located 96 kilometers from the city of Pinar del Río in the municipality of Minas de Matahambre and 66 kilometers from Viñales; it has

a lighthouse that is part of its main attractions and is the ideal place to enjoy a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

The excursion to Cayo Jutías includes a bilingual guide service, transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle and lunch.

  • Departure: 8:00 a.m. from Pinar del Río / or 9:00 a.m. from Viñales (1 hour drive)
  • Return: 4:00 p.m. from Cayo Jutías
  • Frequency: Every day

Optionals in Cayo Jutías

-Excursion with snorkeling session, specialized guide and lunch in Cayo Jutías, a paradise of amazing beaches and amazing coral reefs.

It equals to live an adventure with marine crossing of incomparable beauty.

-Full day at Cayo Mégano, located 4 nautical miles from Cayo Jutías, with exclusive privacy.

-High altitude fishing in Cayo Jutías: Possibilities to enjoy different styles of deep-sea fishing, using up to 3 fishing lines, with capture of different species of fish such as bonito, albacore, dorado and other pelagics.

-Fishing in Cayo Jutías:

Fishing in headlands and on the edge of the island platform.

Includes: fishing boat, three national liquids per client, fishing instruction, hand fishing tackle, natural bait and specialized skipper-guide.

Matahambre Mines, Santa Lucía, Pinar del Río.

Tel: (53) 48 64 8317

-One day in Paradise: Pick up from hotel at 09:00am with private tour guide.

A 60 km journey through the Sierra de los Órganos to Cayo Jutías where we will be welcomed with a cocktail.

Exclusive pleasure trip of 30 minutes by boat contemplating the marine environment and arrival to Cayo Mégano where you will enjoy during 6 hours the exclusivity of a virgin key with unique beaches, coral barrier, endemic flora and fauna.

– Sailor’s lunch that includes a bottle of wine.

– Snorkeling equipment during the whole time of the excursion.

– During the stay on the cay, a bottle of water from 11⁄2 is included. L. 2 liquids to choose from (beer, soda or juice) per person.

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