Cuba has the best beaches in Caribbean

When To Visit Cuba: Cuba’s beaches are at their best from late november  to april when there’s great weather but the sea water is warmer for swimming from may to october. 

  • Best 5 beaches in Cuba : Varadero, Playa Pilar, Playa Paraiso, Playa Los Flamencos, Cayo Santa Maria
  • Best beaches in Cuba near Havana : Bacuranao, Jibacoa, Varadero
  • Best beaches in Cuba near Trinidad : Playa Ancon, Boca
  • Best beaches in Cuba near Viñales : Cayo Levisa,
  • Best beaches in Cuba near Santiago : Mar Verde, Caleton Blanco, Chivirico, Juragua
  • Best beaches in Cuba near Holguin : Gibara, Guardalavaca
  • Best Beaches in Cuba for Families & Kids : Varadero Beach, Playa Paraiso, Santa Maria Beach, Sirena Beach, Playa Mal Tiempo.
  • Best Beaches in Cuba for Hotels & Resorts : Varadero, Playa Ancon, Guardalavaca
  • Best beaches in Cuba for Cristal Water : Varadero, Playa Ancon, Cayo Largo and Cayo Saetía
  • Best beaches in Cuba for Nightlife : Havana, Barcelo Solymar or Sol Sorinas Coral
  • Best beaches in Cuba for Kitesurfing : Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco
  • Best beaches in Cuba for Diving & Snorkeling
  • Best beaches in Cuba to be quiet and solitude : Playas del Este, Cayo Jutias, Playa Larga, Maguana, Cayo Saetia, Cayo Sabinal, Maria la gorda

TOP 10 Best Beaches in Cuba

Playa Paraíso

Southwest of Cayo Largo del Sur, this stretch of sand as fine as talcum powder and hemmed by transparent turquoise waters is a small paradise.

Paraíso Beach, Cayo Largo, CubaParaíso Beach, Cayo Largo, Cuba © Photoserg/Adobestock

Playa Las Tumbas

At the south-western tip of the island, at the very end of the Guanahacabibes peninsula, Las Tumbas beach is well deserved… But its 5 km of white sand backed by an impenetrable forest are simply magical.

Cayo Jutías

At the end of a road that seems to float on the sea, this family beach is very authentic. Here, no big hotels, but huts under the palm trees, where to sip a drink. Not forgetting a diving club.

Playa Sirena

Sheltered from the wind, this beach west of Cayo Largo del Sur offers immaculate white sand, the shade of gently sloping palm trees and a small nautical center.

Cayo Santa María

The crossing of the causeway between Caibarién and Cayo Santa María is already an adventure! With its seaside resorts, the cayo looks like Varadero, but its beaches are splendid.

Playa Pilar

At the north-western tip of Cayo Guillermo, sheltered by a wild dune, this long sandy beach offers a heavenly setting to relax, far from the tourist complexes.

Playa Guardalavaca

On the northeast coast of the island, this beautiful white sand beach borders the country’s second largest seaside resort after Varadero. Its shallow waters are protected by a beautiful coral reef.

Playa Bibijagua

Nestled in the northeast of Isla de la Juventud, it is the only black sand beach in Cuba. It has kept a wild aspect with its luxuriant vegetation along its beautiful curves.

Playa Ancón

It is undoubtedly the most beautiful cove of fine sand of the south-eastern coast of Cuba. Bathed by the Caribbean Sea, this beach is protected by a coral reef very appreciated by divers.

Playas del Este

Cojímar, Tarará, Santa María del Mar… The eastern beaches may not be the wildest on the island, but they are ideal for relaxing from the hectic pace of the nearby capital and getting to know the Havanese.

Varadero Beach

With its 20km uninterrupted ribbon of sand and crystal clear waters, Varadero beach is the largest and most famous beach in Cuba. Located 2h30 away from Havana, Varadero is one of the most popular resorts in the Caribbean, with many hotels, discos, bars, restaurants and water sports clubs. Lovers of lively holidays and nightlife, this is where you will find your happiness!

Play Pilar, Cayo Guillermo

If you are looking for a virgin beach to walk quietly, direction Cayo Guillermo.

On a northern tip of the island lies Playa Pilar, one of the paradisiacal beaches of Cuba. Leaning against a wild dune, it is famous for having the best sand in the whole country. Its whiteness is dazzling!

