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Get to Cartagena By air

Rafael Núñez International Airport is located 15 minutes from the historic center of the city. It is a modern airport with international specifications to accommodate all types of aircraft.

The main national airlines and several international airlines land there, either directly or in connection, to destinations all over the world.

cartagena airport @karin j sPin
cartagena airport @karin_j_s


Frequent connections from/to Bogotá y Medellín and also to San Andrés with Avianca, Maracaibo with Lan, or Panama City with Copa Airlines. 

Shuttles and colectivos connect the airport to the centre. The rates are indicated at the exit of the airport.  A taxi to the centre costs $15,000.

cartagena airport @planningindcPin
cartagena airport @planningindc

Buses to Cartagena

Desde Bogotá , Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Medellín, Cali and the coffee region (Armenia, Manizales and Pereira), Cartagena is interconnected by the Troncal del Magdalena Medio and Troncal del Caribe highways that connect it to the north with Barranquilla, Santa Marta y Riohacha and reach Paraguachón, on the Venezuelan border.

Two roads can be used from Barranquilla to Cartagena: the road to La Cordialidad and the road to the sea.

The first is the oldest and most traditional and the one usually taken by interdepartmental buses; and the second, the most recent, runs parallel to the sea, ends in the north of the city near the airport, and is the one taken by the small authorized companies of collective service.

Bus Terminal

  • Adresse: Carretera de la Cordialidad – Diagonal 57
  • Phone +57 5 663 0454

Frequent connections to Bogotá (20-24 hours) and Medellín (13-17 hours). 

Count 2 hours for Barranquilla, 4.5 hours for Santa Marta and 6-7 hours for Riohacha. The terminal is 45 minutes from the centre, count 24,000 taxi fare. 

Buses (destination Centro or Parque del Centenario) do not enter the centre. 

Ask the driver to warn you where to get off (near the old city walls).

cartagena buses @busetascartagenaPin
cartagena buses @busetascartagena

Mini Vans Puerta a Puerta (Door to Door)

These Colectivos can take you approximately every hour from Cartagena to Barranquilla ($27,000), Santa Marta ($49,000), Taganga ($46,000) or Palomino ($75,000).

It is much more convenient and faster than the bus (due to the distance from the terminal). 

Ask your hotel or directly at Marsol


Get to Cartagena sailing

Cartagena has an important and very safe location within the Caribbean Sea basin, which, together with the number of scenic, historical, cultural, commercial and technical attractions, makes it an almost essential stopover for pleasure cruises sailing the Caribbean waters.

More than 200,000 passengers per season arrive at this Caribbean port, which has a modern terminal and facilities for tours of the city.

Recreational marinas

Cartagena de Indias has five recreational marinas. Sailors and yachtsmen have several safe marinas within the bay, with adequate facilities for their temporary stays, including the Fishing Club, Todomar, Marina Santacruz, El Club Nautico and Marina Manzanillo.

  • ✆ +57 5 660 7781
  • Cruise ship port, with duty free shops and cafe.

Cruise Lines

Cartagena de Indias is the only Colombian city that has a loading port for Royal Caribbean and Pullmantur cruise ships.

Visit o for more detailed information on these wonderful trips.

Get to Cartagena From Panama

Numerous sailing boats provide transfers between Cartagena and Panamá through the magnificent San Blas archipelago, the territory of the Gunas Indians. 

The trip last 5 days of travel in heavenly landscapes , including 3 days in the islands. 

It’s more expensive than flying, but it’s a unique experience!

panama sailing @ecoxtremePin
panama sailing @ecoxtreme

Blue Sailing

Pro Tip:
Find out about the reputation of the boat. Sailing conditions depend a lot on the season. From December to March the trade winds blow and the sea can be rough. During the rest of the year, there may be scattered thunderstorms and rain, but the wind is noticeably less strong. The low season runs from August to November, when rates are lower.

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