What to Party in Medellín ?

Medellín is a vibrant city, very lively and with rhythm, where you will find a party almost every day.

Many travelers go almost exclusively for that! For example, some Americans come 5 days directly from New York to spend a weekend in Medellin.

There are several areas to find bars to go out:

The cool area is on calle 35 (Poblado) with many foreigners and locals with more spending power.

On Calle 70, near the stadium, there are many bars and pubs with locals and cheaper than in Poblado.
Near Lleras park there are many places to eat, bars, pubs, etc.

El Poblado neighbourhood is THE trendy district of the city, one of the most touristic too. This is where the city’s main hotels are located.

So, of course, if you are looking for authenticity and locality, this is probably not the best place but it is still a very pleasant and green area with many bars and restaurants.

Ideally, you should stroll through its streets and drop in wherever you feel like it because of the atmosphere or the music.

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