Beaches in Cuba are among the best in the Caribbean

When To Visit Cuba: Cuba’s beaches are at their best from late november  to april when there’s great weather but the sea water is warmer for swimming from may to october. 

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Playa Paraíso

Southwest of Cayo Largo del Sur, this stretch of sand as fine as talcum powder and hemmed by transparent turquoise waters is a small paradise.

playa paraiso cayo largo cubaBroche
Playa Paraiso Cayo Largo cuba – Photo Amenic

Playa Las Tumbas

At the south-western tip of the island, at the very end of the Guanahacabibes peninsula, Las Tumbas beach is well deserved… But its 5 km of white sand backed by an impenetrable forest are simply magical.

playa las tumbas pinar del rio @havanaturargentinaBroche
playa las tumbas pinar del rio @havanaturargentina

Cayo Jutías

Looking for cabins under the coconut trees and an authentic Cuban atmosphere?

Cayo Jutias will seduce you with its family beach nestled at the end of a road that seems to float on the sea, after crossing the island almost entirely covered with mangroves. Here, no big hotels, but huts under the palm trees, where to sip a drink. Not forgetting a diving club.

cayo jutias cubaBroche
cayo jutias cuba thespecials_travelers

Playa Sirena

Sheltered from the wind, this beach west of Cayo Largo del Sur offers immaculate white sand, the shade of gently sloping palm trees and a small nautical center.

playa sirena cayo largo cubaBroche
playa sirena cayo largo cuba – Photo @roubm

Cayo Santa María

The crossing of the causeway between Caibarién and Cayo Santa María is already an adventure! With its seaside resorts, the cayo looks like Varadero, but its beaches are splendid.

cayo santa maria @cubandandoBroche
cayo santa maria @cubandando

Playa Pilar

At the north-western tip of Cayo Guillermo, sheltered by a wild dune, this long sandy beach offers a heavenly setting to relax, far from the tourist complexes.

playa pilar cayo largo cuba @daiquiritoursBroche
Playa pilar Cayo Largo Cuba – Photo @daiquiritours

Guardalavaca – Holguin

On the northeast coast of the island, this beautiful white sand beach borders the country’s second largest seaside resort after Varadero. Its shallow waters are protected by a beautiful coral reef.

On the programme: swimming with dolphins, discovery of the Bahia de Naranjo aquarium, boat trips on the coral reef and exploration of the underwater caves of Gibara for experienced divers.

guardalavaca – Photo @leemike

Playa Bibijagua

Nestled in the northeast of Isla de la Juventud, it is the only black sand beach in Cuba. It has kept a wild aspect with its luxuriant vegetation along its beautiful curves.

playa bibijagua cuba @mylifeonthebeach rdBroche
playa bibijagua cuba @mylifeonthebeach_rd

Playa Ancón

It is undoubtedly the most beautiful cove of fine sand of the south-eastern coast of Cuba. Bathed by the Caribbean Sea, this beach is protected by a coral reef very appreciated by divers.

playa ancon cubaBroche
playa ancon cuba Photo @hannahrheaume

Playas del Este

Cojímar, Tarará, Santa María del Mar… The eastern beaches may not be the wildest on the island, but they are ideal for relaxing from the hectic pace of the nearby capital and getting to know the Havanese.

playas del este jibacoa @lauriane loukiaBroche
playas del este jibacoa – Photo @lauriane_loukia

Varadero Beach

With its 20km uninterrupted ribbon of sand and crystal clear waters, Varadero beach is the largest and most famous beach in Cuba. Located 2h30 away from Havana, Varadero is one of the most popular resorts in the Caribbean, with many hotels, discos, bars, restaurants and water sports clubs. Lovers of lively holidays and nightlife, this is where you will find your happiness!

varadero cuba @todocubaBroche
varadero cuba @todocuba

Play Pilar, Cayo Guillermo

If you are looking for a virgin beach to walk quietly, direction Cayo Guillermo.

On a northern tip of the island lies Playa Pilar, one of the paradisiacal beaches of Cuba. Leaning against a wild dune, it is famous for having the best sand in the whole country. Its whiteness is dazzling!

cayo guillermo cuba
cayo guillermo cuba

Playa Flamingo – Cayo Coco

Located in the north of Cuba, the peninsula of Cayo Coco is bordered by a spectacular coral reef.

Considered as the second most important reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, it is a popular place for divers.

For sunbathing away from the resorts, choose Playa Flamingo. You’re sure to see flamingos splashing around in its shallow waters.

cayo coco cuba @cayo coco cubaBroche
cayo coco cuba @cayo_coco_cuba

Playa Periquillo – Cayo Santa Maria

Classified as a UNESCO reserve, the preserved island of Cayo Santa Maria is linked to Cuba by a causeway of almost 50km.

After feeling like you’re driving on the sea, head towards Playa Periquillo, in the south of the island.

Its waters conceal an abundant marine fauna and a wreck accessible for snorkeling.

cayo santa maria @ lasenioritaaBroche
cayo santa maria Photo @lasenioritaa

Cayo Largo del Sur

In the south of Cuba, Cayo Largo del Sur can be reached by plane or boat from Havana.

Spared by mass tourism, this island includes several dream beaches such as Playa Paraiso and Playa Si-rena.

Protected from the waves and wind, these quiet beaches combine immaculate sand, palm trees and transparent waters.

cayo largo @travel low costBroche
cayo largo @travel_low_cost

Playa Maguana – Baracoa

Mainly frequented by Cubans, the tropical Playa Maguana stretches some 20 kilo-meters from the city of Baracoa.

Here you can enjoy octopus with coconut or fresh lobsters in the shade of a straw hut.

playa maguana baracoa cuba @villabaracoagaviotaBroche
playa maguana baracoa cuba @villabaracoagaviota

Playa los Pinos – Cayo Sabinal

Probably one of Cuba’s best-kept secrets, Playa Los Pinos is distinguished by its difficult access.

It is not served by public transportation, but you can get there by boat from Playa Santa Lucia. Often deserted, it is synonymous with absolute relaxation.

cayo sabinal camaguey cuba @havanaturargentinaBroche
cayo sabinal camaguey cuba – Photo @havanaturargentina

Best time to enjoy the beaches in Cuba ?

If you’re wondering when to go to Cuba to enjoy the beach, you should know that the period from December to early April is the best time. The island’s climate is pleasant and you won’t suffer too much from the heat.
The water temperature remains stable at all times of the year, so preferably go there during off-peak periods when there are far fewer tourists.

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