Cultural Institutions

José Jacinto Milanés Theatre

The José Jacinto Milanés Theatre, in late neoclassical style, began to be built in 1845, being named, Lope de Vega.

Numerous companies of international prestige performed on its stages throughout its history.

In 1967 the largest repair in its history was carried out; after eight years of painstaking work, it was reopened on October 3, 1975.

Its hall-stage – in which the film La Bella del Alhambra was filmed – has as special characteristic its exceptional acoustics, the suggestive wood and metal decorations and the magnificent disposition of its lunette in a single block.

Later on, it was restored, resuming services since December 27th 2006.

It also has a Sevillian style patio with a simple stage for the La Piscuala café-concert.

  • 60 Martí Street between Colón and Isabel Rubio, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 753871
  • It is open from Monday to Sunday, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Guash Palace or Sandalio de Noda Museum of Tranquil Natural History

Spontaneous and directed visits on natural history.

Built by Francisco Guasch Ferrer, a multifaceted man and doctor.

This “palace”, eclectic style, was started in 1909 and was built by Guasch himself.

Today, it is a Natural History Museum that allows visitors to tour the beautiful nature of western Cuba and is the pride of the current generations.

  • 202 José Martí Street, corner of Comandante Pinares, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel (53) 48 77 9483/ 75 3087
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Provincial Museum of History

When visiting the Provincial Museum of History, you can appreciate all the past of this province.

Located in what used to be the seat of the Provincial Government, it was built in 1874 and is a jewel of neoclassical architecture.

It offers visit services with specialized guide.

  • Calle Martí No.58 e/ Isabel Rubio y Colón, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53)48 754300
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Pinar del Río Museum of Art (MAPRI)

Exhibition of works of art and characterized spaces.

  • José Martí Street, No.9 between Vélez Cabiedes and Ormani Arenado, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 77 4671
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Antonio Guiteras Museum

Shows the life and work of the martyr who bears his name.

  • Maceo Street between Ormani Arenado and Rafael Morales, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 75 2378
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
13 March Museum

House where Ormani Arenado, the youngest assailant to the Presidential Palace, lived.

  • Ormani Arenado Street, between Maceo and Ceferino Fernández, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 72 8104
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Viñales Municipal Art Gallery

Guided and spontaneous visit.

Exhibition of works of art.

  • Salvador Cisneros Betancourt Street, Viñales.
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca Museum

Declared in 1996 as a National Monument.

  • 41 Martí Street between Libertad and Isabel Rubio, San Juan y Martínez, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 79 8186
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
San Luis Municipal Museum

Founded in 1982.

Decorative art room and room specialized in tobacco

  • 57 Juana Romero Street, San Luis, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 797399
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Information Centre Argelier Leon

Documents of historical value on music and art

  • Calle Martí
  • Tel: (53) 48 771041
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
House of the Young Creator (AHS)

It promotes young art and alternative music.

It has the Royal Art Gallery, a navigation room and the “El Hormiguero” patio as a cultural space.

  • Martí No. 133e/ Calle Nueva y Colón,
  • Tel:(53)48774672, www.ahs.pinarte.
  • Open from 9.00 am/ 5.00 pm
Film Theater Prague

Film exhibitions, art gallery, cultural galas and 3D room.

  • Gerardo Medina No.31
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: (53) 48 753271
  • Schedule: Everyday, from 1.30 pm/ 11.00 pm.
Pedro Junco Culture House

Movement of amateur artists, cultural spaces and peñas.

  • Martí No. 65 between Ormani Arenado and Rafael Morales.
  • Tel: (53) 48 75 2324
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Arturo Regueiro Gallery

Martí No. 65 between Ormani Arenado and Rafael Morales, Pinar del Río

Tel: (53) 48 770790 Email: [email protected]

National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC)

The house was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Pedro Junco, the well-known Pinar del Río bolero composer, was born into the family and his song “Nosotros” became world famous.

  • Maceo No. 17 between Rafael Ferro and Comandante Pinares, Pinar del Río.
  • Tel: (53) 48 754572
Cuban Association of Artistic Craftsmen (ACAA)

Showroom and sales of handicrafts, crafts, modeling workshops.

