A series of black sand beaches stretch east of Baracoa, and there are 30 km (19 miles) of good cement road along the coast.

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Playa Manglito

is located in a lagoon on the road to Yumurí, bordered by almond and coconut trees (you can ask the cab driver to stop there on the way).

Protected by a coral reef,you can explore the lagoon’s waters armed with your mask and snorkel, or sip a drink at Tato’s beach bar.

You can visit it during the excursion to Yumuri.

Playa Maguana

Playa Maguana, about a 40-minute drive (12 miles/20 km) from Baracoa, is a favorite beach for many people and a nice place to spend the afternoon.

Playa Manguana stretches out on a white sandy beach on the edge of a lagoon with turquoise waters.

There is a small hotel, Villa Maguana, at one end, and some rustic places to have lunch if you haven’t eaten in town.

The trees go down to the beach and the grapples grow further, so there is shade if you want it.

If you don’t have a car, a cab can be arranged, or travel agencies can arrange transfers.

There is a bus to the beach from downtown Baracoa for 4 CUC.
Otherwise, count 20 to 25 CUC for the cab ride.

  • Tel: 21 641 204.
  • Schedule: Open every day from 7am to 9:45pm.

Playa Blanca

Located near the small village of Boca de Miel, the small beach of Playa Blanca is accessible by foot from Baracoa.

It is a natural reserve and you will have to pay 2 CUC to the guard to access it.

Playa Duaba

Heading north on the road to Moa, take the Hotel Porto Santo/airport turnoff and continue for 2 km past the airport runway to a black sand beach at the mouth of the river where Antonio Maceo, Flor Crombet and others landed in 1895 to begin the Second War of Independence.

There is a campismo (cheap rustic lodging), a memorial and close-up views of El Yunque, although the beach itself is not a place for sunbathing.

Playa Baragua

Twenty kilometers east of the city is Playa Baragua, one of the few sandy beaches in the region.


A small enclosed bay with a beautiful beach with calm waters and a fishing village. You can visit it during the excursion to Yumuri.

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