Bogota being a great capital allows the tourist to enjoy any kind of party with all kinds of music styles, as you can go listen to jazz in a quiet place to go in a local electronic music until dawn.

Apart from the places that we indicate here it is also important to know that one of the riches of the party in Bogota is to go out in private parties or in places that many times the same hostels can inform you about.

Now we are going to name some of the sectors that you cannot miss if you like the party:

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Nightlife in Zona T

It is located on Calle 82 with the Carrera 13.

They are two pedestrian streets that are shaped like a T and offer a lot of bars and cafes of high quality, the locals in this area mostly put lounge music, electronic and crossover.

Aura Bar

Av. 82 No. 12-29. You can listen to electronic music.

Bogotá Beer Company

Carrera 12 No. 83- 33.

Bar that produces its own handcrafted beers with an English style atmosphere.

They put a mix of classic and contemporary rock.

Salomé Pagana

Calle 82 con Carrera 14

This site is for lovers of Salsa and Son, as the owner is an expert in this genre and guarantees customers to dance the best of the best. On weekends it is easy to find live groups of considerable recognition in this place.

Salsa Camara

Carrera 14 No. 82- 45. It also offers live music on weekends and it is one of the most popular places for salseros in Bogota.

El Rincón de Rafael Ricardo

de Calle 85 No 14-55.

This is a good place to be able to dance good Vallenato, in fact the name of the place is that of an important singer of Vallenato.

It is also a place with a lot of partying to do until closing time.

Jhonny Cay Bar restaurant

carrera 13 No. 82- 17. It is an ideal place to listen to reggae, but also to find some of the best cocktails in Bogota at a good price. Some weekends you can listen to live music.

Parque de la 93

It is located on 93rd Street with Carrera 13 and its surroundings.

This site is the most typical place to go out to party in the city, since one can find different bars, pubs and places to have a drink and dance to music of any kind.

Anyway all this area is characterized by the terraces of these premises.

El Sitio

Carrera 11 No.93- 52.

It is a very good place to go out to party, as you can see live music from different artists.

Point G

Calle 94 No. 11- 46. In this pleasant place you can hear live music, as the local has its own orchestra.

Ramón Antigua

Calle 93ª No. 13b- 56.

In this place you can listen to music of all times so you can dance to any kind of audience.

The best day to go out dancing in this place is Thursday night.

Nightlife in Bogota Zona Rosa

Streets 79 to 85 between Carrera 11 and 15.

This is the rumba sector and the maximum nightlife fun as it is full of bars, pubs, party places with music of all styles: reagge, merengue, electronic, rock, hip-hop, tropi-pop…


85th Street No. 12-51. It is a three-story discotheque and in each one of them, you can listen to a different style of music: hip hop, electronic and tropipop.


Carrera 14 No. 82-50.

In this local in the afternoons they are accustomed to project movies, in the nights they put music of all the styles.


Carrera 12 No. 83- 23.

It is a beautiful and pleasant place with a big terrace to spend a good night.

Nightlife in Usaquen

In and around 119th Street with Carrera 6.

This area apart from being a beautiful place for its colonial style has bars and pubs where those who do not like to go out until the early morning can dance a while or listen to music while drinking a beer or a cubata.

Barba Rosa

Race 6 no. 117- 44. They play lounge music, jazz on Wednesdays and different DJ’s on weekends.


Carrera 5 No. 119- 55. It is a place for Karaoke and live concerts.

La Candelaria

It is the historical center of the city. A place full of bars and places to go dancing with a little more bohemian character. It is one of the best places to spend a night out in Bogota, also some bars you can find live music groups of any kind. Recommended places:

Quiebra Canto

located on Carrera 5 No. 17-76. One of the most popular places that are open from Monday to Saturday. The weekend is for salsa lovers, as they play the best salsa songs. During the week one can listen to other types of music like Rock in English and Reggae.

El Goce Pagano

very close to Quiebra Canto on Avenida Jiménez No. 00-06. At night all kinds of public attend to listen to Salsa and Reggae.
El Gato Gris

It is a bar restaurant located in the Chorro de Quevedo (Carrera Quinta calle 12ª).

It is a place for those who want to go to listen to live music with a little quiet.

The place is beautiful, of very good quality, but also a little expensive compared to other places.


Carrera Segunda No. 13ª- 40. It is a very well decorated place with elves and fairies where you can listen to Rock & Roll from the 60s, 70s and 80s.


53rd street with 27th race. A place full of bars to dance many types of music, yet there are some of the best places specialized in cossover, mariachis and vallenato.

Nightlife in Avenida Primer de Mayo

Primero de Mayo with Boyacá Avenue. A street full of bars to go out and have a good night.

Alternative Places for parties in Bogota

La Trampa Vallenata

Carrera 7 No. 47- 61. In this place they play live music and if you make sure you listen to good vallenato.

Congo Reggae

Carrera 7 con Calle 49- 57.

This place is open from Thursday to Saturday from eight in the afternoon until three in the morning.

It is a good place to dance reggae with a very good atmosphere.


Carrera 7 with Calle 55-o5 floor 1.

It is a good place for reggae lovers, but you will also hear other styles such as dance hall or roots reggae.

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