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Best Restaurants in Havana Cuba

In Havana, we eat rather well since many paladares (private restaurants) have opened following the self-employment reforms of 2011.

You’ll find both beautiful colonial houses offering typical Cuban cuisine like the San Cristobal in Centro Habana, as well as ultra-design restaurants that seem to have been imported straight from Miami, such as Café Laurent in the Vedado or Rio Mar in the Miramar district.

But in general, with a few exceptions, state restaurants are to be avoided because the service is much slower and the quality of the cuisine is quite average.

Especially in comparison with the paladares where very creative Chefs are in charge and emulation is the order of the day, due to the competition between these different establishments run by private individuals.

Restaurants in Havana Vieja North

In Habana Vieja, in general, you will find many restaurants offering traditional Cuban cuisine and rather state restaurants established there for decades.

In this particularly touristy area, the emphasis is on authenticity, but it is not necessarily where you will eat best.

Finally, you should know that if you eat on the terrace, maybe after your second meal in the neighborhood, you won’t be able to hear the small music group that sings the latest hits from the Buena Vista Social Club or Guantanamera.

But who says tourism in Cuba, sometimes says kitsch folklore…

Good and cheap

Al Medina
  • Between Obispo and Obrapía Calle Oficios n° 12
  • +53 7 867 1041
  • Open every day from noon to midnight
  • Count from 10 to 15 CUC the meal.

Live music in the patio at the end of the afternoon.

Arabic cuisine, with classic dishes from North Africa, the Near and Middle East.

Even vegetarians will find their happiness thanks to the vegetarian mezze (8 CUC).

The setting is however much more attractive than the cuisine, but the whole is still good value for money.

Al Medina is housed in the house acquired in 1689 by Bishop Diego Evelino de Compostela to house the San Ambrosio College, the first college for the religious instruction of children in the city of Havana.

The red stone arcade of the building, the roofs and galleries, the large interior patio decorated with flowers and a vine that covers it entirely offer a synthesis of the Moorish style inherited from Spain, which strongly influenced Cuban architecture in the 17th century.

Poems by José Martí can be read on the ground floor and the first floor. The lesser-known poems are on display on the first floor.

One poem praises the Arab men and women and, right next to it, there is a long poem about the… hashish that the hero of the Cuban Revolution used to consume.

The restaurant has also become a meeting place for the Arab student community on certain nights of the week.

However, the place used to be a former monk’s convent, so…

  • 60 Callejón del Chorro near Plaza de la Catedral
  • +53 7 861 1332 / +53 5 270 6433
  • [email protected]
  • Open every day from 11am to 11pm. Starters between 2 and 5 CUC,
  • Dishes between 7 and 12 CUC, cocktails between 2 and 3 CUC.

One of the best paladares of the Habana Vieja.

Here you can eat traditional Cuban cuisine very well prepared in a colonial-style house.

The terrace is very pleasant because it is installed in a small dead end particularly quiet.

However, don’t forget to book if you go there to eat at the weekend because it is often full to bursting point!

Excellent value for money.

  • Calle Teniente Rey At the corner of Bernaza
  • +53 7 867 1029
  • Cuisine criolla. Open every day from noon to midnight.
  • Count between 5 and 10 CUC the dish.
  • Excellent value for money.

You will settle down in the room, which overlooks the Plaza del Cristo always very lively, or in the patio.

Typical Cuban dishes (try the chicken salad, a treat!), accompanied by a good beer (Cristal or Bucanero).

Digestion is also easier after drinking the excellent mojito (2 CUC), which is much cheaper than at the Bodeguita del Medio.

Music groups perform frequently.

  • Calle San Ignacio n° 77
  • +53 7 867 3852
  • Well located a stone’s throw from the cathedral.
  • Open every day from 12:30 to 10:00 pm.
  • Count from 8 to 10 CUC for a menu.

Antonio, very sympathetic owner, multiplies the passions.

Fan of football, especially Atletic Bilbao, he also collects tickets from all over the world, especially those issued before the Cuban revolution.

