Halfway between Cienfuegos and Trinidad, El Nicho is one the best places to visit in Cuba ! In the heart of the sierra, Cuba shows here another face, more natural, more peaceful, a thousand miles away from the flashy beaches of Varadero or the agitated streets of Havana.
A real little corner of paradise!

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El Nicho in a few words

el nicho cienfuegos cuba @destinationchaserPin
el nicho cienfuegos cuba @destinationchaser

To find El Nicho, go to the heart of the Sierra del Escambray, where Che and his troops found refuge during the Cuban revolution.

The natural site of El Nicho is located in the northwest of the Natural Park Topes de Collantes, which extends to the gates of Trinidad.

In the heart of the lush vegetation, the crystal clear waters of the Hanabanilla River flow from the top of several waterfalls into beautiful natural pools.

el nicho cienfuegos cuba @daniielameloPin
el nicho cienfuegos cuba @daniielamelo
el nicho cienfuegos cuba @michaelwaterhousephotographyPin
el nicho cienfuegos cuba @michaelwaterhousephotography

How to get to El Nicho

El Nicho is located halfway between Cienfuegos and Trinidad.
If you plan to visit both cities, the best thing to do is to make a stop on the way.
The Cubanacan agency offers an excursion to El Nicho from Cienfuegos to Trinidad (44 CUC, including entrance to the park).

Otherwise, you can ask your casa particular to book a collective cab.

el nicho cienfuegos cuba @a.wanderingbookwormPin
el nicho cienfuegos cuba @a.wanderingbookworm

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To do in El Nicho

To get to El Nicho, you will take a winding road that winds through the Sierra del Escambray.
Keep your eyes open, the landscapes of the sierra are breathtaking!

On the spot, if you did not choose the excursion with Cubanacan, you will be asked to pay 10 CUC per person to enter the natural park… it is expensive, certainly, but it is worth it! The park is crossed by a hiking trail of about 1,5 km.

el nicho cienfuegos cuba @javi.lifePin
el nicho cienfuegos cuba @javi.life

A guide will take you to discover the different points of interest of El Nicho and its incredible natural wealth.

The visit is relatively short and will lead you to the heights of the park, from where you will have a breathtaking view of the area! You will then be able to explore the surroundings freely.
It will also be the moment to jump into the water in the natural pools of the park.

el nicho cienfuegos cuba @travel.love .juditPin
el nicho cienfuegos cuba @travel.love .judit

But be warned, the water is cold (18°C approximately)! In front of the park entrance, on the other side of the road, a path leads to another waterfall.

Don’t forget to cross the road to have a look at it before leaving.

On the spot, you will find a restaurant where you can have lunch for reasonable prices.

A group of musicians who cover Cuban and Latin American classics often performs there.

el nicho cienfuegos cuba @destinationchaserPin
el nicho cienfuegos cuba @destinationchaser

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