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Telephone & Internet

The dialling code to reach Panama from US is 00507

The country has a good mobile phone network and operators vary according to region.

In major cities or tourist areas, you will have no trouble finding “cyber cafés” and there are more and more places offering wifi, especially in hotels of a certain standard and the “western-style” cafés found in the big cities

Internet in Panama

In Panama you will find Internet via WIFI in all the accommodations except in some islands farther away from San Blas.

We already know that nowadays we need internet to be able to book accommodations, consult, etc.

If you want to have internet constantly when you travel to Panama, the best option is to buy a SIM card.

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Buy SIM card

There are several companies operating in Panama, Digicel, Claro, +Móvil and Movistar.

We bought the SIM card at the airport, and we bought the Movistar card.

But I think it’s not the best, for two reasons.

The first is the price we pay at the airport, which is outrageously high.

And the second is that their coverage is not the best in Panama.

After spending a few days there, and talking to the people there, they told us that the best options, if you are going to stay less than a month, for price and coverage are Claro and Digicel.


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