As for cooking, it is conventional, but always very correct and copious.

Warning: don’t confuse this restaurant with the establishment of the same name on the corner of Calle Empedrado and Calle Mercaderes, Calle Ignacio, as it is much less good!

Good tables

  • Calle Cuba n° 12 At the corner of Peña Pobre
  • +53 7 860 5670
  • Open every day from 10am to 11pm.

Small restaurant specializing in chicken dishes, faithful to the roots of Cuban cuisine.

Accompaniments based on white rice, black beans, potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Not really great gastronomy, but the portions are copious.

Nice view on the entrance of the bay of Havana.

  • Between Cuba and San Ignacio
  • Calle Empedrado n° 207
  • +53 7 867 1374
  • [email protected]
  • Located a stone’s throw from the cathedral.
  • Open every day, from 10:30 am to midnight for the bar, and from noon to midnight for the restaurant.

One of the most touristy restaurants in the capital.

Not so much because of its cuisine, which is mediocre and expensive, but because the writer Hemingway used to eat there at the time.

The faded blue walls, covered with graffiti and black and white photos of the stars who passed by, try to revive the whole thing.

Classic dishes based on rice, black beans and other meats, from 9 to 20 CUC for a lobster.

In short, you’ll go there more to soak up the myth than the rest…

Narrow but still lively bar with mojitos at 4 CUC: the legend has a price!

  • Cabaña Route, Parque Morro-Cabaña, La Habana del Este
  • +53 7 860 8341
  • Take the tunnel at the end of the Malecón, and take the first right at the exit in the direction of Castel del Morro.
  • Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to 11pm. Menu 25 CUC.

Watching the sunset from the restaurant’s lawn, facing Old Havana, by the sea, and right next to the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress, will remain in your memories for a long time.

Plan to dine early – good fish and seafood – just to be able to reach the fortress for the cannonball ceremony at 9pm.

  • Calle O’Reilly, corner of Mercaderes
  • +53 7 662 918
  • Italian food. Open from noon to midnight. Dishes from 10 to 20 CUC.

Probably one of the best Italian restaurants in Havana.

Preferably prefer the terrace, to enjoy the lively street and the beauty of the heritage of Habana Vieja.

The portions are generous, and the pasta is naturally always al dente.

A weakness for penne alla pulcinella, with anchovies and a tasty tomato cream.

  • At the corner of Obispo Calle Oficios
  • +53 7 862 0216
  • Cuisine criolla. Open every day from 9am to 1am.
  • Count 15 CUC for a meal, from 7 to 1O CUC for a pollo asado or a bistec de ternura.

On the magnificent Plaza de Armas, the establishment benefits from a beautiful shaded terrace always pleasant.

In front of the big trees and the stalls of the booksellers, the urban agitation will not have any more hold on your neurons.

Settle down quietly and savour the moment…

Try the finely sliced pork in Creole or the tamal en cazuela (fresh corn, grated and seasoned with spices and pork meat).

It is also possible to enjoy a well-deserved ice cream in this heat, light years away from ordinary worries.

  • At the corner of Calle Narcisso Lopez Avenida del Puerto
  • +53 7 866 8807
  • [email protected]
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Count 35 CUC for the meal and 10 % more for the service.

One of the best tables to eat seafood or fish in Havana.

Blue and white checkered tablecloths, blue ceiling, all within a stone’s throw of the sea: the maritime tone is set.

On the wall, photos of all the personalities who have eaten there, among them: Dany Glover, Bill Murray, Sean Penn, Omara Portuondo, Sting…

Charles Aznavour came, insisted the boss, but they didn’t have time to take a picture of him.

In short, an excellent address if you like seafood.

Best Restaurant in Havana Vieja South

  • Plaza San Francisco de Asís
  • +53 7 860 6686
  • Open every day from noon to midnight. Dishes from 10 to 25 CUC.

A very elegant café-restaurant, with an architecture and careful decoration.

On the menu, fish with shrimps à la havanaise, lobster rings with lemon, chicken with pineapple and ham, cannelloni with ham and chorizo, and excellent French cakes.

