That Trinidad is one of Cuba‘s main destinations is no longer a secret.

But even so, even in high season, it’s far from being a crowded place, full of visitors.

In any case, Trinidad offers a significant amount of activities, both day and night.

There are so many places to see in Trinidad, beaches to relax and sunbathe, music at night, mojitos, lobster dinners, and also very cheap.

So if you are thinking of visiting Trinidad, a Caribbean city, don’t even think about it, go and enjoy it to the fullest.

And if your question is what to see in Trinidad for three days, you are here at the right place. 

Best things to do in Trinidad: the Unmissable

Stroll on the Plaza Mayor

As the nerve centre of the city where all roads lead, it is difficult not to succumb to the charm of the Plaza Mayor. In the well-kept gardens, bordered by white wrought iron, you can admire beautiful bronze statues dating from the early 19th century and the Church of the Holy Trinity.

If you notice a crowd on the steps and an impressive amount of people on their mobile phones, then you will understand that you have arrived at one of the internet spots. Remember to buy your card at the official sales point in the city.

Visit the Museum of Colonial Architecture

This museum installed in a typical house of the time, the Casa de los Sanchez Iznaga, depicts the architectural richness of the Creole culture since the 18th century. The building itself is a fascinating witness of the colonial period.

Walking around the local market

Trinidad’s market is the place to go to meet the locals. Stalls of a thousand colours, tasting of tropical fruits and local specialities, it is an extremely lively place.

Many locals will stop you to ask if you have soap, shampoo or clothes to give them. Think about this when you pack your suitcase.

Dancing the night away

In the evening, the sound of the music gets louder and the atmosphere gets hotter. Meet at the foot of the steps of the Casa de la Trova, where since 1777 a small open-air café has been transformed into a wild dance floor. Atmosphere guaranteed!

During the day, keep your ears open and don’t be surprised to see a band playing some Cuban music in the street. In Cuba, music resounds everywhere!

Touring the palaces

Trinidad’s wealthy families lived in sumptuous buildings that are now listed. Most of them house museums. Don’t miss the 18th century Palacio Brunet, symbol of Trinidad’s golden age, or the Palacio Cantero which houses the History Museum.

Visiting the Valley of Los Ingenios

Just next to Trinidad, this valley is the memory of the sugar industry era. There are many vestiges of this era. Before leaving, admire the view of the plantations from the top of the 45-metre high Iznaga tower.

Hiking in Topes de Collantes

To discover lush vegetation, you have to go to Topes de Collantes. Take a hike on the small steep paths that lead to pretty waterfalls where it is pleasant to refresh yourself. A three-hour hike that will take you to the foot of the Vegas Grand Falls.

Discovering the Escambray massif

Well developed, the El Nicho National Park in the heart of the Escambray massif is not to be missed. Difficult to access by car, it is preferable to go there by 4×4 or by truck, starting from the village of Cumanayagua. Splendid vegetation, wild animals and waterfalls make this region one of the most appreciated of the island. The ideal place to swim!

Enjoying the joys of swimming at Playa Ancon

Beautiful beach accessible from Trinidad by a shuttle for 2 CUC round trip, Ancon, a long stretch of white sand, is the place where families like to meet on Sundays. Umbrellas, small huts to eat, it is also possible to do snorkeling or scuba diving. An ideal place for a day or a relaxing stay in Cuba!

What to See and Do in Trinidad

The city of Trinidad

It is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities we visit in Cuba.

It keeps its colonial past, the color of the houses, so striking, that makes each house unique.

If you have been to Antigua, Guatemala, you will see that there are quite a few similarities between the two cities, although Trinidad is much more colorful.

The buildings are quite well preserved, unlike other places like Havana.

Trinidad is a small city, we could even talk about a big town.

Since that’s the feeling you get, that you’re in a town.

A calm and relaxed atmosphere, where the color, the tranquility, the music and the mojitos are the real protagonists.

You will soon realize that walking and strolling is the easiest way to get lost and find yourself in Trinidad.

See the life of Cubans as it is, mingle with them, talk and listen.

Places such as the Plaza Mayor, the Casa de la Música, the Casa de la Trova, Desengaño Street, the Plazuela de Cristo or El Mercado, have become the tourist-friendly walk around the city of Trinidad.

 It’s also where you’ll be farthest away from Cuban life.

That does not mean that you should escape from these places mentioned since it is impossible.

Trinidad is so small and so beautiful that your steps will take you to each of the places I have told you about.

Get lost in the streets, and talk to the Cubans.

Trinidad, colonialism, music and mojitos.

El Cubano Natural Park

If you want to feel the nature more closely, to feel the clean air, even to ride a horse, a very good option is to go to the Natural Park El Cubano.

It’s hitting the city of Trinidad.

You can take a horseback ride.

Besides, they are very tame, and they know the way better than anyone else.

What can you see in the park?

Well, besides nature there are more things than I would call tourists, but well, they are not so terrible.

The first stop was a palate where they showed how rum is made from sugar cane.

The second stop was at a small, very rudimentary café, where we tasted a delicious coffee.

They also sold cigars…

Being in Cuba, it was to be expected.

Besides, that area has a certain tobacco industry.

The star of El Cubano Natural Park is the waterfalls.

I certainly didn’t expect to see Niagara Falls or Angel Falls.

But then again, it was a small waterfall.

That’s very nice.

With the erosion, two natural pools had been formed that were welcome on those hot Cuban days.

The beaches of Trinidad

It was our foray into the Caribbean Sea, since our visit to La Boca in Camagüey had been on the north coast of the island.

Finally, we were on three beaches, and fortunately, each one of them totally different.

Ancon Beach

The first beach we visited in Trinidad was Ancon.

It wasn’t bad, but it was true that since there was a resort nearby, there were more people than expected.

Even so, there are not so many people that can’t have an umbrella.

Don’t think that’s Benidorm, our concept of many people is different from theirs.

The best thing, the water, the sand, and the palate that was there.

trinidad beaches playa ancon

La Boca Beach

The second was a failed attempt to find an idyllic beach.

As I told you before, our visit to a Cuban beach had been La Boca in Camagüey, a spectacular, incredible place.

Since there was another beach in Trinidad with the same name, we thought it was the place to go.

Wrong, the beach had very murky water and somewhat rocky sand.

This is because it is a beach at the mouth of an estuary.

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La Batea Beach

But as there is no evil that does not come for good, you will walk two kilometers and find a spectacular beach.

Turquoise-blue water, coral, colorful fish.

The perfect place to snorkel.

And of course, there were no more than half a dozen of us there.

So, 100% recommended.

To get to the beaches from Trinidad, you can pay for a collective taxi, which also picks you up again.

You can try to find some place to rent bikes in Trinidad.

We didn’t rent, but we saw people who had rented, a perfect choice.

We tell you more about the beaches in this article we wrote, The Beaches of Trinidad.

As you can see, Trinidad is a must-see and enjoyable place.

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