Playa Flamingo – Cayo Coco

Located in the north of Cuba, the peninsula of Cayo Coco is bordered by a spectacular coral reef.

Considered as the second most important reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, it is a popular place for divers.

For sunbathing away from the resorts, choose Playa Flamingo. You’re sure to see flamingos splashing around in its shallow waters.

Playa Periquillo – Cayo Santa Maria

Classified as a UNESCO reserve, the preserved island of Cayo Santa Maria is linked to Cuba by a causeway of almost 50km.

After feeling like you’re driving on the sea, head towards Playa Periquillo, in the south of the island.

Its waters conceal an abundant marine fauna and a wreck accessible for snorkeling.

Guardalavaca – Holguin

Holguin is the country’s second largest seaside resort after Varadero and is worth a visit for the golden sand and turquoise waters of the splendid Guardalavaca beach.

On the programme: swimming with dolphins, discovery of the Bahia de Naranjo aquarium, boat trips on the coral reef and exploration of the underwater caves of Gibara for experienced divers.

Beachs of Cayo Largo del Sur

In the south of Cuba, Cayo Largo del Sur can be reached by plane or boat from Havana.

Spared by mass tourism, this island includes several dream beaches such as Playa Paraiso and Playa Si-rena.

Protected from the waves and wind, these quiet beaches combine immaculate sand, palm trees and transparent waters.

Playa Maguana – Baracoa

Mainly frequented by Cubans, the tropical Playa Maguana stretches some 20 kilo-meters from the city of Baracoa.

Here you can enjoy octopus with coconut or fresh lobsters in the shade of a straw hut.

Plata las Tumbas – Guanahacabibes Peninsyla

Located at the end of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, in the west of Cuba, Playa Las Tumbas spreads its white sand over 5 kilometers.

Surrounded by an impenetrable forest classified as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it offers a magical setting for visitors in search of peace and quiet.

Beach of Cayo Jutias

Looking for cabins under the coconut trees and an authentic Cuban atmosphere?

Cayo Jutias will seduce you with its family beach nestled at the end of a road that seems to float on the sea, after crossing the island almost entirely covered with mangroves.

Playa los Pinos – Cayo Sabinal

Probably one of Cuba’s best-kept secrets, Playa Los Pinos is distinguished by its difficult access.

It is not served by public transportation, but you can get there by boat from Playa Santa Lucia. Often deserted, it is synonymous with absolute relaxation.

1. Playa Flamingo, Cayo Coco

The island of Cayo Coco is famous for its beautiful beaches. The richness of its biodiversity gives it an incomparable cachet.

In particular, it is home to the second largest coral reef in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Of course, this makes it an ideal place to learn to scuba dive…

And to take your eyes full! But Cayo Coco is also known for its colony of pink flamingos, the largest on the continent.

By going to the Playa Flamingo, you can sunbathe in the company of these majestic birds.

An unforgettable experience!

2. Playa Pilar, Cayo Guillermo

Often considered the most beautiful beach in Cuba, Playa Pilar has all the makings of a beach paradise.

The white sand, turquoise water and palm trees draw a picture that seems straight out of a dream.

If you are looking for a wild and peaceful place, this is the place to go!

These landscapes inspired Hemingway to write his novel “Drifting Island”.

For the anecdote, the name of the beach is a tribute to the author, and more particularly to his fishing boat, Pilar!

3. Playa Periquillo, Cayo Santa Maria

The small island of Cayo Santa Maria is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The reason? Its impressive biodiversity!

You will meet there iguanas, pink flamingos and a large number of endemic species.

In particular, you may be lucky enough to come across the Tocororo.

Behind this curious name hides a small bird in the colours of the Cuban flag which has become a national emblem!

The most beautiful beach of the island is undoubtedly the Playa Periquillo.

This crescent of white sand is a dream place to bask and swim among the multicoloured fish.

You will also be able to practice scuba diving in its clear waters!

4. Playa Maguana, Baracoa

Meet me in Eastern Cuba, near Baracoa.

This beautiful city, located between the sea and the mountains, is a real jewel still little known by tourists.

The beaches that surround it are simply sublime! Among them, Playa Maguana is the perfect place to taste the true Cuban atmosphere.

Indeed, it is especially popular with the local population.

In a tropical setting, plunge into its translucent waters, protected by the proximity of the coral reef.

