Province of Artemisa

Located halfway between Havana and the Viñales Valley, the province of Artemisa is a small paradise of ecotourism in Cuba.

Neglected by the great majority of tourists, the province of Artemisa nevertheless offers the possibility of discovering Cuba in a different way, off the beaten track.

The amateurs of green tourism will be conquered by the breathtaking landscapes of the Sierra del Rosario.

The village of Soroa and the ecotouristic community of Las Terrazas, perched in the sierra, will make particularly the happiness of the passionate persons of nature.

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Province of Camaguey

Located in the center-west of the island, the Province of Camagüey is the largest of the Cuban provinces.

It is a region apart, known for its strong identity, against the current of the rest of the island.

With its beautiful colonial capital and its fine sand beaches, the Province of Camagüey has everything to please!

Between culture and nature, visits and idleness, it is difficult not to find your happiness!

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Province of Ciego de Ávila

In the center of Cuba, the Province of Ciego de Ávila is one of the most popular destinations in Cuba.
Why? For its paradisiacal beaches of course! Here, among the fine sandy beaches, the palm trees and the pink flamingos, the amateurs of snorkeling and diving will be in the angels! But the medal has as always a reverse side.
Indeed, the islands of the Province of Ciego de Ávila are nowadays somewhat impersonal.
Worse, Cubans are not allowed to set foot there.
If you wish to plunge in the heart of the Cuban culture, it is not here that you will find your happiness.
But if you are looking for a small corner of paradise where you can put your suitcases the time of a farniente stay, you are at the good place!

Province of Cienfuegos

Located on the southern coast of the island, the Province of Cienfuegos is best known for its colonial capital, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Nestled in a bay, the city of Cienfuegos, nicknamed the Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South), remains untouched by mass tourism.
The Province of Cienfuegos is also the perfect base for discovering the southern coast of Cuba, a true paradise for divers! Wondering what to do in the Province of Cienfuegos? You are in the right place!

Guantánamo Province

Sadly famous for the American base that has taken up residence there, Guantánamo Province has much more charming attractions! With its magnificent natural parks, it is a real paradise for nature lovers eager to discover off the beaten track.
Shunned by the majority of tourists, the Province of Guantánamo is the ideal place to discover another face of Cuba, 100% natural, 100% authentic!

What to do in the Province of Guantánamo

Province of Havana

It is of course in the Province of Havana that you will find the buzzing and colorful Cuban capital! Located on the northwest coast of the island, Havana is by extension one of the sixteen Cuban provinces, often associated with the Province of Mayabeque.
On the program: history, culture, gastronomy, music and much more! Havana is a real postcard image and has everything to please! When leaving the city, you can also easily refresh yourself on one of the many beaches east of the capital.

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Province of Matanzas

Located east of Havana, the Province of Matanzas is one of the most touristy in the country.
On the menu: beaches, beaches, and more beaches! It is indeed in the Province of Matanzas that you will find the famous seaside resort of Varadero.
In the south of the province, the Bay of Pigs also offers a good number of all-inclusive resorts.
But by moving away from the big tourist centers, it is possible to find in the Province of Matanzas little corners of paradise (relatively) well preserved from mass tourism! If you are wondering what to do in the Province of Matanzas, you are at the right place!

Province of Pinar del Río

To get to the province of Pinar del Río, head to the west of the island! It is one of the most touristic places of the island! And for good reason, since it is there that you will find the famous Viñales Valley, registered with the World Heritage of UNESCO.
But the Province of Pinar del Río has some other tricks in its bag! From the paradisiacal beaches of Cayo Levisa to the splendid landscapes of the Peninsula of Guanahacabibes and the colonial architecture of Pinar del Río, it is well worth a few days! Wondering what to do in the province of Pinar del Rio? We tell you more!

Province of Sancti Spíritus

To discover the fascinating Province of Sancti Spíritus, head to the center of the island! If tourists flock to the region, it is of course mainly for the magnificent colonial city of Trinidad.
But the Province of Sancti Spíritus has more than one trick up its sleeve! With its historical treasures, its natural wonders and its paradisiacal beaches, it offers an anthology of the best of Cuba.
It would be a shame to limit yourself to the beautiful Trinidad and Playa Ancon.
The province is well worth spending a few days exploring! What to do in the province of Sancti Spíritus? Follow the guide!

Province of Santiago de Cuba

Located in the east of Cuba, the Province of Santiago Cuba is the ideal place to explore the island far from the hordes of tourists! Few are those who venture into the Oriente.
However, the Province of Santiago Cuba is a gold mine for travelers eager for discovery and authenticity.
Between its bustling and unjustly criticized capital, its historical treasures and its magnificent natural parks, it’s hard not to find what you’re looking for! Wondering what to do in the province of Santiago Cuba? Follow the guide!

Province of Villa Clara

On the north coast of Cuba, the province of Villa Clara combines nature and culture.
You can discover the history of Che in Santa Clara, stroll peacefully in the colonial streets of Remedios and relax on the paradisiacal beaches of the “Cayos de Villa Clara”.
A beautiful program in perspective!

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