The Valle de los Ingenios extends over 225 km2 east of Trinidad.

It is in fact made up of three interconnected valleys: the San Luis, Santa Rosa and Meyer valleys.

The Valley of Los Ingenios was at the heart of the Cuban sugar industry in the 19th century.

More than fifty sugar factories employed up to 11,000 slaves.

This is where it got its name from: “ingenio” means “sugar refinery” in Spanish

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valle de los ingenios @neusi_m

What to see in Valle de los Ingenios

With the rapid decline of the sugar industry at the end of the 19th century, the infrastructure of Valle de los Ingenios was left to decay.

But these old plantations, sugar mills, haciendas and barracks have survived the test of time.

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valle de los ingenios @fechadoparaferias

They constitute today the best preserved vestiges of the Caribbean sugar industry.

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valle de los ingenios @viajarparaconectar

The Torre Manacas-Iznaga, 45 meters high, from where the industrialists made watch their slaves, and the Casa Guachinango, which shelters today a restaurant, are the two sites impossible to circumvent of the valley.

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valle de los ingenios @rblazquez

The Valley of the Ingenios: practical information

A tourist train offers a daily circuit of about 15 kilometers in the Valley of the Ingenios from Trinidad.

The train stops at Torre Manacas-Iznaga and at Casa Guachinango.

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valle de los ingenios @valentinesullivan

Count 10 CUC per person for a total of 5 to 6 hours of excursion.

Until recently, the train was an authentic steam train.

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valle de los ingenios @ricardojfalves

But due to recurrent breakdowns, it has unfortunately had to be replaced by a diesel model.

Its operation seems to remain somewhat uncertain.

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valle de los ingenios @gbknzl

Excursions by car from Trinidad are also possible.

Prices range from about 20 CUC per person without lunch to about 30 CUC including lunch.

Ask at the Cubatur agency in the city center to book the train or the excursions by car

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