In this residential part of the capital where the embassies are next to posh houses, it is rather chic paladares that have the upper hand.

The quality of the food is there and it is undoubtedly there that the most bling-bling restaurants are to be found.

It’s a change from the small boui-boui where you eat a piece of pizza in the street in Centro Habana! Another decor, another atmosphere…

Beware of the menu rates which are a little higher than elsewhere but even in the Castro country, quality has a price.

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Good and cheap

  • Calle 3ra n°3804
  • Between Calle 38 and Calle 40
  • +53 7 203 0261 / +53 5 290 4984 (mobile) / +53 5 290 4948 (mobile)
  • Open every day from noon to midnight.
  • Count 10 CUC the meal.

The best Italian restaurant in the capital!

The speciality are the pizzas with wood fire.

They are prepared with love by an Italian, a real one, Don Ciccio.

Also on the menu: pasta al dente and delicious antipasti. And everything is at a mini price!

You can enjoy your meal without ruining yourself in an enchanting setting since the restaurant is located in a magnificent colonial villa.

You can eat inside as well as in the charming patio. An excellent address!

  • Between Calle 16 and Calle 18 – Calle 1ra,
  • +53 7 204 3837
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • From 20 CUC.

Located in front of the seafront, is one of the most attractive options for lovers of fish and seafood (crabs, shrimps, lobsters, crayfish).

On weekends, live concerts on the large outdoor stage set a great atmosphere on the large terrace, not to mention the 2 outdoor bars where you can drink until you’re thirsty between two dance steps.

A sure value, gastro and festive at the same time.

  • At the corner of Calle 1ra and Calle 24
  • Calle 24 +53 5 293 5842
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Starters from 2 to 6 CUC, dishes from 6 to 10 CUC, desserts from 3 to 5 CUC.

A small restaurant with a pretty terrace set in a pretty garden.

The welcome is warm and the dishes are varied, because you can eat local as well as international. Seafood, fish, meat, pasta…

You will have the choice.

On the wine side, the establishment has a very good menu composed mainly of Spanish and Chilean wines.

Javier, one of the waiters, speaks French rather well and will be happy to practice it with you.

Very good value for money.

Good tables

  • Between Calle 13 and Calle 15
  • Calle 48 n° 1311
  • +53 7 209 6514
  • Closed on Saturdays. Open from noon to 3pm and from 7pm to 10pm.
  • From 25 to 30 CUC the meal.

Copious and original Cuban cuisine, like this delicious chicken mousse.

Impressive floral decoration and large garden.


Ring the bell at the gate and wait for us to open. Reservation recommended.

In front of the large entrance gate, you don’t imagine for a moment that such a beautiful restaurant is just behind.

And yet, as soon as the doors open, you are transported to another universe with a restful atmosphere.

First you walk along a stone path surrounded by small rivers with multicoloured fish, then you arrive in a large patio where there is a beautiful fountain (hence the name of the restaurant) around which the tables of the restaurant are arranged.

An outdoor bar with tapas and excellent cocktails is around the corner.

Close to the bar is a stage for concerts which take place from 8pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

On the food side, everything is good: beef, fish, seafood and even rabbit are on the menu.

In the evening, after dinner, take the few steps down to the end of the patio and you’ll find yourself in a night bar with a DJ where you can party until you’re thirsty.

Or how to make a 2 in 1 establishment.

All in all, this paladar is one of the most original paladars we’ve seen in Havana, and we loved it!

  • Between Calle 22 and Calle 24 Avenida 1ra
  • +53 7 203 8328
  • Open from noon to midnight.
  • Dishes from 13 to 18 CUC.

In a design building by the sea with a beautiful swimming pool (swimming not allowed) near the terrace, you are here in a particularly refined paladar.

The restaurant specializes in fish and seafood.

The grilled lobster with garlic is a delight.

For more romance, a small room with an intimate atmosphere has been set up near the bar.

A very good address.

  • Calle 11 Between Calle 3ra and Final. La Puntilla
  • +53 7 209 4838
  • [email protected]
  • Open every day from noon to midnight.
  • Count 30 CUC for a complete meal.

Located in the heart of the residential area of Miramar, this establishment resembles one of those trendy Miami Beach restaurants where you can find design, refined furniture and lounge music.

The owner is a Cuban who lives in Miami, so it all makes sense!

The most of the Rio Mar is its terrace and its sublime view of the sea…and the river.

It is indeed at this place that the Almendares river joins the sea (hence the name of the establishment).

So book a table on the terrace for a romantic dinner, you will love it.

On the cooking side, creativity is at the rendezvous and the original dishes will surprise your taste buds.

However, avoid carpaccio, where too much balsamic vinegar spoils everything.

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