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La Casona

Beautiful colonial house located in the heart of Baracoa.

Two impeccable rooms on the second floor and a breathtaking terrace where you can enjoy a cocktail or two…

  • Tel : 21 64 21 33
  • Address: Félix Ruenes No 1 Altos
  • Price : 20 – 25 Cuc

Casa Yamicel

This colonial house offers four pleasant rooms with beautiful wooden window bars

The best rooms are on the top floor.

There is wonderful hospitality, good food and a rooftop terrace

  • Tel : 21 64 11 18
  • Courriel : [email protected]
  • Address: Martí No 145A, between Pelayo & Ciro Frias
  • Meals : 6 to 12 Cuc
  • Price : 25 Cuc

Casa Dorkis

Clean rooms with a charming decor.

There is a terrace with sea view

  • Tel : 21 64 34 51 | 52 38 53 16
  • Courriel : [email protected]
  • Address: Flor Crombet #58 Altos
  • Price : Cuc25

Casa Colonial Lucy

Nice colonial house with comfortable rooms

Pleasant roof terrace with a magnificent view of the city and the sea.

Lucy can organize excursions and knows what’s going on.

Good food available, local specialties.

  • Telephone: 21 64 35 48
  • Adresse : Calle Céspedes 29, between Rubert López and Maceo
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Prix : 20 Cuc

Hostal Nilson (Las Terrazas)

Nice house located in the historical center

Ideal for groups of friends or families, 3 large and spacious rooms

Above the restaurant, there is a roof terrace with a view of the sea.

Camping Around Baracoa

Camping el Yunque

Simple Cuban style campismo offering very simple cabins at the end of the road in Finca Duaba, 9 km from Baracoa.

This is where the El Yunque hike begins

  • Tel : 21 64 52 62
  • Adresse : Santa Rosa, Mabujabo.

Camping of Cajobabo beaches

The beaches of Cajobabo, Imia.

  • Tel: 21 880304

Camping Duaba

  • Address: Moa Road km 3, Reparto Luis Martín, Mabujabo, Baracoa

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