Don’t miss the restaurants located near the beach, ideal for sampling local specialties.

5. Playa Blanca, Baracoa

In addition to being one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, Playa Blanca is one of the smallest beaches in the world!

You’ll have to walk and climb a hill to get there, but it’s worth it.

This tiny beach offers an intimate setting, ideal for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the tourist industry.

Not forgetting that Playa Blanca is lost in a breathtaking tropical setting. Feel free to explore its surroundings.

You can even rent a pirogue!

However, this little corner of paradise has a price: you will have to pay to get there.

6. Playa Los Pinos

For you, the most beautiful beaches in Cuba are those that allow you to be alone with yourself?

Visit Playa Los Pinos! This incredible place is only accessible by boat from Playa Santa Lucia.

Therefore, it is one of the most deserted beaches in the country.

Yet, it offers a breathtaking landscape!

An ideal place to relax while listening to the lapping of the waves and the singing of the birds.

7. Playa Tortuga, Cayo Largo del Sur

Do you dream of swimming with the turtles?

Playa Tortuga doesn’t get its name at random.

In fact, you will find a large number of them, whether on the sand or in the water.

In the moonlight, many of them come to the beach to lay their eggs.

It’s an experience that will be forever etched in your memory!

Playa Tortuga also has many other assets. A large warm sandbank, turquoise water and breathtaking scenery await you.

If you wish to go there, please respect the fauna and flora there to preserve the balance of the place.

8. Punta Frances, Isla de la Juventud

Punta Frances owes its name to the French privateer Francois Leclerc, who raged in the Caribbean in the 16th century under the name “wooden leg”.

At the time, the beach was a hideout for pirates, who would have buried many treasures there.

Moreover, it seems to have contributed greatly to the imagination of piracy. It is in particular the beach that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write his famous novel “L’île au pirate”.

But Punta Frances is also a privileged place to practice scuba diving or water sports.

Its clear and peaceful waters do not hint at its sulphurous history!

The beauty of its landscapes and the legends that surround it make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba.

9. Playa Las Gaviotas, Cayo Santa Maria

If you’re looking for a beach where nature is king, go to the Playa Las Gaviotas.

To get there, you will have to take a small forest path. Once there, a wild landscape stretches out in front of you.

Indeed, Las Gaviotas is a preserved beach. It is forbidden to build there!

And for good reason, it is located in the Biosfera Buenavista nature reserve, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Therefore, the whole island of Cayo Santa Maria represents an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Discover its 13 kilometers of coastline! You will find lush forests, mangroves and a rich biodiversity.

10. Playa Coral, Varadero

Which is the most beautiful beach in Cuba for diving?

Playa Coral is very famous for being an ideal snorkeling spot. As its name suggests, it is located not far from a coral reef.

This one shelters no less than 300 species of fish! You have the opportunity to dive to discover them.

An incredible profusion of life and colours come alive before your eyes and the crystal clear water of Playa Coral allows you to observe it with exceptional clarity.

If you go there, be sure to explore the Saturno Cave.

You will be able to swim in its deep blue pools!

11. Playa Varadero

For many, Playa Varadero is the queen of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, and even among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

For others, it is better to avoid it because it is very touristy.

It’s up to you to judge! Indeed, Varadero is far from being the most authentic beach in Cuba.

However, its 20 kilometres of white sand and its particularly turquoise water are worth the detour.

It is so big that you will never find yourself stuck to your neighbours!

Moreover, the high salt content of its waters allows you to float on the surface with your nose facing the sky.

A real little piece of paradise.

Best time to enjoy the beaches in Cuba ?

When to go to Cuba if you want to make a getaway out of the city? Cuba has many heavenly beaches with expanses of white sand. If you’re wondering when to go to Cuba to enjoy the beach, you should know that the period from December to early April is the best time. The island’s climate is pleasant and you won’t suffer too much from the heat.

On the Varadero side, the water temperature remains stable at all times of the year. So you won’t have to wonder when to go to this city in Cuba. Varadero’s beaches are perfect for swimming and are a must in Cuba. Preferably go there during off-peak periods when there are far fewer tourists.

You can also opt for the magnificent beaches of the Jardines del Rey archipelago. If you like diving, Jardines del Rey is a world famous diving spot. Between December and April, the water is calm and there is little risk of being surprised by a shower.