Excellent menu and wide range of wines.

  • Calle Mercaderes n° 257 Between Amargura and Teniente Rey
  • +53 7 863 3838
  • Located near the Plaza Vieja. Count from 9 to 18 CUC, depending on the dishes. Flamenco show from 8:30 pm to 10 pm.

The sign declines the maritime universe in all its forms.

Charming setting with its wine display, its exposed stone wall and the few barrels placed in the corners.

Also with replicas of galleons and other elements related to the world of the sea.

Once seated at beautiful wooden tables, all you have to do is order and enjoy, in the evening, beautiful flamenco shows.

  • Calle San Ignacio
  • At the corner of Muralla (Plaza Vieja)
  • +53 7 866 4453
  • Open every day, from 12 to 2 am.
  • Skewers from 4,75 to 15 CUC, dishes from 7 to 14,50 CUC, sandwiches from 6 to 10 CUC.

Terrace and interior particularly pleasant for this elegant brasserie with its yellow façade and beautiful Hispanic arches, overlooking the Plaza Vieja.

Choice between fast food at low prices – good tapas and hearty hamburgers – or more solid and well-cooked dishes, especially grilled dishes.

Beer lovers will be overjoyed, as they are homemade!

The simple sight of the vats is enough to convince you of this.

Best Restaurants in Havana Center

In this district less frequented by tourists than others, you will find mostly small shops for locals where you pay in Cuban pesos, and some very good paladares like the San Cristobal.

The advantage is that in this neighborhood, a little far from the tourist beaten track, it is a little cheaper than in La Habana Vieja or the Vedado.

For a change of atmosphere, don’t miss out on a Chinese meal in the mini Asian quarter around the corner.

Good and cheap

  • Calle Zanja
  • Across from Chinatown
  • Open from 12h to 5h in the morning.
  • Pizza at 4 CUC. Fresh fruit juice at 5 Cuban pesos.

A small pizzeria where you eat standing on a corner of the table.

It is always full because the pizzas are delicious.

Also spaghetti and creamy juices.

This address, very appreciated by the locals, is a small piece of authenticity not far from the Chinese district often a little too invaded by tourists.

  • Calle Cuchillo n° 17 Between Rayo and San Nicolas
  • +53 7 861 5478
  • [email protected]
  • Open from 11am to midnight.
  • From 1.50 CUC for a soup to 20 CUC for a full meal.

A change from the traditional Cuban cuisine for a very interesting quantity-quality/price ratio.

Restaurant on two floors with a terrace overlooking the street, the “Temple of Heaven” is certainly the most Chinese address of the barrio chino.

The house offers an authentic Chinese cuisine, the cooks being all from

the old Middle Kingdom. Lobster is also on the menu.

You can even try your hand at Chinese checkers with the owner.

  • Calle Dragones n°355 Between San Nicolás and Manrique
  • +53 7 863 3388
  • Open between noon and midnight.
  • Count from 3,50 to 5 CUC the dish.

Chinese and Italian cuisine, depending on whether you choose the ground floor or the first floor.

Impeccable service.

Some examples of prices: chop suey with pork or fish 2 CUC, sweet and sour chicken 2 CUC, spring rolls 1 CUC, Chinese soup 1 CUC, arroz frito (Chinese rice) 1 CUC. 

Good tables

  • Calle Crespo n°55 Between San Lazaro y Refugio
  • +53 7 863 7510 / +53 5 264 3185
  • [email protected]
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Count from 20 to 30 CUC the meal.

Opened for more than a year, this establishment offers an excellent cuisine prepared by a renowned Cuban Chef, Masita, who has made his mark in the country’s top hotels.

Between traditional Cuban dishes, varied international food (very good fish fillet with cream and delicious grilled lobster) and typical Italian dishes including creamy wood-fired pizzas and pasta, your taste buds will be served.

But what really makes the charm of this restaurant is the place, quite magical.

It’s like being transported back to the early 20’s and 30’s with a period decor everywhere.

