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    The best time or season of the year to travel to Bogotá is from December to February since it coincides with the dry season and since there is not so much rain the temperature is also a little more pleasant.

    Best Time to Visit Bogota

    For Tourism

    The high season to travel to Bogotá coincides with the Christmas and New Year’s vacations, as they are the best time to find good weather.

    This causes that there is enough movement of tourists, as much at international level as national, since it also coincides with the vacation period of the Colombian population.

    Anyway, in July and August one will also find tourists, especially Westerners who take advantage of their vacation to travel to Bogotá.

    It is important to know that prices do not change too much between high and low season

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    bogota colombia

    For Weather

    It’s cool in Bogotá and it’s like that all year round.

    Any time is good to visit Bogota, since there are hardly any seasons and the temperature does not vary much, although if you are very sensitive to cold, in theory, the best months (when it is less cold and there is less chance of rain) would be from December to March.


    Bogota Travel FAQ

    What to Pack for Bogota ?

    To travel to Bogota it is important to take warm clothes, because as we have explained in other sites of this website the climate is quite cold, anyway, we also recommend you to take some short sleeve shirt, in case the sun makes the temperature increase some day. It is also highly recommended to take an umbrella or a raincoat, the rains all over Colombia are frequent. Also, if you are not traveling to Bogota in the dry season, it is also important to take water boots, as the streets are easily flooded.

    Is Bogota Safe to Travel ?

    Bogota is a pretty safe city if the tourist moves around a little bit carefully. Years ago it was a little more dangerous because of the social and armed conflict in the country, however, the conflict has been moving to the rural areas and there are no signs of war in the city or in the tourist areas in general.
    The advice that local people all over Colombia will give you most regarding security is: Don’t give away papaya! It’s an expression they use to indicate that you don’t become an easy target: don’t go around showing off things of value (smartphone, camera, money) and thus avoid attracting attention.

    What to do in Bogotá

    Stroll through the Avenida Jimenez and Septima, Discover the Candelaria, one of the most beautiful and oldest neighborhoods in Bogota. Admire the houses in the city centre whose architecture has remained colonial. Don’t miss the Museo del Oro and Museo Botero.

    Where to change money in Bogota?

    Where to exchange money in Bogotá: the currency used in Bogotá is the Colombian Peso COP. The currency can be exchanged at the airport, in banks or in exchange houses (the main exchange houses are located in the Avenida Jimenez or Eje ambiental near the gold museum). Both US dollars and Euros can be exchanged (one Euro equals approximately 2179.05 Colombian Pesos).

    How many days to spend in Bogotá?

    On a 2-week trip around Colombia, it is understandable that you do not dedicate all the days that the Colombian capital deserves but try to reserve at least 2 full days to enjoy its cultural and gastronomic offer.

    How is the Weather in Bogotá?

    The climate in Bogota is generally quite cold, because even though Colombia is a tropical country, the altitude in which it is located makes it a high mountain climate. This explains why the average temperature is about 15ºC, with the minimum temperature at 6ºC and the maximum at 24ºC. In addition to the low temperatures, traveling to Bogota implies suffering some rain, since it is recurrent in almost all the seasons of the year, except for Christmas.

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