The reef of Jardines del Rey is 200 km long. Here you can observe sharks, groupers and colourful corals and fish. From the Jardines del Rey, you can also plan a boat trip around the Cayos de Cuba.

Best beaches in Cuba for Diving

On vacation in the Caribbean? Discover the marine treasures with our selection of the most beautiful diving spots in Cuba.
With its 5,700 kilometres of coastline, partly protected by a coral reef, and some 1,600 islets, the island of Cuba is an ideal destination for exploring the seabed. This is all the more true since the country has more than five hundred scuba diving spots, some of which are considered by scuba diving enthusiasts to be the most beautiful in the world.

It must be said that in Cuba, the waters are crystal clear and the coral reef is particularly well preserved. Put on your mask and snorkel! You should come across an abundant and very diverse aquatic fauna, all in water whose temperature never drops below 24 degrees. Paradise!

For lovers of the genre, the Cuban seabed abounds with galleon wrecks dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, sunk by Caribbean pirates. Beginners can easily learn to snorkel in Cuba and enjoy the seven hundred species of fish and five species of sea turtles present in the island’s waters. Blue surgeons, schools of sergeant-majors or Caribbean angels, the spectacle should be breathtaking.

Are your mask and snorkel ready? Here is the list of the 14 most beautiful diving spots in Cuba.

1. Maria la Gorda Beach in Cuba

Main island of Cuba, Maria Gorda is well known by amateurs as one of the most beautiful diving spots in Cuba. Nearly 50 spots are waiting for you! It will take you almost four hours drive from Havana to reach this little corner of paradise, at the bottom of the Guanahacabibes peninsula. In the coral reefs, you will be able to observe tubular sponges, but also schools of snappers or angel fish. The area is great for snorkeling, although the depths are really worth the detour.

Among the many sites in the area, the spot of Yemaya is particularly appreciated. To reach it, you will have to descend a vertical wall and enter a cave, where you will certainly come across gorgonians and black corals of remarkable beauty.

2. Punta Perdiz Beach in Cuba

This is the perfect place to snorkel in Cuba. In the south of the island, only ten kilometres north of Playa Girón, Punta Perdiz offers a reef more than a hundred metres offshore and calm waters with weak currents.

You will admire multicoloured fishes, corals and numerous tree gorgonians.

3. Playa Girón Beach in Cuba

Located in the famous Bay of Pigs, on the southern coast of the island of Cuba, Playa Girón has some of the most accessible diving spots in the country.

The presence of numerous cenotes explains the popularity of this place, considered one of the most beautiful diving spots in Cuba.

In all, twenty-four sites are accessible from the beach. You will be spoilt for choice.

4. Jibacoa Beach, Cuba

Rendezvous one hour from Havana to discover one of the most beautiful diving spots in Cuba.

To get there, you can take the four-lane road, the Via Blanca, or the famous Hershey train.

The reef is easily accessible from the beach and ideal for beginners.

5.Punta Francés Beach, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Welcome to Pirate Island! It is here, on the island of the Juventud, the second largest in Cuba, that they came to hide their booty and treasures.

Numerous wrecks can be seen on the fifty-six dive sites on the island of La Juventud.

Among them, the beach of Punta Francès, named after a Norman pirate, is ideal for those who are discovering diving or just want to snorkel.

Further offshore, the paradisiacal seabed will make your experience memorable.

6. Cueva Azul

Still on the island of La Juventud, Cueva Azul is an unmissable diving spot.

Situated in a cave, at a depth of forty metres, the azure-coloured cave is lined with cleaning fish with iridescent reflections and tarpons with large silvery scales.

You will observe giant corals, huge “sugar loaves” and many species of fish. A spectacular dive, reserved for the initiated.

7. Jardin de la Reina

Uninhabited, this small archipelago is a true marine sanctuary.

With its perfectly preserved coral reefs, the site of Jardines de la Reina is undoubtedly one of the best diving spots in Cuba.

Giant sea lions, barracudas, rays and reef sharks, you will take your breath away.

The little extra: it is possible to stay in a floating hotel!

For shark lovers, the site of Avalon is perfect. At a depth of only 25 meters, you will observe more than twenty reef sharks. Impressive!

8. Isla Media Luna

It is not by chance that Hemingway, in person, fell under the spell of this small island north of Cuba.

Its coral reef is a veritable natural aquarium. A diving spot not to be missed during your trip to Cuba.

