There are several ways to get to from Medellín to Guatapé, including a stop at the Piedra del Peñol if you are going to make that visit.

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Medellin to Guatapé by Bus

This is the most common way and the one chosen by most travelers.

When you want to get to Guatapé from Medellín, you must go to the Terminal del Norte.

Subway to Caribe station (« Estación Caribe ») which connects to Terminal Norte (2.550 Cop)

Go to ticket offices 9, 10 or 14, where you can buy tickets. We go with the Sotrasanvicente company.

  • Duración : 1h30min
  • Precio : $16.000 COP
  • Bus Schedules : between 5:30-6am and 8pm.

Consejo profesional
Please note that all buses go through the Piedra del Peñol before Guatapé, so if you want to make this visit earlier, you can get off directly at this point.

It is important that you warn the driver, although normally they warn you when you arrive at this place.

Pro Tip 2
Coming from Medellín, don’t get off the bus in the town of Peñol – ask the driver to let you off at ‘La Piedra,’ which is another 10 minutes down the road.

Take the road that curves up past the gas station (1km) to reach the parking lot at the base of the rock.

Taxi drivers and horse owners will try to convince you that it’s a long, exhausting climb but while it’s steep, it’s not far.

At the base there are tourist shacks selling knickknacks and numerous restaurants serving lunch (from COP$8000 to COP$15,000).

At the top of the rock, shops sell fruit juice, ice cream and salpicón (fruit salad in watermelon juice).

Guatapé to Peñol’s Rock

To reach La Piedra del Peñol, you can stop a little before Guatapé at “La Bomba”, the gas station where the road to the rock starts.

The climb takes 20 minutes (on foot or on horseback).

Motochivas (tuk-tuk) connect the village of Guatapé and the rock for about $10-12,000 (1 or 2 people), $5-6,000 between Guatapé and “La Bomba”.

Guatapé Colombia @Tristan QuevillyPin
Guatapé Colombia Photo Credit @Tristan Quevilly

Day Tours from Medellin to Guatapé

This is another of the most recommended options, especially if you only have one day and you want to know Guatapé and the Piedra del Peñol with a Spanish speaking guide.

Las ventajas son que te recogen y te devuelven a tu alojamiento estés donde estés, sin preocuparte de ir a la Terminal Sur, alquilar un coche o poner a prueba tus habilidades regateando con un taxista de confianza.

You have the following options:

  • Excursion to Guatapé + Boat trip
  • Excursion to Guatapé
Guatapé Colombia @santiago marquezPin
Guatapé Colombia Photo Credit @santiago___marquez

How to book a day tour ?

Dado que Guatapé y Piedra del Peñol es uno de los recorridos más comunes desde Medellín, no tendrás problemas para encontrar uno.

You can ask at your accommodation

Medellin to Guatapé : Renting a Car

Other alternatives to get to Guatapé from Medellín, is to rent a car and get there on your own.

Just be prepared for the traffic in Medellin.

Medellin to Guatapé by Taxi or Private Transfer

This is a good option if you travel with three other people.

A taxi from Medellin to Guatapé costs about 120.000 Cop and the trip takes about 1h30 hours.

Although it is more expensive than the bus, it allows you to go wherever you want without depending on the schedule.

If you decide to go by taxi, you will have to negotiate quite well.

Try to get it for less than 100 Usd, that is, 25 Usd per person if you are going with 4 people.

Medellin Airport to Guatapé

If you arrive at the Jose Maria Cordova Airport, you can take a bus or cab to the traffic circle where the buses to Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol pass.

Guatapé to Medellin

The last bus back to Medellín is at 6:30pm on weekdays and at 7:45pm on weekends and other peak periods.

If returning to Medellín from Guatapé on the weekend, be sure to buy your round-trip ticket immediately upon arrival as buses fill up fast.

The “Terminal de Bus” is on the waterfront

First of all, if you want to go to Guatapé, stopping first at the Peñon de Guatapé, also known as the Stone of the Rock, you have to know how to get there.

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Medellin Colombia – Photo Credit © Tristan Quevilly

How to Get from Peñol’s Rock to Guatapé ?

Fácil y sencillo.

Una vez terminada la visita, y bajando a la base de la Piedra del Peñón, verás las Moto Chivas (Tuk-tuk locales) esperando a los turistas para llevarlos al pueblo.

Precio : 10.000 – 12.000 Cop per Tuk-tuk

Pero si prefieres ir andando, puedes hacerlo. Se tarda una media hora, pero cuidado, hay un tramo en el que todo es carretera, pero se puede recorrer sin problemas.

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