  • Colón No. 1 e/ Martí y Adela Azcuy
  • Tel: (53) 48 728408
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Centro de Promoción y Desarrollo de la Literatura Hermanos Loynaz

It treasures and protects a large part of the literary and spiritual heritage of the former Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra prize winner, Dulce María Loynaz.

It was created in February 1990.

It displays, there all the artistic and literary work of the writers from Vueltabajeros.

It has a library, a museum and a publishing house.

  • Maceo No. 211, esq. Alameda.
  • Tel: (53) 48 754369
  • Email: [email protected] Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
International Bookstore

Sale of discs, CDs and books.

  • Martí No 131, corner Colón.
  • Tel: (53) 48 757597
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Sergio Dopico Bookstore

Books and other informative materials.

  • Salvador Cisneros, No. 65, Viñales, Pinar del Río.
  • Open from 9.00am/ 5.00pm
Ramón González Coro Provincial Library

Founded in 1959, it treasures old books and documents.

  • Colón No. 3 e/Martí y Máximo Gómez
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: (53) 48 753362
  • Open from 8.00am/ 5.00pm

It represents the Catholic Church whose diocese is called San Rosendo.

  • Máximo Gómez, No 160 e/ Rafael Ferro and Comandante Pinares, Pinar del Río
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: (53) 48 757644
San Rosendo Cathedral

Along Maceo Street, the San Rosendo de Pinar del Río Cathedral rises, an example of ecclesiastic architecture, inaugurated as a church on March 23rd, 1883, as a cathedral in 1903, presided over by the Patron Saint of Pinar del Río, “San Rosendo”.

On the date of his death, the patron saint’s day is celebrated in his honour.

  • Maceo, corner of Vélez Cabiedes, Pinar del Río
  • Tel: (53) 48 75 2430
Convent Casa de Santa Brígida

Las Brigidinas Congregation of Nuns.

  • Pascual Martí No.1 e/Coronel Pozo and Antonio Guiteras.
  • Tel: (53) 48 775084
Pelegrin’s Patio

Calle 26 No. 1513, Puerta de Golpe, a place that exhibits the manual and artistic arts of its locality.

La Camorra Socio-Cultural Project

Born in 2001, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the fishing community of Puerto Esperanza, through the rescue and revitalization of artistic and literary traditions.

The project aims to achieve the optimum social development of the inhabitants of the Camorra through the implementation of community initiatives.

Window to the Valley Project in Viñales

It revitalizes the development of the cultural traditions in Viñales that make up our identity.

Every two months it celebrates the night of the Barrio, a personalized space in which the inhabitants participate.

Classes are given to encourage the artistic potential of children and young people and to contribute to the learning of the local culture of the new generations.

House of the Tenth

Socio-cultural project that revitalizes and promotes the development of orality, through the promotion and diffusion of the Cuban point, with the protagonism of the improvised tenth, through creation workshops and guateques.

  • 5ta Final, Reparto Celso Maragoto
  • Tel: (53) 48 795297
Socio-cultural projects “Love and Hope”

It is a project to teach engraving techniques, handicrafts, theater, dance, music, taichi, cooking and family therapy to people with Down syndrome in order to improve their quality of life and integrate them creatively into the community, in the province of Pinar del Río.

It was created in 2002 and is made up of 22 members between the ages of 13 and 62.

It is coordinated by the painter and engraver Jesús Carrete Rodríguez and the Master in Educational Psychology Coralina D Hernández Crespo, parents of a young member of the project.

Casa Taller “Grabadown”, Ceferino Fernández 138, corner Palma, Pinar del Río, Tel: (53) 48758102

Many donations of the artistic works made by the workshop leaders and instructors have been made to national and international personalities, institutions and community projects for the purpose of setting and souvenir among which are:

El Patio de Felo

A cultural episode that promotes craft creation, linking amateur artists from the area.

  • Km. 5 Road to San Juan y Martínez, Consejo Popular: El Vizcaíno
  • Tel: (53) 48 75 0335
  • Open every day
FIDIAS Project

Popular Council: Hermanos Cruz,

Local development project, which takes its plastic works through exhibitions to galleries and cultural centers or houses.

Attached is a recreational and interactive park and other spaces for cultural activity and promotion.

  • Tel: (53) 48 75 3484

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