9. Playa Santa Lucia

On your way to Playa Santa Lucia, you can admire one of the largest coral reefs in the world.

Deep-sea enthusiasts flock to the thirty-four sites on the island to swim with the bullsharks and bulldog sharks, which are not very shy.

They also appreciate being able to visit the wreck of the Mortera, which sank off the island.

And if you come across a few flamingos, don’t think you’re a victim of deep-sea intoxication!

These amazing pink birds can be found on the island’s beaches all year round.

10. Ojo del Megano Beach from Varadero in Cuba

Varadero is located in the north of the main island of Cuba. Its dive sites are very popular, especially because of the many wrecks that have been washed up on its sandy bottom. Don’t miss the Neptuno wreck, sunk in 1943.

Many giant moray eels have taken up residence there and come to eat out of your hand.

Among the many spots, Ojo del Megano is considered one of the most beautiful in Cuba.

At only ten meters of depth, many barracuda, cernas or snappers evolve in this incredible space.

Take a good look at the cave walls. They are covered with lobsters and other coral fish.

11. Boca de Calderas in Havana

If you don’t want to leave Havana to dive, the site of La Boca de Calderas should delight you.

It is one of the most important diving spots in Cuba.

Located at a depth of only twelve meters, the spot of La Boca offers you a real garden of corals, sponges and gorgonians. Thousands of tropical fish have made their home here, to the delight of divers.

12. El Colón

Take the direction of La Mula, 100 kilometres from Santiago de Cuba.

You will plunge into the heart of astonishingly well-preserved colonial wrecks.

Only six meters from the coast, you will find bullets, shell casings and many other remains.

A dive out of the ordinary in Cuba.

13. Tiburones Toro

Diving in Tiburones Toro, Cuba

The best snorkelling spots in Cuba

Cuba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean that offers you a trip back in time to discover its superb colonial cities like Trinidad, Cienfuegos, its capital city of Havana, but also heavenly beaches. Cuba has some 300 beaches scattered along 5,700km of coastline, but it also has a great diversity of snorkeling spots! It must be said that Cuba has managed to preserve one of the most beautiful marine ecosystems in the region. So put on your fins and put on your mask to observe more than 700 species of fish, 200 to 300 species of sponges and 5 species of sea turtles.

Punta Perdiz in the Bay of Pigs

Did you know that? The Bay of Pigs, if it is famous for its failed and sometimes disfigured landings, is home to some paradisiacal places, including one of the most beautiful and popular dive sites in Cuba. Little current and a coral reef 100 meters offshore on this spot. One can admire a multitude of multicoloured fishes and Caribbean fishes, including butterfly and angelfish, but also gorgonians and corals.

Jibacoa to explore from Havana

Only sixty kilometres from Havana, Jibacoaca shelters a coral reef after a strip of seaweed. To get there, count on one hour of time by taking either the Via Blanca or the famous Hershey train which will give you an extraordinary experience during your trip to Cuba.

Isla Media Luna, drifting island
As you probably know, the great writer Hemingway was a great fan of Cuba. Isla Media Luna inspired his latest book, Drifting Islands. Located in the north of Cuba, the island is very close to the coral reef and will give you the impression of diving into a giant aquarium.

The Varadero snorkelling tour and Playa Coral

For a diversified experience opt for the Varadero snorkeling tour in the Yumurí Valley which will take you to Playa Coral with its coral reef less than 15 meters from the coast passing by Saturn’s cave, a 20 meter deep cenote where strange fish and shrimps swim in crystal clear water. You can also admire stalactites and stalagmites. The vegetation around is very pretty.

cueva saturna cuba

María La Gorda, cape over the west

At 4 hours drive from Havana, on the west coast of Cuba, at the bottom of the Guanahacabibes peninsula you will discover a true divers’ paradise. The coral reefs of Marí La Gorda are home to tubular sponges whose yellow colour will dazzle you, schools of snappers and angel fish. If you want to explore the seabed you can also go from snorkelling to diving to be exhilarated by the exhilaration of the depths.

Jardines de la Reina, the Galapagos Islands of the Caribbean

Finally, in the south of the main island of Cuba, you will discover an archipelago classified as a National Park in 1996 with exceptional coral reefs that attract an exceptional underwater life. As a bonus, we swim there with sharks!