In the large sheltered and flowered patio, you can see hanging on the walls: an authentic transistor, a Singer sewing machine and a lighthouse bulb.

The “Bar Bleu”, an old-fashioned bar ideal for an aperitif, looks like a mini-museum because antique objects abound there as well, among vinyl records, an old clock, and vintage photos.

You’d think you were there.

As for the Colonial Lounge, a little more chic, it contains a record player as you don’t see any more and beautiful paintings.

After the meal, we head upstairs to the living room, a smoking room that also serves as a wine cellar, to recover from our culinary and visual emotions.

To find out why the restaurant is called “La California”, ask to speak to Antonio, the manager, who will be happy to tell you the unusual story of this name.


Michel Miglis, motivated Greek half Swedish, and in love with Cuba had the idea to open this restaurant 3 years ago and it does not fail to fill up. He has created a fusion cuisine, at the same time Nordic, Mediterranean and Cuban, without forgetting vegetarians.

We recommend the Swedish toast speciality Skagen with shrimps or the very good ceviche, without forgetting the chili con carne or the marmite de la mer.

In the end, it’s a delight and a change from the usual rice with black beans…

You will also appreciate the pure and design decoration in the Swedish style, where the Cuban touch is never far away thanks to some vintage objects.

To digest, don’t miss a visit to the art gallery at the back of the restaurant, where you will discover works of art by local artists.

Very good cocktail bar. An address of choice.

  • Between Gervasio and Escobar Calle Concordia 418 +53 7 866 9047
  • [email protected]
  • Open every day from noon to 4pm and from 7pm to midnight.
  • Count from 25 to 35 CUC per person. Reservation recommended for dinner.

Shot locations of the famous film Fresa y Chocolate, directed in 1993 by the Cuban director Gutierrez Alea.

One of the city’s best paladares (local restaurants) opened its doors in 1998 on the third floor of this beautiful decati palace, with a slightly surrealist atmosphere. Ideal for a romantic dinner for two, just to get back in the scenery.

Spanish speakers will also take a look on the stairs at Castro’s declaration (Patria o muerte): a whole programme…

Be careful when leaving the restaurant, the steep stairs can be slippery!

A sign in Spanish warns you with humour: “Be careful going down the stairs, we’d like to see you here again”.

  • At the corner of Calle Virtudes Prado n°309
  • +53 7 862 3626 / +53 7 862 3625
  • [email protected]
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Count between 10 and 25 CUC the meal according to the chosen restaurant.
  • Reservation recommended.

4 floors, 4 restaurants, 4 atmospheres, all in a beautiful colonial building of the Federation of Associations of Asturias.

The restaurant Gijones specializes in fusion dishes and good wines,

  • Bar Oviedo in tapas and cocktails,
  • La Terraza (on an open-air terrace) specializes in grilled meats
  • Bar Asturias nibbles on Cuban and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Xana, on the ground floor, offers Italian cuisine at low prices, the cheapest of all.

So you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants all under one roof.

Every Saturday you can enjoy a dinner concert (45 CUC) at the Gijones restaurant. Ask about the programme.

  • Calle San Rafael n°469
  • Between Calle Lealtad and Calle Campanario
  • +53 7 867 9109 / +53 5 339 4017
  • Open Monday to Saturday from 12 noon to midnight.
  • Count 20 CUC the meal.

The style of this restaurant is unique.

You arrive in a large colonial house that opens onto a long and beautiful patio where you can dine in the cool.

All around, the rooms have been transformed into smaller, more intimate dining rooms.

The furniture is period furniture and the rooms have been redecorated with contemporary art, antiques and also objects related to the Catholic religion and the Santería.

Not to mention the photos of the personalities who have eaten in the restaurant and who are scattered around; you will recognize the famous Beyoncé in particular. The mystic-megalo-arty set is however successful and you feel good immediately when you arrive at San Cristobal.

On the food side, it is a festival of flavours at the crossroads of international and Cuban cuisine. But our culinary favourite goes to the house speciality: Hemingway lobster at 50 CUC and to share.

