Bogota is both the financial and administrative capital of Colombia.

Industrial, modern and developed, it is nevertheless home to remarkable old districts, such as the Candelaria.

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Número de habitantes

The city of Bogotá has a population of approximately 7 743 955  (2018 estimate)

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia with an extension of 33Km from south to north and 16 from east to west

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Bogota Colombia @diegonzalez

Bogota is located in the department of Cundiamaraca located in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes this explains why it is the third highest capital in the world, as it is about 2,625 meters above sea level

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Bogotá Travel Guide – Photo © Tristan Quevilly

History of Bogota

Bogotá was officially founded in 1538, by the conqueror Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada.

At that time, the city was called Santa Fe de Bogota and was under the viceroyalty of Peru, attached to the Spanish crown.

It obtained its independence in 1819.

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Bogota colombia @diegonzalez

From 1948 to 1960, Colombia was the scene of a civil war, followed by a period of guerrilla war (armed conflict in Colombia).

Bogotá develops all the same during and especially after the civil war, enriching itself with new districts.

From 1995 onwards, it undergoes many changes with the construction of new infrastructures, the creation of bicycle paths, the new TransMilenio bus network, as well as the development of social programmes and new laws aimed at making the city friendly and pleasant.


Located in central Colombia, north of the Andes, Bogotá is built on a plateau at 2640 m above sea level.

It is crossed by several rivers joining the Rio Bogota, which gives rise to a magnificent 132 m waterfall (Salto del Tequendama).

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Bogotá Travel Guide – Photo ©TristanQuevilly

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