Here are the best tours from Trinidad Cuba:

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El Cubano Park

Located 5 km north of Trinidad, in the Sierra del Escambray, El Cubano Park are the closest waterfalls to Trinidad.

It is a nature reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The park is also rich in relics from the colonial period and slavery, including an ingenio, a sugar mill where slaves worked.

A 3.6 km hiking trail (Las Huellas de la Historia) leads to the Javira waterfall, where you can take a dip.

It takes around 2 hours round trip on foot to reach the waterfall.

On site, you will find a ranchón, a ranch-restaurant, where you can have lunch.

How to get there ?

The most courageous can walk there from Trinidad (6 km walk).

Otherwise, ask at the agencies in Trinidad or take a cab from downtown (30 CUC round trip).

  • Entrace Fee : 10 CUC
  • Transportation: 30 CUC the return taxi
el cubano national park @bettyautierPin
El Cubano national park @bettyautier

The Valley of Los Ingenios

In the 19th century, the Valley of Los Ingenios was the nerve center of the Cuban sugar industry.

With the decline of the sugar industry, the “ingenios”, the refineries of the valley, were abandoned.

These old sugar factories are today the best preserved in the Caribbean.

valle de los ingenios @gbknzlPin
Valle de los ingenios – @gbknzl

Parque Natural de Topes de Collantes

Perched at 700 meters above sea level in the Sierra del Escambray, the Topes de Collantes Natural Park is a paradise for nature lovers.

It is crisscrossed by several hiking trails that lead through lush landscapes before leading to waterfalls and natural swimming pools.

The most famous paths are Salto de Caburní and Vegas Grande.

These were for a long time the refuge of the revolutionaries, but above all, they have proved to be a refuge for many animal and plant species.

topes de collantes cuba @nicoleisaacsPin
Vegas Grande Waterfall @nicoleisaacs

Playa Ancon

Located 11 km from Trinidad, the Ancon Peninsula has beautiful white sand beaches that stretch for about 12 km.

Three large hotels line the beach, but the beaches are less crowded and quieter than in Varadero or Guardalavaca.

It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon swimming in the sea.

The beach is public but you will be asked to pay a few CUC to use the deckchairs and umbrellas available on the spot.

Count 6 CUC by cab to go to Playa Ancon from the center of Trinidad.

playa ancon cubaPin
playa ancon cuba @hannahrheaume

Park of Guanayara

The Park of Guanayara is located 35 Km from Trinidad and 15 Km from Topes de Collantes.

This park is still preserved from tourism. The hike is about 3km.

You will be able to swim in natural pools like the one of El Venano and in the El Rocio waterfall.

You also need a good physical condition because there are many descents, climbs and walks in the forest but the scenery is worth the detour.

To know:
The visit of this park is apparently done in groups, with a local guide specialized in eco-tourism. Early morning departure in a jeep or a truck. Stop at the watchtower to enjoy a panoramic view of the city, then you will visit the café house.

el rocio guayanara parkPin
El Rocio Waterfall Guayanara park @Didier.Cayrac

Salto del Caburni Waterfall

If you like to to explore the Cuban jungle this tour is for you

The outward journey is all downhill, on terrain that can be slippery at times. We therefore advise you to take good cramped shoes.

As you go deeper into the jungle, you may come across birds, lizards and perhaps a few small, colourful, non-poisonous snakes, which we do not advise you to tickle all the same.

After a good hour of walk, quite steep slopes and a few centilitres less sweat, you will arrive at the waterfall and discover a first pool

Continue on the path by the left, to arrive on the top of the site as close as possible to the waterfall which is not so impressive.

You will be able to have a picnic, alternate swimming and sunbathing times before heading back home which is far from being easy as the climb is continuous.

Plan ahead:

  • Sufficient water
  • Asnack, fruit or a picnic according to your wishes
  • Good walking shoes
  • Rafting/canyoning shoes if you have, rather handy for walking between rocks and in the water

7km of outward/return walking which only go down on the outward journey and only go up on the return journey, i.e.

1h15 of outward walking and about 1h30 on the return journey minimum.

Consejo profesional: Arrive early on the site because you will be really quiet.

Be aware that this waterfall requires a good physical condition because the heat but especially the slope of the paths leading to the waterfalls does not allow everyone to make this trek.

The return is more difficult because it climbs quite a bit but by taking the time and stopping, it is feasible.

Travel agencies / excursions in Trinidad

  • Cubatur : Antonio Maceo n°447
  • Infotur : Calle Gloria

Which one is the best tour ?

We chose to discover the immense park Topes de Collantes for its waterfalls and its proximity to Trinidad.
Farther from Trinidad, the natural park of El Nicho, which is part of the great complex of Topes de Collantes, is also worth a visit!

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