A little expensive, certainly, but what a treat!

It is a lobster strewn with pieces of grilled lobster, accompanied by two shrimp skewers and two fish fillets.

For the small hungers, prefer the Mercedes, a delicious assortment of tapas for only 6 CUC.

Finally, you should know that waiter Mario speaks French perfectly and, here, he is nicknamed “Très bien” precisely for this reason.

In short, nothing to complain about. Very good address.

  • Between Calle Genios and Calle Crespo
  • Malecón n°107 +53 7 861 4864
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • From 15 to 20 CUC the meal.

A restaurant on two floors with a different atmosphere for each floor.

On the ground floor, the white walls, the high ceilings and the pretty patio decorated with plants give the whole a hacienda look.

On the first floor, everything is much more chic (almost too much so) and you will enjoy the pleasant terrace overlooking the Malecón.

As for the dishes, nothing to say, because the cooking is really good and the portions are consistent.

The menu is varied; you’ll find wood-fired pizzas as well as grilled meats and local fish.

Attentive service. A good address.

Best Restaurants in Havana El Vedado

In the Vedado, one of Havana’s liveliest neighborhoods, you’ll find a jumble of state restaurants and paladares that have multiplied at the speed of light in recent years.

Some of them are really good, and even if it’s often a bit more expensive, it’s really worth it.

Our selection presents you with establishments that have given back to gastronomy its letters of nobility in Cuba.

Gourmet break


Calle 23, at the corner of Calle L

Open every day from 10am to 7pm.

The Coppelia remains the most famous glacier in the country.

You can find its branches all over the island. Very popular meeting place for the inhabitants of the capital, customers settle on the 1st or 2nd floor.

Remember, however, that you are not in Rome or Naples! Nothing to do with Italian ice cream…

Coppelia’s ice creams are particularly sweet and the artificial flavours, you’ve been warned. 

Good and cheap

  • Calle 21 n° 62, at the corner of Calle N
  • +53 7 830 0383
  • Open from noon to midnight. Between 4 and 10 CUC the dish.

The sign opened in the 1940s.

The price-quality ratio for the delicious Cuban and international cuisine on offer is one of the best in the city, which makes up for the somewhat sad setting of the place.

The homemade dish, the grilled pollo will delight you.

Note that in the evening, from 11pm, the restaurant turns into a cabaret.

  • Calle 8 n°106 Between Calzada and 5ta
  • +53 7 830 0793
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Count 5 CUC the meal.

This new restaurant with a simple setting is excellent value for money, one of the best you can find in Havana.

The menu is simple, consisting mainly of pasta dishes, classic Cuban dishes and pizzas, but the portions are consistent and the prices are really low.

A large pizza costs between 2.95 CUC and 5.95 CUC.

As for the mojito, it is really cheap at all: 0.95 CUC! And it’s good, we tested it.

A good plan for wolf hungry people and tight budgets.

  • Avenida 23 At the corner of Calle K
  • Open 24 hours a day. 10 Cuban pesos for the sandwich and 10 Cuban pesos for the drink.

A little hungry? Head for El Perro Caliente, the home of the hot dog, where you can treat yourself to a small sandwich with delicious chicken or pork sausages for a riquiqui price, at any time of the day or night.

This typically Cuban address is also the opportunity to live a very local experience, far away from other tourists.

The proof: you pay in Cuban pesos and not in CUC. Enjoy your meal!

  • Calle 21 no. 454, between Calle E and Calle F
  • +53 7 831 1946
  • Open every day from noon to 11pm.
  • Dishes from 6 to 15 CUC.
  • Ring at the black gate of n°454 Calle 21 until we come to pick you up.

The restaurant is located in the basement.

Once inside, you’ll feel like you’ve left Cuba to eat in a restaurant… American.

This very family paladar is regularly visited by artists from the capital.

Original dishes and good wine list.

  • Calle 19, at the corner of Calle L
  • +53 7 832 7860
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Dishes from 10 to 20 CUC.