Gardens of the Reina cuba snorkelling

All these spots make Cuba one of the best snorkelling destinations in the world.

Best beaches to be quiet 

Playas Del Este

Ces plages sont situées à l’est de La Havane. C’est donc l’un des intérêts majeurs de cet endroit qui se trouve à seulement une demi-heure environ de la capitale cubaine. Ces plages, encore peu connues de la majorité des touristes, sont recommandées aux voyageurs qui souhaitent combiner farniente et ambiance locale. Les havanais aiment en effet fréquenter ces plages (surtout le week-end et en été) pour profiter du soleil et de la mer. Une ambiance typiquement cubaine y règne, qui pour certains peut paraître un peu bruyante, pour d’autres, bien au contraire, festive et authentique. A noter cependant que l’offre hôtelière est très réduite sur ces plages, mais il existe des bonnes solutions alternatives, telle que le logement chez l’habitant.

Cayo Jutías

Petit îlot totalement vierge à une heure au nord de Viñales, Cayo Jutías séduira le voyageur qui souhaite découvrir de splendides plages, moins touristiques et hors sentiers battus. Accessible par la route puis un pont en bois, à environ une heure et demi de Viñales, l’îlot accueille notamment toute une population de Jutias, petits animaux rongeurs typiquement caribéens (sortes de ragondins), qui ont donné son nom au Cayo. Vous trouverez un bar-restaurant sur place, mais pas d’hébergement.

Playa Larga et Girón

Non loin l’une de l’autre, ces deux plages peuvent être une étape entre La Havane et Trinidad ou entre Viñales et Cienfuegos. Situées dans la célèbre Baie des Cochons, les deux hôtels existants sont de qualité assez moyenne, même s’ils sont bien conçus, sous forme de bungalows-maisons répartis dans un jardin. Le voyageur peut aussi choisir l’option d’un logement chez l’habitant dans cette région. Au programme des activités possibles : pêche, snorkeling, plongée sous-marine, découverte de terres humides de la Cienaga de Zapata, et soirée à l’ambiance locale.

Playa Maguana

Voilà un endroit hors des sentiers battus, encore peu touristique et qui gagne vraiment à être connu. Située à 22 km de Baracoa, ce véritable petit coin de paradis offre au voyageur une plage étincelante de sable fin, ourlée par une nature tropicale luxuriante et une mer cristalline. Le voyageur appréciera aussi la qualité de son hébergement, simple mais propre, soigné et très agréable.

Cayo Saetia

Un lieu complètement hors du commun. Ce petit cayo accessible par la route, abrite belles plages, nature exotique et, plus surprenant, une faune africaine. Une sorte de réserve naturelle à l’écart de tout, entre Baracoa et Holguin, une parenthèse inattendue. Le lieu est calme et totalement dépaysant, et on peut y observer notamment iguanes, autruches, zèbres, antilopes, girafes, chameaux, ou buffles. Un hébergement en harmonie avec l’environnement accueille le voyageur simplement, pour une étape reposante et atypique.

Cayo Sabinal

Réputé pour avoir été notamment fréquenté par Ernest Hemingway qui passait des journées entières à pêcher dans cette zone, Cayo Sabinal est situé au nord de la baie de Nuevitas. Il offre des plages absolument superbes et totalement vierges. Des flamants évoluent sur l’îlot qui abrite en abondance l’arbre qui a donné son nom au cayo, le Sabina.
Pas d’hébergement et pas de tourisme de masse, le Cayo Sabinal est un endroit unique et authentique qui vaut le détour. Il est par exemple possible de le visiter en excursion depuis Camagüey.

María La Gorda

Situé dans la Péninsule de Guanahacabibes (mot aborigène désignant l’habitat des iguanes), cette région fut longtemps le repaire de forbans, flibustiers, pirates et contrebandiers. Maria La Gorda bénéficie aujourd’hui de la réputation incontestable d’offrir les plus beaux sites de plongée à Cuba (avec l’Archipel de Los Canarreos et les Jardins de la Reine). Epaves de galions naufragés et autres trésors d’époque sont à admirer parmi un décor de fonds-marins d’exception. Néanmoins nos conseillers experts de Cuba recommandent cet endroit exclusivement aux voyageurs férus de plongée sous-marine. Le seul hébergement accueillant les visiteurs est totalement isolé (pas de village aux alentours) et plutôt de qualité moyenne. Le site est situé à plus de 5h de La Havane.

