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Medellin Travel Guide: Essentials

  • Best things to do in Medellin Visit the Poblado, Comuna 13, Travel by Subway and Metro Cable, Viewpoints of the City, Plaza Botero, Jardin Botanico
  • La mejor época para visitar Medellín : All the Year, city of the eternal spring. August: Feria de las Flores
  • How to get around Medellin : Best way to move is by Metro. Cabs are quite cheap as well. A
  • How many days to dedicate to Medellin : 2 to 3 days is a minimum
  • What to eat in Medellin : Bandeja Paisa, Morcilla, Sancocho,Natilla, Frutas
  • Dónde alojarse en Medellín Poblado, Laureles, Envigado
  • Best Hotels in MedellinMasaya, Selina, Hotel Du Parc 
  • Medellin Nightlife : Poblado is the best area (Parque Lleras)
  • Where to have a drink in Medellin : Poblado has a lot of offer of all kinds
  • What to see around Medellin : Guatapé & Roca del Peñol, Santa fe de Antioquia, Jardin, Jerico, Rio Claro
  • What to pack for visiting Medellin : Warm clothes for the evening, umbrella or rain coat
  • Is Medellin Safe to Travel : Yes absolutely, but just be aware not to be an easy target. 

Travel to Medellin FAQ

Is Medellin safe?

Here is the point :

As long as you go to the areas indicated as touristic, you won’t have any problem. But use common sense, if you are not sure about an area you want to visit, ask at your accommodation first. 

Where is Medellin ?

Medellin Wiki

  • Medellín is the capital of the Antioquia Department 
  • Population : 2.5 million people (2017). 
  • Entire Metropolitan Region : 3.8 million people. 
  • Altitude : 1,495 meters above sea level. 
  • Average Temperature : 72°F (22°C) with little to no humidity gives Medellín its nickname ‘The City of Eternal Spring’. 

What to do in Medellin ?

San Lorenzo de Aburrá was the first indigenous pueblo in what would eventually turn into Medellín. It was erected in the modern day neighborhood of El Poblado in 1616. 

Here are the Las mejores cosas que hacer en Medellín Colombia : Free Tours, Comuna 13, get a Viewpoint , Plaza Botero and its sculptures, Parque Berrio, Palacio Nacional, Parque de las Luces, Las Alpujarras, stroll Avenida Carabobo, Subway & Cable Tour, Museo de Antioquia, Jardin Botanico , Museo el Castillo.Get to Some Viewpoints (Las Palmas, Nutibara, etc…)

What to see around Medellin ?

Medellín also has interesting escapes that can be done in the same day, although if you have time and want to stay overnight it is far better

Here some of the best places to go : Guatapé, Santa Fé de Antioquia, Jardin, Jerico, Concepcion

rio negro @jsebas.saldarriagaPin
rio negro @jsebas.saldarriaga

What it the best month to visit Medellin ?

As its nickname “the city of eternal spring” indicates, there are no bad dates to visit Medellín since due to its location in the Aburrá Valley, at an altitude of between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level.

It enjoys a pleasant spring climate with temperatures between 16º and 28º all year round, with an annual average of 22º.

At the level of rains, these are relatively abundant throughout the year.

So the best time to Visit Medellin is the driest season, with less days of rain, which includes the months of December to March, ideal months also for other areas of Colombia as the Caribbean, the coffee axis, etc.

See Also : La mejor época para visitar Colombia

medellin colombiaPin
medellin colombia

Gastronomy  of Medellin

Here are the dishes that you absolutely need to taste if you travel to Medellin :

Los platos

  • La bandeja paisa (con judías, arroz, huevos fritos, chorizo, etc.)
  • Arepa (pastel de maíz)
  • Tamal (hecho con carne de cerdo a la parrilla, arroz y verduras).
  • Morcilla (it is a kind of blood sausage with rice)


  • La mantecada (pastel de vainilla)
  • postre de nata (pastel de crema de leche).


  • Café de Colombia
  • Ron Medellín
  • Aguardiente

La Bandeja Paisa

Es un plato súper pesado y rico.

Tiene una especie de salchicha, morcilla, chicharrones, un buen trozo de tocino.

Además, tiene arroz, frijoles, patacones (plátanos fritos), aguacate, hogao (tomate con cebolla).

¿Aún hay más? 

Sí, arepas antioqueñas y carne picada.

Si no eres muy comilón, te recomiendo que compartas tu bandeja paisa.

bandeja paisa @tipicocolombiaPin
bandeja paisa @tipicocolombia
arepa con quesoPin
arepa con queso @labarrarestaurantecali

How many days should I spend in Medellin ?

We understand that in a 2 week trip through Colombia you can’t dedicate all the time you deserve to Medellin but you can save at least 2 full days for the city and count on investing at least one more day in one of its surrounding towns.

medellin by nightPin
Medellin by Night @jsebas.saldarriaga

Where to take a Drink ?

El Poblado neighbourhood is THE trendy district of the city, one of the most touristic too. This is where the city’s main hotels are located.

So, of course, if you are looking for authenticity and locality, this is probably not the best place but it is still a very pleasant and green area with many bars and restaurants.

Ideally, you should stroll through its streets and drop in wherever you feel like it because of the atmosphere or the music.

What to Pack for Medellin ?

Tennis, light clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrella, but be also prepared for colder temperature if you go in the to the main viewpoints

Where is the best area to Stay in Medellín ?

El best neighborhood to stay in Medellin es El Poblado : It is a totally safe place, even to go out at night, with a lot of offer of restaurants & bars of all kinds, but very expat.

If you are looking for something more local, another option would be to stay in Laureles and finally an area that is gaining more visibility with several accommodations is Envigado

comuna medellin @helenaporelmundoPin
comuna medellin @helenaporelmundo

Practical Adresses for Visiting Medellin

Medellin is a city with absolutely all the necessary services a traveller can ever need : banks, exchange offices, call shops, internet cafes, post office, big malls, photography & drone shops, motorcycle accessories, Decathlon.


Before departure it is strongly advised to consult your doctor and to subscribe to an insurance covering medical expenses and medical repatriation.

For any emergency dial 123.

The hospitals of the city:

Clinica Las Americas

  • Diagonal 75 B-2 A-80
  • Medellin, Colombia
  • + 57 4 342 1010.

Clinica Medellin

  • Sede el Poblado
  • Carrera 7 N.39-290
  • Medellin, Colombia
  • + 57 4 311 2800.


If you travel long term and need equipment for your trip: backpack, hiking shoes, camping, etc… There are 2 decathlons in the city, and you will find everything

Centro Comercial Monterrey

If you have any problem with your Mac, or Drone

What Souvenirs to bring back from Medellin

Don’t leave Medellin without bringing back some souvenirs of your stay such as 

  • Local Hats (Vuelteao)
  • Semi Precious Stones
  • Aguardiente
  • Painting
  • Ruana (Colombian poncho)
  • A Bottle of Aguardiente

The Best Areas to buy souvenirs in Medellin are :

  • Poblado Park
  • Lleras Park
  • City Center
  • Pueblito Paisa
  • Comuna 13

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