Good Cuban and international cuisine relatively elaborate, served on a shaded terrace of very pleasant Creole style.

Rare enough to be noted, the quality of the bread, almost faithful to our French bakeries.

  • Calle 17 n°360
  • at the corner of Calle G
  • +53 7 832 8354
  • Open every day from noon to midnight.
  • Count 10 CUC the complete meal with drink.

A small unpretentious paladar at the corner of Calle G (hence its name) where typical Cuban dishes are eaten.

The portions are generous and the service is fast. Very correct prices.

  • Calle 21 No. 102, corner of Calle M
  • +53 7 334 501
  • Open from noon to 2 am.
  • From 10 CUC the meal.
  • International cuisine.

Quite diversified range of meat, seafood, fish, pasta and rice !

Note the quality of the lobster. Special mention in the cellar with more than a hundred wines on the menu, including good wines from France, Italy, but also from Chile and Portugal.

The setting is simple and unpretentious, yet pleasant. Note that the restaurant turns into a comedy showroom from 10pm (5 CUC per person).

  • Calle 17, at the corner of Calle 6
  • +53 7 842 4493
  • Located near the Riviera Hotel.
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • From 5 CUC the dish.

The establishment has several floors.

On the ground floor, it is the restaurant of international cuisine; on the first floor, it is a pizzeria; on the second floor, it serves grills (parrilladas) and Cuban dishes with a terrace as a bonus.

Nothing to do with high gastronomy, but you get your money’s worth. 

Good tables


In a superb white-walled villa, a restaurant, with both a design and old-fashioned setting, is located on the 1st floor.

Works of contemporary Cuban artists decorate the restaurant room with great taste.

The proposed author’s cuisine is delicious.

We particularly appreciated the lobster escabeche and the chicken fajita.

A very good address.

  • Between Calle 19 and Calle 21 – Calle M
  • +53 7 831 2090 / +53 7 832 6890
  • [email protected]
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Between 30 and 35 CUC for the meal and 10 % more for the service.
  • Reservation recommended.

On the top floor of a large building of the Vedado, an extraordinary paladar with a superb view of the city from the terrace or the outdoor bar.

Inside, it’s chic, cosy and designed to the point where you feel like you’re in Miami at times.

The sails, the blinds, the paintings, the furniture from the 1950s, everything has been carefully studied and it’s really successful.

On the drinks side, it’s champagne, cocktails and Rioja wines, and on the food side, it’s a festival of scents and colours.

Your taste buds will love the seafood and meat specialities divinely prepared and presented.

We highly recommend the grilled lobster, which is delicious and hearty, for only 16 CUC.

On the service side, the ladies will appreciate José and Lorenzo, two beautiful dark Cubans, nice as all, but above all very professional.

So, it’s true, it’s a bit expensive, but the prices are more than justified.

It’s really a very good Vedado table.

  • Calle J n°257 between Calle 15 and Calle Linea
  • +53 7 832 1576
  • Open every day from 5pm to midnight, on Friday and Saturday the evening continues with music until 6am.
  • 30 CUC the meal.

No sign at the entrance of this restaurant, so it is not easy to find it but it is at the same time what makes all its charm!

Only the regulars, or the clever ones, have access to it because they have the address.

You have to climb a staircase to reach the door of a beautiful colonial house.

There, just ring the bell and an elegant waitress will come and open it for you.

However, it is impossible to imagine a restaurant hiding in this house from the outside!

The interior is carefully decorated in a design style, with beautiful contemporary works of art on display here.

The lights are subdued and the whole setting is truly harmonious.

On the food side, the French influence is very much present as the establishment is also based in Paris at 14 rue Eugène Varlin in the 10th arrondissement.

You can therefore recharge your batteries on a culinary level if you are homesick for it.

The wines will help you there because many come from France.

The bar with blue lights is ideal for an aperitif or a small digestive, to the sound of soft lounge music.

A good address.

  • Calle 26 – Between Calle 11 and Calle 13
  • +53 7 832 2355
  • Open for lunch and dinner.
  • Reservation recommended at the end of the week.
  • Count from 20 to 25 CUC the meal.