Best Beach Resorts in Cuba

If there are countries where the hotel industry plays a major role in the success of a trip, this is not necessarily the case in Cuba. However, the level of comfort at the seaside is generally higher than elsewhere, except for budget accommodation, where the level of comfort can often be improved and services could be upgraded. The setting and the environment very often make up for imperfect accommodation and Cuba also has some very beautiful seaside accommodation, admittedly tourist, but conducive to a compensatory and ideal rest after an itinerant journey.

Our selection of preferred accommodations :


Very beautiful quality hotel located on a dream beach, on the edge of a sea of crystal clear waters. Tourist establishment, but perfectly designed. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation in pure Caribbean style, nicely decorated and spread over several units of rooms in the heart of beautiful tropical gardens. The restaurants provide a good variety of good food and the all-inclusive formula allows you to enjoy your stay in this idyllic setting without worrying about anything. All that’s left to do is relax.


On the paradisiacal Cayo Coco, separated from a beautiful beach by sand dunes, the architecture of this hotel is inspired by the historical charm of Cuba, with buildings with colonial motifs and paved paths. It is designed like a small village where the traveller who seeks rest will always find a quiet place. Those seeking entertainment will appreciate the Cuban music groups that perform at the piano bar or outdoors between the buildings. The rooms, without being luxurious, are spacious and comfortable. The all-inclusive formula allows access to several restaurants, grill, bars, swimming pool, entertainment and activities (water sports, leisure and entertainment).


In a setting of exceptional natural beauty, between pristine white sandy beaches (among the most beautiful in the world) and sublime seabed, the hotel offers accommodation in small, picturesque, colourful and tastefully decorated 2-storey units. All-inclusive formula.

HOTEL VILLA PLAYA MAGUANA 3*superior (Baracoa Region)

In an authentic corner of paradise, far from mass tourism, this charming little hotel with about 15 rooms spread over 4 wooden bungalows, faces a small paradisiacal beach of fine sand embedded in a natural cove of great beauty. Spacious and comfortable, the rooms all have a balcony. Facing the sea, the restaurant serves a cuisine of fish, seafood and shellfish. A place full of charm for a relaxing stopover at the end of the world.


In the heart of an exuberant nature and at the edge of a sublime beach that the crystalline water comes to caress, the architecture of Melia Cayo Santa Maria is inspired by the buildings of the small town of Remedios, with pastel colors of Caribbean style. The rooms, very comfortable, are spread over several small buildings. Very beautiful swimming pools, quality restoration, attentive service. The hotel ensures the success of your holidays whatever your choice (seaside holidays, relaxing holidays or festive holidays).


Composed of small houses, this hotel with simple but pleasant comfort is the only one in the cayo. From the hotel, the traveler can discover the ten small virgin and wild beaches that Cayo Saetía has. In this atmosphere off the beaten track, the traveler should not miss to go on a mini safari for half a day, since the cayo is home to a very surprising African fauna for the Caribbean.


In the very touristic resort of Varadero, the Royal Hicacos stands out from its competitors by its construction in accordance with nature and its very neat decoration. This luxury brand consists of several colourful units in typical Caribbean style, set in the heart of beautiful tropical gardens. The rooms are spacious (the simplest category is the Junior Suite) and tastefully decorated. Beautiful beach, many services in all-inclusive formula of quality. The establishment is reserved for adults (from 18 years of age), mainly frequented by couples, and is particularly suitable for a honeymoon.


In the heart of the Hicacos nature reserve, this top-of-the-range eco-resort welcomes the traveller in the heart of nature, on the edge of a superb beach. It is one of the most beautiful hotels in Cuba, with its beautiful architecture, lush gardens and refined luxury services, with a constant attention to detail. Accommodation in Junior Suite, Master Junior Suite or Suite. The hotel has a Royal Service area where the traveller can fully enjoy some of the most upscale services in Cuba.

HOTEL TUXPAN 4* (Varadero)

The typically Cuban atmosphere of this establishment delights travellers who want to “live Cuba”. Warm local staff, traditional catering, very Cuban atmosphere. Accessible on foot, the center of Varadero allows a more complete immersion in the Cuban atmosphere. The comfort of the hotel is not luxurious, but the traveller here enjoys a simple rest on the edge of a splendid beach. All inclusive formula.

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