If you don’t like the idea of taking public transportation, if you are not a fan of organized trips but prefer not to drive in Cuba yourself, then renting a car with driver is surely the solution for you! How to rent a car with driver in Cuba? What is the budget? We tell you everything

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Car rental with driver in Cuba: the solution for you?

In Cuba, the vast majority of tourists use public transportation (or collective cabs), rent a car or travel with an organizer. But if none of these options suits you, if you are fond of flexibility and autonomy, and if your budget is not too tight, then car rental with driver is surely the best solution for you to discover Cuba.

How to rent a car with driver in Cuba?

How to rent a car with driver in Cuba? If you have decided to rent a car with driver in Cuba, we highly recommend Novela Cuba, a French agency specialized in this destination.

Traveling to Cuba has its share of unforeseen events and Novela Cuba is a very reliable agency that will be able to support you if you should face any small inconvenience, both during the preparation of your trip and once you arrive in Cuba.

They are present in Cuba and know the destination perfectly, as well as the local actors with whom they collaborate closely.

The agency offers car rental with driver from most of the major cities and main tourist centers of the country: Havana of course, but also Varadero, Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba or Cayo Coco.

Car rental with driver in Cuba: what budget?

Car rental with driver in Cuba costs an average of 100CUC per day. This rate includes the car, gasoline and the services of the driver.

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