The establishment, opened less than a year ago, is original because it is installed in an old olive oil factory, a big tower that you can see from far away on the road and that you can’t miss!

To reach the restaurant, you have to climb the spiral staircase of the tower, which gives a bit of a lighthouse feeling.

When you get to the top, it’s up to you to see if you prefer to sit on the large lounge terrace or rather in the room, more intimate perhaps and less show off.

The decoration is tasteful everywhere and you can see it even in the plate where the presentation is refined.

Your taste buds won’t be disappointed either because everything, or almost everything, is delicious.

So much so that the French expats of Havana have taken over the place, but so has the local bourgeoisie.

Result: at the weekend, you have to think about booking if you want to dine at Cocinero.

A very good table to discover.

  • Calle H n°107 Between Calle 5ta y Calzada
  • +53 7 832 2146 / +53 5 3979 127
  • [email protected]
  • Open from 19h to 22h and later on reservation.
  • Count from 17 to 22 CUC the complete meal.

At the end of a small residential street in the Vedado, you can’t miss the yellow front of this establishment with a cat, the famous Monsieur Chat, drawn by the illustrator Thomas Vuille.

A few traces of yellow cat paws, painted on the ground, will show you the way, not far from the entrance.

Sitting on the terrace of a superb colonial house, you will have the impression of being received by a friend, or rather a friend because Chantal is the character here.

This colourful Frenchwoman, who is not lacking in guile, is the owner of the place. She is full of good advice about Cuba where she has been living for several years, and with good reason: she married a Cuban who works with her.

But above all, she has an undeniable quality: she is a cordon-bleu and she has passed on her know-how to her teams.

The house specialities are crab pie, grilled lobster, rossini beef fillet (depending on beef availability) and a smooth octopus for the main courses, and homemade profiteroles or flambéed pineapple for desserts. From the beginning to the end of the meal, you’ll be delighted.

It’s easy to understand why the delegation of the French Film Festival comes to dine there every year; in 2014, the director Christophe Barratier, President of the Festival, accompanied by, among others, actors François-Xavier Demaison and Pierre Niney were there, even privatizing the restaurant.

And in 2015, the festival delegation returned with Costa-Gavras as guest of honour.

In short, it’s a really good address, original and gastro, not to be missed.

  • At the corner of Calle 20 Calle Calzada
  • +53 7 553 090
  • [email protected]
  • Open from noon to midnight. From 15 CUC the meal.

A restaurant facing the sea, installed within the walls of a superb 19th century mansion, with a pretty Japanese garden.

One of the best tables in town, run by the French chef.

Best Restaurants in Havana Miramar

In this residential part of the capital where the embassies are next to posh houses, it is rather chic paladares that have the upper hand.

The quality of the food is there and it is undoubtedly there that the most bling-bling restaurants are to be found.

It’s a change from the small boui-boui where you eat a piece of pizza in the street in Centro Habana! Another decor, another atmosphere…

Beware of the menu rates which are a little higher than elsewhere but even in the Castro country, quality has a price.

Good and cheap

  • Calle 3ra n°3804
  • Between Calle 38 and Calle 40
  • +53 7 203 0261 / +53 5 290 4984 (mobile) / +53 5 290 4948 (mobile)
  • Open every day from noon to midnight.
  • Count 10 CUC the meal.

The best Italian restaurant in the capital!

The speciality are the pizzas with wood fire.

They are prepared with love by an Italian, a real one, Don Ciccio.

Also on the menu: pasta al dente and delicious antipasti. And everything is at a mini price!

You can enjoy your meal without ruining yourself in an enchanting setting since the restaurant is located in a magnificent colonial villa.

You can eat inside as well as in the charming patio. An excellent address!

  • Between Calle 16 and Calle 18 – Calle 1ra,
  • +53 7 204 3837
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • From 20 CUC.

Located in front of the seafront, is one of the most attractive options for lovers of fish and seafood (crabs, shrimps, lobsters, crayfish).

