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Passport & Visa Essentials

Required Documents : You’ll need to have a passport + a Tourist Card valid for 1 month + a health insurance
Tourist Card: It is valid for 1 month and need to ask for an extension if needed. You can buy it at Cuban Consulates or at your airline companies desk upon departure.
Health insurance: is compulsory for any traveler. You can buy one online, or by default directly at the airport, just after the custom and before taking your luggages.
Vaccines and Covid : Since january 5th, you need to be fully vaccinated for Covid and to have a PCR test of less than 72h to enter in Cuba.
Driving Licence: To avoid any convenience, it is better to have an international driving Licence. Some car rental agencies may accept your normal driving licence.


Valid passport, valid for the duration of the stay, for French, Belgian or Swiss nationals..

In order to be prepared for any eventuality, make sure that you have a passport with the required or sufficient number of blank pages (generally 3, 2 of which are opposite each other).

Touristic Visa

No visa are required to travelers from Europe, however, a tourist card is compulsory, valid for a stay of one month.

To get this card, travelers should apply for it at the Cuban consular services, unless it is included in the trip and provided with the travel booklet. Also many airlines companies can sell it directly at the airport which is much more convenient and time saving. Check directly with them.

This document should be kept carefully and will be requested when leaving the country. For other nationalities, we are at your disposal to accompany you in your steps.

Vaccine & Covid Regulations

Covid Outbreak

Faced with the outbreak of the Omicron variant, the Cuban authorities have announced new measures to be applied as of January 5, 2022.

  • All passengers over 12 years of age must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 upon arrival in Cuba (presentation of the Health Pass / vaccination certificate).
  • All passengers must have a PCR test that is less than 72 hours old (note that antigenic tests do not allow entry into Cuba).
  • Passengers coming from Africa must take a PCR test upon arrival, check with your embassy

Other Vaccines

You will not be asked for your vaccination card at the airport upon arrival. However, some vaccinations are recommended (hepatitis A and B, rabies, typhoid fever…). Check with your international vaccination centre.

Emergency passport

As this document is not accepted everywhere, before applying for one, make sure that it is recognized by the country you are traveling to; also check whether it requires a visa (which may be the case even for countries where it is not required with an ordinary passport).

Traveling with Kids

If you are travelling with your children, you should be aware that, from now on, minors, whatever their age, must also have an individual passport. French law stipulates that minors travelling with both parents, or only one of the two, do not need to be in possession of an exit permit. However, this document is compulsory (since 15 January 2017) if this accompanying condition is not met.

In the latter case, the child will have to present: passport (or identity card, depending on the requirements of the destination country); the form of authorization to leave the territory, signed by one of the parents with parental authority (the form of authorization to leave the territory is available on the website; a photocopy of the identity document of the signatory parent.

When a minor travels with one of his parents whose name he does not bear, it is strongly advised either to be able to prove filiation or to present an authorization to leave the territory (Cerfa form n° 15646*01) duly completed and signed by the other parent with a copy of his identity document. This authorization does not exempt minors from the completion of any other formality specific to the destination.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for travelers to Cuba. They must be taken out in the country of origin; the proof may be required at the airport. If, however, for an exceptional reason, a traveler is not covered, he or she will be obliged to take out insurance at the airport of arrival in Cuba.

Driving licence

To avoid any inconvenience, it may be useful to also obtain an international driving licence.

Traveling to Cuba from USA

Attention! To enter Cuban territory from the United States, you now need an American tourist card. This can be bought (100 US dollars) in American travel agencies, or in American airports when you pass through the formalities control to get to the boarding lounge. If you are departing from the Miami airport, you can buy this card at the Cuba Ready checkpoint, located at checkpoints 1 and 2. You will be asked for this card upon arrival in Cuba, during immigration control at the airport.

Upon Arrival at Cuba

Upon arrival, the immigration authorities will take a picture of your face and fingerprints. Wait behind the yellow line until you are asked to cross it, this may take some time .
Customs checks shall be carried out at the first point of entry into the territory. After immigration, you collect your luggage on the conveyor belts and go to customs. If you are continuing your journey by air, you will have to collect your luggage and take it to the luggage conveyors serving connecting flights. They will be directed to your final destination.

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