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Best beaches in Trinidad Cuba

After having enjoyed the beach at Santamaria Cay, our expectations about the beaches we would find in the Caribbean Sea were quite high.

Yes! Caribbean beaches, for the first time we would see if those beaches are really like the ones we have in our imaginary.

Also, luckily we were in three different beaches, and we could see three types of beaches that have nothing to do with each other.

Ancon Beach

The first of the beaches was Ancon.

This beach owes its name, or so we were told, to a resort on the beach and it is called Hotel Ancon.

This beach is not a lonely beach, a beach where you will be able to enjoy solitude.

But, despite that, it is not a beach that is full of people.

Nobody expects a Benidorm in Cuba.

Luckily it’s not like that.

The sand is white and fine, and the sea has a blue turquoise color that seems to say, come here to take a dip! And obviously, that’s what we did several times.

If there is one thing that caught my attention and seemed like a very good idea, it is that you can leave your things in the straw umbrella where you have placed your towel.

And this is because if you are going to eat at a beach palate, which is in the opposite direction to the resort, and therefore more quiet and relaxed, there are specific staff who are dedicated to watching that no one steals from anyone.

We already know how the beaches are in some places, where you can’t leave your belongings unattended.

Once again, Cuba has taught us how to do things right so that it remains one of the safest countries, in all respects, in the world.

Another thing this beach offers is snorkeling, since it has a very interesting coral reef and remains of ships and galleons that were once assaulted by pirates.

Thus, only 12 kilometers from Trinidad you can enjoy a quiet and beautiful beach.

La Boca Beach

That name brought back very close memories of our visit to an incredible beach, La Boca in Camagüey, near Cayo Lucía.

So we expected to find something similar, similar, crystal clear waters and turquoise, white sand.

Another little paradise, another place to take us in our memories.

When we told the taxi driver that we wanted to go to La Boca instead of another beach, he told us, “That beach is in an estuary, in fact La Boca refers to the mouth of an estuary in the sea, it is not as beautiful as Ancon, and there are no people there”.

We decided not to pay much attention, since it was a very similar answer to the one given by the driver who took us to La Boca in Camagüey.

When the taxi left us at the “entrance” to the beach, we looked at the sea, and then we watched the taxi drive away.

The first impressions were not good, but the closer we got to the shore the worse the impressions got.

There was no sand, it was stones.

The water was not turquoise blue and crystal clear, but it was brown because of the currents formed at that mouth, the mouth of the estuary into the sea.

The beach was not comfortable, although the surroundings were beautiful.

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After thinking for less than thirty seconds, we decided to walk to Ancon beach on the road.

We had been told that from La Boca to Ancon beach there were many incredible coves.

And that’s what we did, since it’s several kilometers and when something unexpected happens, what you can find can be much better.

La Batea Beach

After walking three kilometers towards Ancon Beach, we found a cove that seemed perfect to us.

Small, very few people, not even half a dozen people, and with a color of the water that takes away your hiccups.

It also had some straw umbrellas, and a very small palate on the other side of the road, what more could you ask for?

This curious cove was like swimming in a pool in the sea.

This is because at the beginning of the cove everything is white sand, but as we approach the shore it turns to stone.

So it even has steps to get us into the water.

A very pleasant experience.

Having a beer looking at the horizon, enjoying a day of sun and beach in such a peaceful and beautiful environment is priceless.

And well, if you want lobster, in the palate that is in front of the beach they offer it, and at a very good price.

Of course, the beaches of Trinidad are worth it.

How to get to the beaches in Trinidad

From Trinidad, Playa Ancon can be reached by bus.

You can buy an all-day ticket, which costs 4 CUCs.

Buses leave every hour, but check this information in Trinidad, as frequencies may have changed.

But if you are two or more people, it might be worth taking a taxi to take you directly.

If you want to take a taxi, but there are not enough of you, you can always talk to other travellers to share and make the journey cheaper.

Ancon Beach is about 12 kilometers from Trinidad.

La Boca Beach is about 8 kilometers away and the price in taxi is a little cheaper.

The buses don’t go there.

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