On weekends, live concerts on the large outdoor stage set a great atmosphere on the large terrace, not to mention the 2 outdoor bars where you can drink until you’re thirsty between two dance steps.

A sure value, gastro and festive at the same time.

  • At the corner of Calle 1ra and Calle 24
  • Calle 24 +53 5 293 5842
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Starters from 2 to 6 CUC, dishes from 6 to 10 CUC, desserts from 3 to 5 CUC.

A small restaurant with a pretty terrace set in a pretty garden.

The welcome is warm and the dishes are varied, because you can eat local as well as international. Seafood, fish, meat, pasta…

You will have the choice.

On the wine side, the establishment has a very good menu composed mainly of Spanish and Chilean wines.

Javier, one of the waiters, speaks French rather well and will be happy to practice it with you.

Very good value for money.

Good tables

  • Between Calle 13 and Calle 15
  • Calle 48 n° 1311
  • +53 7 209 6514
  • Closed on Saturdays. Open from noon to 3pm and from 7pm to 10pm.
  • From 25 to 30 CUC the meal.

Copious and original Cuban cuisine, like this delicious chicken mousse.

Impressive floral decoration and large garden.


Ring the bell at the gate and wait for us to open. Reservation recommended.

In front of the large entrance gate, you don’t imagine for a moment that such a beautiful restaurant is just behind.

And yet, as soon as the doors open, you are transported to another universe with a restful atmosphere.

First you walk along a stone path surrounded by small rivers with multicoloured fish, then you arrive in a large patio where there is a beautiful fountain (hence the name of the restaurant) around which the tables of the restaurant are arranged.

An outdoor bar with tapas and excellent cocktails is around the corner.

Close to the bar is a stage for concerts which take place from 8pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

On the food side, everything is good: beef, fish, seafood and even rabbit are on the menu.

In the evening, after dinner, take the few steps down to the end of the patio and you’ll find yourself in a night bar with a DJ where you can party until you’re thirsty.

Or how to make a 2 in 1 establishment.

All in all, this paladar is one of the most original paladars we’ve seen in Havana, and we loved it!

  • Between Calle 22 and Calle 24 Avenida 1ra
  • +53 7 203 8328
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Dishes from 13 to 18 CUC.

In a design building by the sea with a beautiful swimming pool (swimming not allowed) near the terrace, you are here in a particularly refined paladar.

The restaurant specializes in fish and seafood.

The grilled lobster with garlic is a delight.

For more romance, a small room with an intimate atmosphere has been set up near the bar.

A very good address.

  • Calle 11 Between Calle 3ra and Final. La Puntilla
  • +53 7 209 4838
  • [email protected]
  • Open every day from noon to midnight.
  • Count 30 CUC for a complete meal.

Located in the heart of the residential area of Miramar, this establishment resembles one of those trendy Miami Beach restaurants where you can find design, refined furniture and lounge music.

The owner is a Cuban who lives in Miami, so it all makes sense!

The most of the Rio Mar is its terrace and its sublime view of the sea…and the river.

It is indeed at this place that the Almendares river joins the sea (hence the name of the establishment).

So book a table on the terrace for a romantic dinner, you will love it.

On the cooking side, creativity is at the rendezvous and the original dishes will surprise your taste buds.

However, avoid carpaccio, where too much balsamic vinegar spoils everything.

Typical Dishes to Try in Havana

The joy, the explosion of flavours and the welcome typical of Cubans is also reflected in the colourful, sensual and mestizo food of this “pearl of the Antilles”.

Its variation is due to the fusion of cultures, presided by the Spanish (with the well-known Jewish and Arab component) and the African, but also the arrival of Chinese, Europeans…

preceded by the culture of the aboriginal “Tainos” who populated the island when Columbus arrived.

  • The Congri Rice cooked with red beans.
  • El Ajiaco Masses of pork with potatoes, yucca, plantain, malanga, corn and pumpkin.
  • Futú Fried bananas, grains and aromatic herbs. Dish of African origin.

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Or maybe do you have some information to add ?

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